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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: alexandrachapman



New jet engine coatings developed by Cranfield reduce fuel consumption by over 1%. This can save up to £3.4 billion over the engine lifetime!

Just one of the results Cranfield research has delivered to industry. This slide pack shows a few of projects currently underway at Cranfield...

Sir Peter Gregson, CEO & Vice-Chancellor An introduction for Alex Chapman www.cranfield.a

Welcome to Cranfield We are an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management. We provide: • Influence and impact • Premier learning • Transformational research.

Influence and impact Aerospace: Defence and security: Environment: Leadership and management: Manufacturing: we host the UK Aerospace Technology Institute and have strategic partnerships with Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing and Rolls-Royce we are the world’s largest provider of defence education working with all UK water utility companies and advising major government departments working with governments and global corporates to develop high performance leaders hosting the annual National Manufacturing Debate. We work with 750+ businesses and governments around the world

Global reach

Graduate programmes: • MBA (full-time and part-time) • Extensive MSc portfolio Research: • Specialist Research Centres • PhD and DBA programmes Executive Education and Professional Development: • Customised Development • Open Programmes and Conferences To transform people and organisations integrating Our Model Generating, integrating, customising learning; transforming knowledge… into understanding… into action

A Premier learning experience for professionals • Study part-time • Come from outside of the UK (110+ countries) 1st • Customised Executive Education • Engineering and Technology postgraduates • Aerospace Masters scholarships. 10 TOP • Flagship MBA ranked Top 10 in UK, Top 20 in Europe Top 40 in the world • Our learners: • 4,430 Postgraduate 760 Doctoral 20,000 CPD • Postgraduate Loan Scheme – an affordable route to postgraduate study in UK • We are among 1% of business schools globally with Triple Accreditation. 50%of learners • Cranfield Alumni – a powerful professional network of 55,000+.

Transformational research in technology and management meeting the needs of business, government and wider society Top 4 for engineering research income – with Imperial College, University of Sheffield and University of Cambridge Mechanical Engineering Ranked Top 10 UK Top 100 in World Three times winner of the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize. Large-scale facilities Many unique to the UK or the world, including: • FIA approved Crash Impact Centre • Water science pilot-plant hall • EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision and Through-life Engineering Services • Off-road dynamics facilities.

Distinctive strengths • Aerospace • Agri-food • Automotive • Defence and Security • Energy • Environment • Management • Manufacturing

60 years at the forefront of the UK’s aerospace capability World’s first ‘flapless’ vehicle • Funded by BAE Systems and EPSRC the project developed the world’s first vehicle representative of a full-size vehicle to achieve controlled roll manoeuvres without using any moving control surfaces (flapless control) • The ‘Demon’ was designed, manufactured, assembled, ground tested and successfully flown twice at Cranfield. Aerospace

Agri-food Reducing waste in the Fresh Produce Supply Chain • Our scientific research on ethylene supplemented storage in conjunction with Johnson Matthey and It’sFresh! has led to the development of the e+TM Ethylene Remover • The technology extends the storage life of fresh produce by up to six weeks, reduces in-store waste and positively impacts upon the UK’s self-sufficiency in the supply of fresh produce. It is being used by major supermarkets in the UK including Waitrose and Tesco Advancing our understanding of agricultural systems and supply chains

Automotive Working at the forefront of sustainable automotive technologies Research to reduce impact • Cranfield Impact Centre (CIC) conducts leading research using physical impact testing and computer modelling, in vehicle crashworthiness and occupant simulation • CIC is the leading global test centre for Formula 1.

Defence and Security Committed to protecting civil society • Through our educational partnership with the UK Government’s Defence Academy we are developing serving officers around the globe • Our research also contributes to the protection and safety of civil uniformed services through the development of personal protection such as stab-resistant body armour. Partner to the UK’s Military of Defence (MOD)

Energy Overcoming the complex challenges facing the energy Sector • Cranfield is playing a major role in NOVA (Novel Offshore Vertical Axis) • We are building a full scale 5MW novel offshore vertical axis wind turbine which will be installed by 2015 • This represents a breakthrough in the availability of offshore and wind energy. A radical offshore wind energy project

Environment An integrated precision farming service • Cranfield are working on project ‘FarmingTruth’ - a precision agriculture service that combines high resolution soil information with satellite-derived crop information • The service will identify recommended models and techniques to allow growers to increase yield for the same field area at a reduced cost. Contributing to the ‘green economy’ for over 20 years

Management Flexible working for all • Our research has shown that contrary to preconceptions, flexible working arrangements for employees do not adversely affect an organisations performance, and can generate positive benefits • Findings led to the UK government extending the legal rights of parents of children up to 16 years of age to request flexible working arrangements, affecting 4.5 million people • In 2012 the government announced plans to extend this right to all UK employees in 2014. Findings are also influencing international policy debates and developments. A world leader in management education for 40 years

Manufacturing Thermal barrier coatings: improving the performance of Rolls- Royce aero-engines • Cranfield has developed new low thermal conductivity barrier coatings that have improved the thermal efficiency in gas turbines • The new coatings reduce specific fuel consumption by over 1% and saves operators £3.4 billion over the engine lifetime • Commercial variants are used on the Trent 1000, used to power Airbus 380 and the Trent XWB, the new engine to power the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft. Developing novel technologies and processes

Working with Cranfield “Our partnership with Cranfield provides a powerful and unique way to tap into a knowledge base that gives our company an edge.” Professor John Casey, Unilever Research and Development, Vice-President (Biological Sciences) Strategic Transactional • Shared strategy and route maps • Enabling agreement • Key account management • Joint research programmes • Consultancy • Access to education • Short term projects Cranfield Aerospace Cranfield Aerospace Ltd

Contact us Sir Peter Gregson CEO & Vice-Chancellor +44 (0)1234 754014 uk

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