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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: ArijitBanerjea


TM Intervention for Sales Briefing Document May, 2013 Corporate Training Programs FreeMind Business Solutions Focus on Training Implementation and Results What matters most is what your people do after the training. We help you to ensure that the training is successfully implemented back at work. Expert Team Our facilitators are entrepreneurs and domain experts in HR, sales, organizational psychology, innovation and other areas, with extensive experience in India and abroad. Cutting-edge Research We are extremely serious about research. Our modules are designed using the latest research in psychology, business and HR from global authorities. Best practices from the 21st century's leading corporations. Save Overall Training Costs We have solutions for you whatever your budget. Get real results for your money at reasonable charges! Go to contents page Four Smart Reasons to Choose FreeMind

Intervention Approach Depending on your time availability, budget or other factors you can choose to target one or more of these areas for us to deliver an intervention. FreeMind Business Solutions Sales Success Financial Goals Reduce Costs Increase Revenues • How your people interact with your prospects & clients Selling Skills • The structure and management of process, people & technology • Call, lead, account & territory management Sales Process • How your position and improvise your offerings and the strategic choices you make Sales Innovation & Strategy The intervention addresses your financial goals through sales success – which includes increasing revenues and lowering sales expenses. This is achieved through three interrelated areas – 1) selling skills, 2) sales process and 3) sales innovation & strategy. Go to contents page

Intervention Phases FreeMind Business Solutions To maximize results, the intervention will have a number of phases which enable us to perform a detailed analysis, deliver highly effective programs and implement the training back at work. Alternatively we can shorten the process and focus on the most essential steps. The detailed process is below… 1. Observation •A detailed understanding of existing practices and management expectations 2. Analysis and Design •Analysis and new process formulation •Approval from key stakeholders of recommended sales process and learning plan 3. Training Workshops and Coaching Sessions •Learning Event delivery; Post program implementation plan for each participant; Skill grading 4. Implementation and Reinforcement •Implementation of training at work and initiatives for reinforcement of learning 5. Measurement and Follow up •Measuring results and adaptation •Follow up sessions Go to contents page

Selective Content Overview – Selling Skills This is a tentative overview of the content. The final workshop will be developed after detailed analysis. Credibility, Relationships and Communication Learn how to build credibility & rapport.  Know more about your customers before meeting them  Create a fantastic first impression and excellent rapport  Identify the correct (not the obvious) person to approach in and organization  Communicate with clarity and confidence Manage the Customer Conversation How do you manage the customer conversation? We help you to frame a pitch flowchart with multiple variations.  Guide customers to understand and express their requirements  Engage in a systematic dialogue and ask a structured progression of questions  Anticipate and effectively respond to the prospect’s objections/ concerns  Use advanced persuasion and sales models to close/ advance the sale Follow ups, Negotiations and Closing Interactions at progressive stages of the sales funnel  Adapting the nature of the conversation to the stage of the funnel  Negotiation principles, styles and tools  Closing the sale FreeMind Business Solutions Go to contents page

Selective Content Overview – Sales Management Managing and Engaging your Team This has managerial as well as leadership aspects.  Define clear sales objectives at the organizational and individual level  Use the right metrics to manage, monitor and measure sales performance  Leadership best practices for increasing motivation and job satisfaction levels  Implementing a continual feedback & post-feedback mechanism  Increase team collaboration and leverage synergies Sales Process Management A standardized sales process will give you far superior control over your sales results  Call Management – Manage the process of Client interactions  Lead Management - Manage actions based on the progressive stages of the sales funnel  Account Management - Manage your key accounts to maximize revenues with minimal costs  Territory Management – Manage, prioritize and allocate your sales resources across various segments Managing your team through Coaching Using coaching to manage and guide your team will have a significant boost to your sales results. This is also an essential tool for continually reinforcing the learning from the training, and have greater control over your results.  Coaching your sales team for better client interactions  Coaching your sales team for professional growth  Using coaching to increase motivation levels FreeMind Business Solutions Go to contents page

Selective Overview – Sales Innovation and Strategy Sales Strategy Choosing and implementing directions  Analysing the external environment  Analysing your offerings and capabilities vis-à-vis your competitors  Formulating new strategies for growth  Tools and approaches for Strategy Implementation Sales and Marketing Innovation Innovation tools and approaches for:  Developing new offerings or improvising your offerings  Continually improvising on your sales approach  Positioning and marketing your offerings FreeMind Business Solutions Go to contents page

Interactive Training Methodology - Example How do you ensure that your people implement the learning from the training when they are back at work? FreeMind will also help you to set up a system where participants can support and help each other with continuous learning – everyday! FreeMind Business Solutions Go to contents page The Facilitator introduces a concept… through a question, attractive visual, movie clip activity or case study. The facilitator demonstrates the process… by himself or through a video or with the help of participant volunteers. Participants practice the method. If it’s a method of interacting with colleagues, they will perform a role play. Participants discuss the experience of applying the method. We may ask each person to talk about his/her experience or ask volunteers to speak. Alternatively each group (of 4-5 people) may discuss among themselves and a group nominee may share the group’s experience. Each group nominee may even give a quick presentation. Participants discuss how to implement the method back at work. We ask them to think of what problems they will/may face when they try to implement it. This is followed by participants coming up with solutions as to how to overcome the problems. Our highly interactive workshops involve group discussions, role plays, activities, fantastic slides, movie clips, music, case studies and more. 1 2 3 4 5

To learn more about our team, our other workshops and testimonials, please visit FreeMind Business Solutions E-mail: Phone: 9958860228 Level 2, Elegance Building, Jasola District Centre, Old Mathura Road, New Delhi-110025, India TM Go to contents page © Copyright FreeMind Business Solutions. All Rights Reserved.

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