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Published on March 5, 2014

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Coaching Special Needs is a brand new genre at the Academy for Coaching Parents International. From Caring to Coaching offers 3 reasons for training and receiving certification with ACPI Trainer Deborah Beasley, the founder of the Open Heart coaching model for regulation through developing relationships.

Your Next Steps to Success From Caring to Coaching Special Needs Three Reasons for Choosing This Coach Training & Certification Academy for Coaching Parents International, LLC All reported statistics on special needs populations are from the Center for Disease Control (US CDC) on CDC - Data & Statistics

Dr. Caron Goode, NCC Founder of Academy for Coaching Parents International, LLC 1.  How valuable your coaching support could be for this growing populations of people with special needs. 2.  Why NOW is the time to become ACPI certified coach to do what you love and make a profound difference!

From Caring to Coaching Special Needs 3 Reasons Why The Time Is Now! Reason 1 1.  A growing segment of the global population needs another type of support – Life Coaches, Parent Coaches or Family Coaches – for improving the quality of life and coaching schedules, sleep patterns, bonding, relationships, behaviors, and empathy, navigating the health systems, managing stressors or time, or finances, and other aspects of daily living.

From  Caring  to  Coaching  Special  Needs     According to the US Center for Disease Control 1.  Insufficient  Sleep  Is  a  Public  Health  Epidemic   2.  47.5  Million  U.S.  Adults  Report  a  Disability-­‐-­‐ArthriIs   Remains  Most  Common  Cause   3.  Developmental  DisabiliIes  Increasing  in  US.  This   increase  indicates  a  serious  health  crisis.   4.  Adverse  Childhood  Experiences  Linked  to  a  wide  range   of  health  outcomes  in  adulthood.  

From Caring to Coaching Special Needs 3 Reasons Why The Time Is Now! CDC estimates 1 in 88 children (11.3 per 1,000) has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).This marks a 23% increase since 2009. Since 2007, a 78% increase on ADHD, one of the most common disorders of childhood and often lasts into adulthood.

From Caring to Coaching Special Needs 3 Reasons Why The Time Is Now! Reason 2 The umbrella term “special needs” includes issues in medical, behavioral, learning, developmental growth, and mental health. Reason 2 is to create a level of coaching support following the US Dept of Education Parents as Teachers program, which each state implements differently.

From Caring to Coaching Special Needs 3 Reasons Why The Time Is Now! Reason 2 Parents helping and coaching parents was the reason for forming ACPI in the first place. Moreover many professionals in helping-type jobs need extra income or want out of the rat race altogether. A coaching business is the answer to both situations.You have the natural, interpersonal skills and within 3-6 months, you can complete training and certifications.

From  Caring  to  Coaching  Special  Needs   Reason  3  –  ACPI  teamed  up  with….   Deborah  Beasley,  parent   &  cerIfied  coach     “I  am  on  a  mission…   to  train  you  in  an  exclusive   model  for  coaching   families  with  unique   special  needs.”  

•  Married  31  years   •  Have  large  blended   family   •  2  stepchildren   •  3  biological  children     •  2  adopted  children   “I  speak  confidently  about   children  with  special  needs   and  behavioral  disorders,   because  I  have  three   children  with  special   needs,  each  one  uniquely   different  in  how  they   interact  with  and  are   affected  by  the  world.”  

  coaching  and  building   Deborah  Beasley   CerIfied  Coach,  Trainer,   Speaker,  Author,  Parent,   and  Foster-­‐Adopt  Mom        

YOU RECEIVE Insights  into  the  culture  of   working  with,  living  with,   and  raising  a  child  with   profound  special  needs   and  behavioral  difficulIes   .    

YOU LEARN  To  IdenIfy  the  root  and   cause  of  difficult  behavior,   but  also         The  science  of  coaching   families  through  pracIcal   soluIons  and  applying   them.    

      WILL  YOU….     Answer  your  calling?   Make  a  difference?   Be  a  successful  ACPI   cerIfied  coach?   Be  a  respected  consultant   with  local  agencies?   Increase  your  income?    

  The  Open  Heart  Model     This  model  uses  the  social   and  emoIonal   components  of  human   aZachment  and   interpersonal  relaIonship   to  enhance  regulaIon  and   behavior.      

  The  Open  Heart  Model     When  applied  effecIvely,   the  results  help  adults  and   caregivers  develop   bonding  skills,  which  are   used  in  parenIng  children   across  developmental  ages   with  and  without   behavioral  disorders.      

Coaching  Special  Needs  Trainer   Deborah  A.  Beasley  is  the  founder  and   Director  of  Together  At  Last  Family   Support  in  Pitman,  New  Jersey.     Deborah  has  been  working  with  families   in  since  2008.  She  has  trained  and   served  as  a  mental  health  and  special   needs  family  advocate  on  several   boards  from  2007  to  the  present.  

    Coaching Special Needs Training and Certification   This  course  in  unlike  any  other.  One  mom,  Deborah,    made  a   profound  difference  through  secure  relaIonship  in  her   adopted  daughter’s  abiliIes.  She’s  your  coach  and  ACPI   Trainer  for       hZp://­‐special-­‐ needs.     Classes  start  and  conInue  weekly  for  7  weeks   March  19th,  2014    March  18,  2015  

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