Freud's Models of Personality

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Information about Freud's Models of Personality

Published on March 2, 2009

Author: buiec


Freud’s Models of Personality : Freud’s Models of Personality id ego superego Slide 2: id ego superego Born with Based on pleasure principle Wants what feels good at the time Doesn’t care about reality or about the needs of anyone else Contains the passions Shapes the reality of one’s inner world (i.e.: babies) Impulses and self-gratification can take over life Based on the reality principle Develops as child interacts more with the world Understands that others have needs and desires Must meet the needs of the id while taking into consideration reality Records contacts with external reality Represents reason and common sense (i.e.: mediator) Strongest in a healthy person Moral part that develops due to the moral and ethical restraints placed on us by our caregivers Dictates our belief of right and wrong Incorporates parental attitudes, standards of society, and a person’s own ideals for himself Driven by ridged morals – judgmental and unbending in interactions with the world Slide 3: ego looks for a healthy balance between id and superego According to Freud – have 2 drives Sex Aggression Everything we do is motivated by one of these drives Sex = Eros or the Life force Drive to live, prosper, and produce offspring Aggression = Thanatos or our Death force Need to stay alive and starve off threats to our existence, our power, and our prosperity Slide 4: ego has the Defense – Defense Mechanisms to help control the id and superego When the ego complies with the commands of the superego, one feels at rest and secure When the ego refuses compliance, one feels guilt and remorse

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