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Published on June 30, 2009

Author: egs



This is a quick and dirty analysis of activity trends on selected Canadian FullCircles groups for 2004 to 2009.

Freecycling activity trends June 30, 2009

We examined the activity levels on a sample of FullCircles and Freecycle groups across Canada and one of the older, larger American groups to see if we could identify any trends.

The first location we looked at was Ottawa, Canada... Activity levels are declining in Ottawa since the peak year, 2006

Com bined Ottaw FullCircles AND Ottaw Freecycle a a Activity. In 2009, even combined, the tw groups have o only generated 74% of the traffic of the peak levels of 2006. Ottawa, Canada - 2004 to 2009

Same trend in Edmonton. Activity levels are declining despite growing membership. Combined membership of Edmonton Earthcycle and Edmonton Freecycle is 19,930 as at June 30, 2009.

Edm onton Earthcycle and Edm onton Freecycle (created in 2007). In 2009, combined, they generate only 64% of the peak levels of 2005. Edmonton Earthcycle and Edmonton Freecycle

London FullCircles and London Freecycle. Com bined, they generate 79% of the levels of 2006, the peak year so far. London Ontario FullCircles & Freecycle

We also looked at one large group in the USA, the Portland, Oregon group. At 36,000+ members, it is one of the largest groups in the world. Here are the results.

Portland Freecycle--despite grow to 36,000+ ing m bers--has declining activity levels. 2009 is at just em 58% of the peak levels of 2004, even m dram ore atic than the Canadian groups. Portland, Oregon Freecycle

Like these graphics? They are simple to create using Google Docs and the publicly available data on the front page of every Yahoo! Group. If you'd like to learn how to create one for your group, just call me, or drop me a note at: (613) 688-1570 Eric Snyder Ottawa, Canada June 30, 2009

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