Freeman Schwabe Case Study - Increase Business Leads Reduce Marketing Costs

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Information about Freeman Schwabe Case Study - Increase Business Leads Reduce Marketing Costs

Published on February 18, 2009

Author: jccullen



Introduction to Proteus Internet Sales and Marketing
with a Case Study on the benefit of Internet Sales and Marketing to Small Businesses.
Increase Sales and Reduce Marketing Costs

An Introduction to Proteus Internet Sales & Marketing Consultancy Business Case Study The Internet Opportunity for Small Businesses “Increase Business Leads and Reduce Marketing Costs” Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 1

Contents • Case Study - Freeman Schwabe Machinery • Proteus Internet Sales & Marketing - An Overview • Customer Testimonials • John Cullen Bio / Introduction Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 2

Freeman Schwabe - Case Study Background Freeman Schwabe supplies Die Cutting Presses to companies in the Auto Interior, Packaging and Foam industries and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Business Opportunity when reviewed in February 2008. 1. Although a new website was launched in 2007, the visibility of the site on Google and Yahoo was minimal and the site was not optimized e.g.on Google keyword search “cutting presses”the Freeman Schwabe website position ranking was >500th Position 2. The number of Absolute Unique Visitors to the company website was less than 250 per month. 3. Sales Leads from RFQ’s (Request for Quotes) direct from the website were less than 1 per month. Business Task Proteus Internet Marketing was asked to Review and Implement changes to the website to improve it’s performance against agreed key metrics: e.g.“take us to the 1st Page on Google with our key search words & phrases,” and “at minimum double the number of RFQ’s received each month” 3

ALL Visits to FREEMAN SCHWABE SITE 2007-2008 Freeman Schwabe 5000 New Links & SEO Front Page Visits 3 Month Moving Average Freeman Schwabe Ad Words KEYWORD TEST Campaign ALL Visits to the Freeman Schwabe Site 3750 May thru Oct 2007 versus May thru Oct 2008 +282% Increase 2500 1250 0 1 Apr 2007 1 Jun 2007 1 Aug 2007 1 Oct 2007 1 Dec 2007 1 Feb 2008 1 Apr 2008 1 Jun 2008 1 Aug 2008 1 Oct 2008 Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 4

Freeman Schwabe Case Study Activities implemented for Freeman Schwabe during June and November 2008 •Analysis of 5 competitors - website, links, keywords, rankings full SWOT. •Google Ad Words Campaign - to test Keywords and Click through rate / response •Website copy positioning of Freeman Schwabe - developed key description for Home / Landing page. •Customized Questionnaire with analysis of results from management and facilitate a management meeting to agree focus and key goals. •Developed New Links from Competitors, Industry Knowledge, Directories etc with Google , Yahoo and MSN •Quality Indexed site with Google, Yahoo and MSN •Regular Measuring and Adjustments with Google Analytics Results with improvements in search ranking within 2 month and dramatic top rankings on keywords within 3-4 months, and growing. •NEW Website Launched November 5th 2008 with improved rich content, better tagging, optimized copy . Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 5

Freeman Schwabe - Business Proposition / Competitive Positioning Previous Business Website Proposition Freeman Schwabe is the leading manufacturer of industrial die cutting and converting systems and services, supplying its customers with cutting-edge products and technology. We have over 4,000 machines in production, which serve many different types of industries in six of the seven continents. In addition, our collective die cutting experience of our personnel exceeds 500 years of service. Improved Business Website Proposition Freeman Schwabe is a Global OEM of Die Cutting Presses, Machines and Automatic Cutting Systems supplying a wide range of industries in the USA and Worldwide, including the Auto Interior, Packaging, Foam, Abrasives and Envelope industries. Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 6

INCREASED EXTERNAL Links to ACTUAL ACTUAL ACTUAL ACTUAL End of June Nov 22nd July 22nd Sept 5th Freeman Schwabe Total 79 157 40 706 Google 2 2 5 17 Yahoo 18 38 103 580 MSN 20 39 49 109 COMPETITORS Hawkes Technical TOTAL 85 101 ATOM TOTAL 162 416 Manufacturing Supplies APM Corp TOTAL 340 538 Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 7

Freeman Schwabe Case Study Number of Unique Visitors to Web Site June 2008 - January 2009 Measured by Google Ad Words In February 2008 the Monthly Total was < 250 Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 8

