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Information about Freemasonry[1]

Published on January 10, 2009

Author: aSGuest10028


Freemasonry : worship of Lucifer Great Architect of the Universe(G) witchcraft in disguise symbol ? and eye of Horus a fertility cult Freemasonry Isis - Egyptian Goddess of Freemasonry : Isis - Egyptian Goddess of Freemasonry Jezebel Spirit and the Queen of Heaven Freemasonry Beliefs : Freemasonry Beliefs Based on the myth of Hiram Abiff (false Christ) who supposedly suffered a violent death, burial and resurrection. centres around places of blood sacrifice: Tabernacle of Moses Mount Moriah, where Abraham offered Isaac. Temple of Solomon-harlotry and worship of pagan gods, Temple of Zerubbabel –takeover of the false apostle to bring false glory. Temple of Herod (killing of the first born)-Anti-Christ & murder to become a temple of Molech and to destroy the End Time Church. Freemasonry: False Trinity : ‘Jah’(Jehovah) ‘Bul’ (Canaanite Baal ) ‘On’ (Egyptian Osiris) goddess of fertility Similar to the Hindu Brahma (creator) Vishnu (preserver) Shiva (destroyer) false apostolic, prophetic etc utterly blasphemous. uses counterfeit symbols, rituals and ministries relating to the temple. Freemasonry: False Trinity The Pagan Gods of Freemasonry : The Pagan Gods of Freemasonry Isis- Egyptian snake goddess and Queen of Heaven, seducer and destroyer. Causes adultery and fornication in the church.   Diana- Roman goddess of hunting, consort of Lucifer, produces false signs and wonders, binds men and keeps them as a child. Aim: to turn the Bride of Christ into a harlot.   Hermes- Greek god of reason and logic dominates , pride of academia, hermeneutics, doctrines of man block the hearing of the voice of Jesus.   Baphomet –goat god, half male half female, said to hold the mysteries of generative power. The History of Freemasonry : The History of Freemasonry Operative Freemasonry Based on Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, dualism, Sufi mysticism and the Kabbalah (Jewish mystical doctrines) e.g. astrology, fertility cults, sacred sex. Spread throughout the Roman Empire. 12th century : the Knights Templar , ‘travel agents’ for pilgrimages to the Holy Land, exerted great influence in Europe. Was carried by stonemasons building the great cathedrals who practised pagan worship. The ‘Christianising’ of Freemasonry : The ‘Christianising’ of Freemasonry Speculative Freemasonry During the Reformation stonemasons became inactive as there was no more cathedral building. ‘Gentlemen Masons’ established this new from of Masonry. Rev. James Anderson and Rev. John Desaguiliers formulated the first 3 degrees for ‘moral instruction in Masonic life’ by applying symbolic meanings to the building tools and disguising ancient pagan mysteries of Egypt with biblical terminology! Freemasonry : Freemasonry False Pillars with the all seeing (third) occult eye to hunt and murder - Boaz = ‘strength’ - Jachin = ‘I will establish my kingdom’ Fleur-de-lis a lily/lotus or iris symbol signifying false light and life. False Holy Spirit, emblem of Isis/Jezebel False Tabernacle The Roman Model of the Church : The Roman Model of the Church removes the apostle and prophet 2 fold or 3 fold ministry instead of 5-fold pastor/teacher squeezes out the evangelist   Takes away the revelation and power of the Holy Spirit. Slide 11: Sabotage of Ministries in the Church by Freemasonry Consequences of FreemasonryCurses from Witchcraftproblems of relationship-feelings of hopelessness and abandonment,poverty and health problems : Separation and divorce Violence and murder Blaspheming and Cursing Control and domination Seducing Spirits and lust Financial Difficulty Mental breakdown & schizophrenia Diseases: heart, cancer, Nervous, Chronic fatigue FEAR & Anxiety Autism & Learning difficulties Consequences of FreemasonryCurses from Witchcraftproblems of relationship-feelings of hopelessness and abandonment,poverty and health problems Praise God we have the spiritual weapons to destroy the works of the enemy! (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)The WORD of GOD and BLOOD of JESUS. : If we truly repent and renounce all works of darkness, We can break family curses and the strongholds over our churches Ref: Kitchen Y (2002) Death in the Family. (2005) Death in the church Fruitful vine Ministries PTY Ltd. Victoria. australia Praise God we have the spiritual weapons to destroy the works of the enemy! (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)The WORD of GOD and BLOOD of JESUS.

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