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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: mubeenyaqoob


3/12/2014 Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers 1/4 Freelancers Inn Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers Home Upfront Pay Sites Google Adsense Pay Per Task Sites Paid to Post Sites Article Writing Tips Long Term Income 100 Ways To Earn I 100 WAYS TO Earn III 100 Ways To Earn IV 100 Ways to Earn V 100 Ways to Earn VI Paid per Tutorial Blogging Jobs 10 Paying Guest blogs Top Article Sites 65 Ways to Drive Traffic Get Paid for Photos Get Paid to Review Sites Get Paid to Answer Get Paid to Search News Contact About Get Paid to View Websites News & Updates Get Paid to Post Sites GoldFanClub Rating: Not verified yet GoldFanClub is a forum for discussion about money making ideas and tips. You can get paid to post at this forum and have the opportunity to earn money online. Membership is free and anyone is allowed to join. GoldFanClub (get paid to post on forum) also pays for referring other people to their forum. GFC pays upto GFC $25 for referring others. You would earn GFC dollars that can be converted to cash. You will get paid GFC $2 for each new post you create or GFC $1 for a new post or replying to a post. Gold members can earn more money. This rate is subject to change so make sure to read their terms when participating at this Paid to post site. Make sure to post quality content to earn money. Low quality posts like one linners or commenting like "ok" or "good post" etc.. would not earn you money at this forum. To cashout, minumim requirement is that you have earned GFC $100 (note its $100 GFC dollars and not real dollars). GFC to real money conversion is: $GFC 100 = .50 (USD) or $GFC 2 = .01 (USD). Again always read their terms and payment details before spending time. Activity on this site seems a little low so this site has not been verified for payment yet. Sign up to try GFC A new pay per post website. You would participate in discussions and get paid for each post and response. The rate is $0.01-$0.02 per post. There are a variety of topics that you can discuss and the site is not limited to any particular topic, which is good. Anyone from any country can join this program. Minimum payout is $10 via paypal or e-gold Sign up to try WebMastersRoom WebMastersRoom Recommend this on Google Rating: None WebMastersRoom is another paid to post site which will earn you money for starting posts and responding to posts. Their pay rate is good comparatively and they have recently increased their rate. Its a good time to join and benefit due to their high rate. They have a variety of subjects that you can talk about like Business, Websites, marketing, money making and pretty much anything you like. You can also learn quite a bit about websites, marketing, search engine etc. Anyone from

3/12/2014 Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers 2/4 quite a bit about websites, marketing, search engine etc. Anyone from any country can join this program. Take advantage of this program while their pay rate is high. Sign up to try WebMastersRoom GoldAge Rating: At Goldage forum you can earn for posting messages and discussing with others. You get Goldage points for your responses and points can be withdrawn to Libertyreserve or e-gold. For reference, the rates are mentioned below. Check the site for their latest rates. 100 points = $1 in Liberty Reserve 100 points = $0.50 in e-gold Minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You can talk about investments, money exchange, HYIP, LYIP, link exchange and money making ideas. One post is equivalent to 0.01-0.05 cent in Liberty Reserve. But min cashout point is 1000 points, which is $10 in Liberty Reserve. This is a new digital currency. You could go for e-gold and the rate is $5 for 1000 points. Alternatively, you can look for members who offer attractive exchange rates in the 'I'm offering" section. The members can offer you money for your points allowing you to sell your points for cash. You can also deposit your points in the Bank on the site. So there are many things that you can do on Goldage to earn. There are certain forums Goldage that you wont get paid for if you post messages there. Do check the forum rules so you know which forums on the sites will earn you money. Usually the forum that has this at the bottom are paying forum. Points Per Thread View: 0 Points Per Thread: 3.00 Points Per Reply: 5.00 Weekly paycheck to active users - 5 points (you must be active on the forums every day) You must have 10 reputation points or above to receive points for posting. There is a forum on this website where you can read about people getting paid. Once you participate and ask questions you would start to learn about the things you can do at Goldage and how to maximize your earnings. Sign up to try Goldage PayPoster Rating: Not recommended Update: Payposter stopped paying, hence its in our list of Not recommended site.

3/12/2014 Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers 3/4 The PayPoster forum exist for the benefit of its users, providing a way to make money on the Internet. You automatically get PAID for discussing things of interest to you! What can be better than that?. By taking part in discussion at Payposter you earn by collecting points. Each point is converted to cash and when you reach a certain point level you get paid. Members are allowed to post message and let other members know when they get paid by Payposter. This assures other members that they would get paid by Payposter when they reach the payout level. If you collaborate for few minutes a day you will reach that in no time. People from around the world can join. At Payposter there are many ways you can earn other than discussions. For example they often have offers that you can take part in to earn. For example they have offer like "free weight loss kit" that you can take part in and order if interested, by only paying shipping of say $6 and you get paid 1000 points which is equal to $10. So you get to try the offer and yet get paid $4 for trying it out. Great way to try new products for free!. Cashposting Rating: discontinued Cashposting is a forum that rewards its members for discussions and postings to their forum. The money is small, around $0.01 per post but if you like to discuss and post on forums then why not earn something while you are taking part and sharing your ideas. Cashposting will also reward you $0.01 if you refer your friends, which is quite low and not worth the effort. This site is a little strict in terms of what can be posted, the length of discussion (atleast 136 characters) and no duplication of posts etc.. This is somewhat good in a way as it makes the discussion meaningful but requires more work from the user before posting. The forum has quite many categories like games, sports, business etc.. There is a maximum limit of $0.50 that you can earn in a day which is quite small, if you compare that to Mylot where you have no limit on how much you can earn in a day. The payout minimum is $10. We have not received any payment so far from Cashposting as we are not at the payout level yet but there is proof on the forum of other members getting paid that you can check out. Sign up to try Cashposting Duno Rating: Not recommended Duno used to be a paying site for discussions. Recently the owner of the site stopped paying. This site is not recommended. If things change on this site and they start paying we will update this page with the latest information. Tags: revenue sharing sites,highest pay gpt,how to earn income from blogging,make money here,pay per post,payperpost,the best gpt

3/12/2014 Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers 4/4 blogging,make money here,pay per post,payperpost,the best gpt sites,how to blog for cash,get paid per,earn money every,earn money guide,pay to post forums,high paying easy jobs,get paid to,top pay job,easy jobs high pay,guide to making money online,online money guide,paid forums,best get paid to,get money get cash,how can you get money,how can i get money,how i can get money,writing for blogs,blogs on writing,how can i get paid to blog,how do you get paid to blog,blogging sites Copyright (c)2012 Powered by: Best Web Hosting and Affiliate Programs Directory. Created with Free Website Builder

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