SEARCH ENGINE TOP KEYWORD RANKING *Metrics by www.Link Google Google Yahoo Search Yahoo KEYWORD SEARCH RANKING* Search Position Results Position Jan 27th 2009 * * Results Ranking Ranking Search Engine Results cutting presses 86,500,000 1 9,400,000 4 cutting press envelopes 306,000 1 288,000 1 as at cutting presses gasket 329,000 1 388,000 7 January 2009 111,000 1 81,200 1 die cutting press auto interior * These search results are for Worldwide Ranking die cutting presses machines systems 340,000 1 17,600,000 1 by envelope cutting press 267,000 1 14,500,000 1&3 Google & Yahoo Search Engine Position Number gasket die cutting presses machines 92,000 1 6,990,000 3 not gasket die cutting systems 215,000 1 756,000 10 Page Number gaskets die cutting systems 107,000 1 623,000 4 oem cutting presses 221,000 1 303,000 1 February 2008 oem die cutting presses 48,800 1 210,000 1 Freeman Schwabe was not ranked in the oem die cutting systems 193,000 1 1,680,000 1 Top 50 Pages by Google for the majority of packaging cutting press oem 49,300 1 1,500,000 1 Search Words and Phrases 4,900 1 50,500 13 receding beam cutting press listed here. 62,900 1 165,000 11 receding beam press schwabe machine 1,330,000 1 718,000 1 January 2009 schwabe sr presses 193,000 1 35,500 3 Freeman Schwabe is automated cutting presses 2,750,000 2 1,710,000 1 #1 Position on Google cutting presses auto interior 265,000 2 320,000 1 for the Key Search Words & more cutting presses machines 1,480,000 2 3,490,000 1 “cutting presses” receding head cutting presses 75,200 2 39,800 11 the company’s core receding head die cutting presses 11,200 2 480,000 9 product offering / positioning. receding head press 74,500 2 1,630,000 4 Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 9

Steps to Developing Effective Web Site Combining Internet Tools with Proven Marketing Skills Business Benefits Proven Marketing Website Features Point of Difference Core Skills & Unique Proposition Positioning ATTENTION Top 10 RANKING of Focus on core Goals / Objectives 1st Page of Search Results Target Keyword Research & Analysis Research Competitors sites Links Analysis and Action Plan INTEREST Competitive Advantage Design Site Architecture & Rich Content CONTENT is KING Customers, Geography, Language, Data, Ease of navigation, Solutions, Testimonials Submission to Directories & Search Engines Ease of Navigation DESIRE Target Potential Customers Qualified Customers FIT CUSTOMER NEEDS Set Targets and Metrics Profile, Search Needs, Priority Products Call To Action / Landing Page Measure and Improve RFQ and Sales Pipeline VISITS CONVERTED Ongoing Improvement Programs ACTION TO Monitor Results and Adjust, Add Links, Promotion QUALIFIED LEADS Improve Conversion Pathways, New Copy Invest in Search Engine Marketing Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 10

What Effects Search Engine Rankings? Search Engine Optimization On-Page Factors Content is King – Evaluate existing content – Develop additional content with targeted keyword phrases in mind – Prominence of keywords in content – Regular updates will bring Search Engine “site checking spiders” more often >> higher rankings – Index Quality of Site Off-Page Factors Link Popularity – Quality of Incoming Links (back links) – Age of backlinks – Links in prominent directories (Yahoo Directory) – Anchor text of inbound links – Age of Site Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 11

Customer Testimonials Freeman Schwabe Machinery www.Freeman “The quantity of qualified RFQ’s being received monthly by Freeman Schwabe direct from the company website has increased by 400% and it continues to increase......” ...........Greg DeFisher (CEO & President of Freeman Schwabe Machinery) Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks “We meet our aggressive Sales Target in 2008 we reduced our marketing costs by 25% (vs 2007) by using the cost effective and measurable on-line advertising campaign implemented by Proteus Internet Marketing......” ...........Nancy Rozzi Rozz’s Famous Fireworks Proven Sales & Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 12

John Cullen - Bio Unilever - Senior Brand Manager (UK) - Country Manager (South Korea) - Regional Manager (Saudi Arabia) - Country Manager (Denmark) - Regional Director (Switzerland) Elizabeth Arden - Global Marketing Director (USA) Contact John Cullen 513-304-8845 Andrew Jergens - V.P. of International (Cincinnati) - V.P. Marketing and International Intelligrated Inc - VP Sales & Marketing (Cincinnati) Proteus Internet Marketing & Sales - Proven Marketing Skills applied to the Latest Internet Marketing Tools 13

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