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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: FranBangor


S. Barford T. Cabral V. Martinelli This fine example of Reaction Formation shows the concealing ones guilt by slating those who commit the same “sins”. Prudy, a strict Catholic mother, masks her secret love of watching the Corny Collins Show by banning her daughter to do so. Undoing is trying to reverse a thought or feeling by performing an action that signifies an opposite feeling than your original thought. This is shown when Cady brings Regina flowers, to counterbalance the negative thoughts and actions V. Roberts J. Sallaway-Costello M. Thompson Projection involves you blaming others for how you are feeling. SS guard Kotler takes his anger out on Pavel, a Jewish worker, when he is made to feel embarrassed about his family background. Due to him feeling shame, Kotler kills Pavel as he blames him for feeling this way. thoughts by objectifying and emotionally detaching yourself from the feeling. This is displayed in both men as they focus on other tasks to avoid emotional involvement with Lauren. Jigsaw acts under misconception that his actions are justified; the character is using Rationalisation to give the events purpose , rather than accept the evident bloodshed, by finding reasons for his victims to die. Phobic avoidance is described Conversion is shown in this as averting possible anxiety causing unpleasant situations; King George VI demonstrates this in the film the Kings Speech, when he repeatedly tries to avoid public speaking due to his stammer. film when Sabrina is suffering from hysteria,; this was found to be due to the fact that she had a troubled childhood with a violent father, very well portrayed by Kiera Knightley. Isolation is avoiding painful Sublimation is when undesirable childhood habits become useful later on. OCD sufferer Hughes grows up to design aerodynamic aircraft by removing all bumps on his planes, later making him “the fastest man on the planet”. Denial is portrayed by Stu, who is in denial about how bad a person he is. When a caller tells him that people will die if he does not ask for forgiveness, Stu continues to protest that he has never hurt anyone ,despite having an affair In this unforgettable account of Repression which refers to pushing unacceptable thoughts into the unconscious mind to avoid upset. Eternal Sunshine displays this as a couple try to „forget‟ each other to ease the unwanted feelings after the relationship ends. Welcome to the 1966 Freudian awards ceremony. This ceremony first started in 1894 with the introduction of the first defence mechanism repression. Since then 11 new defence mechanisms have been introduced including five created by my daughter Anna. The first award tonight is for the best defence mechanism which will go to the one that best protects our self-esteem and makes us feel better about ourselves – which is what they are for. The nominations for “Most Psychodynamic Movie of the Year” are… Displacement is deflecting your true feelings elsewhere as you are unable to express these to the real source. Will illustrates this by taking out his anger on his girlfriend, despite his own troubled past causing the frustration Regression involves moving back psychologically to a childhood state when exposed to an anxiety-causing situation. In, Fight Club our hero, struggles with insomnia and is unable to deal it, resulting in him sitting at home crying.

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