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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: KenCook6



Building Business through The Lens of Relationships

Driving Business Through the Lens of Relationships The Lens of Relationships The Advantage: Differentiation Generate Stronger ROI More Opportunity

Relationship Capital The Individual & Corporate Value of Who You Know: – Clients/Customers – Suppliers/Service Providers – Associations – Employees – All Relationships Few Businesses assess or leverage The Relationship Wheel You

Relationships MARKETING CLIENTS SALES OPERATIONS Relationships, Not Selling • Today’s products are often interchangeable • Relationships are unique • Decisions are driven by emotion

Relationships Selling CollaborateCollaborateCollaborateCollaborate ConvinceConvinceConvinceConvince Warm Introductions & Relationships Networking Differentiated Crowded Field Who What Solutions Needed Solutions Sold Passion Capability Relationships are about generosity, trust and respecting another’s reality. Shift your Thinking MarketingMarketingMarketingMarketing ++++ SalesSalesSalesSales MarketingMarketingMarketingMarketing ++++ RelationshipsRelationshipsRelationshipsRelationships

Relationships Create More Opportunity • Relationships beget trust • Trust begets introductions • Introductions beget opportunity The Trust Formula Trust =Trust =Trust =Trust = F ExperienceExperienceExperienceExperience ++++ Quality CommunicationQuality CommunicationQuality CommunicationQuality Communication + Time+ Time+ Time+ Time Perceived RiskPerceived RiskPerceived RiskPerceived Risk

Referrals Referrals are proactive, not reactive – Begin with WHO • Focus on the 20% that equal 80% – Have a WHY • Solutions that respect relationships between you & your client and between your client & your target – Make the HOW easy • Here’s Who • Here’s the Why • May I use your name? Old School: Funnel Focus on Transactions SuspectSuspectSuspectSuspect ProspectProspectProspectProspect QualifiedQualifiedQualifiedQualified ProposalProposalProposalProposal CloseCloseCloseClose

New School: Relationship Megaphone Focus on Relationships Existing RelationshipsExisting RelationshipsExisting RelationshipsExisting Relationships Stronger RelationshipsStronger RelationshipsStronger RelationshipsStronger Relationships Aspirational RelationshipsAspirational RelationshipsAspirational RelationshipsAspirational Relationships Business OpportunitiesBusiness OpportunitiesBusiness OpportunitiesBusiness Opportunities Effective RelationshipEffective RelationshipEffective RelationshipEffective Relationship ManagementManagementManagementManagement Use the Relationship Megaphone • Leverage relationships to know what works. • Strengthen relationships with generosity & transparency. • Ask for help to connect with desired relationships. • Systemize your relationship management. • Develop specific relationship plans.

Thank you! Ken Cook 617.512.1838 Copyright Synectics, Inc. Used with permission “My map feels certain – How could I not be right?”

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