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Published on May 29, 2016

Author: siel75


1.   Ho to create a successfull          blog in 5 steps                                                                                             ​ ​Share this ebook                                           ​   ​     Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  1   

2.             Ho to create a successful blog in 5 steps    1 Step Choose whether to create a personal blog or a blog theme  Treat the whole subject in general, or we focus on the niche for our blog?  Choose the name for your blog    2 step choose the best hosting for your blog  What characteristics should the Best WordPress Hosting ??  Best WordPress Hosting: fast and more:  Choose the Best WordPress Hosting: the extraordinary side effects    3 Step How to define the structure of your website    4 step: Writing an article seo friendly  How to write a title effect.    5 Step Make seo friendly WordPress  Yoast plugin: how to make WordPress seo friendly  Yoast WordPress SEO: instructions for use  Section Titles & Metadata: Yoast Seo  Social section: Yoast Seo WordPress  Sitemaps section: Yoast Seo WordPress  Advanced section: breadcrumbs, permalinks and RSS    Bonus: Link Earning, build your link popularity    INTRODUCTION    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  2   

3.   Ho to create a successful blog in 5 steps    This guide was created with the aim of helping people to create a blog and to take it to success.                                        Within it you will find some things very useful, for example: how to write a headline in enticing                                    users into effect  cliccargli above, how to optimize WordPress to make it seo friendly. As choose a hosting                              according to the needs of blogs and many other things interesting.    If you find it useful and interesting, you can share it in different social and your blog by inserting                                      an image and a link to this page: ​Creare un blog    1 Step Choose whether to create a              personal blog or a blog theme  Hello guys, today I want to explain ​how to create a successful blog in step 5​, if you have the                                        passion of the web as mè, you will have the opportunity to create a blog on a topic you're                                      passionate about and of which you are an expert. This guide is specifically created to help you, I                                    will guide you step by step everything you need to start and take off your new blog.    It will be a long process and will take time but ì results will come, please, armed with patience and                                        a healthy obstinacy and you will see that over time your blog will be successful. Then for each                                    question I'm here.    You are ready?? it starts    Before creating our blog is better to think quickly how to set it as a mixed blog, those dealing with                                        different topics (eg blog that talks about travel, engines and sports) are just confusing and not go                                  well at all, better to just create a blog yet properly done! If you want to treat several topics                                      created several blogs: mrgreen:    Create a personal blog means that you will speak in only one of you, your interests of your                                    passions, you will tell your adventures, trips that you will be making your blog as a personal diary                                    sharing and exchanging opinions with your users.  Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  3   

4.     Open a themed blog: it means that you will speak to a single topic in depth, you may wonder,                                      as I choose the topic ?? simple, you have a passion, you're very prepared or you do a lot of                                        research on a topic? This is a starting point, then you must also consider that the argument that                                    he will treat the market, or that you frequently search on Google. we do not want to create a blog                                        that receives few real visits?    Treat the whole subject in general, or we focus on the                      niche for our blog?    Here the choice is yours, but we make some reflections: the more the subject is vast and there will                                      be competition, there will be many who will talk about making Blogger competition, while if you                                treat a niche topic you will have less competition.    Let's take an example: if your blog will talk about computers in general you will have a tough                                    competition because the word "computer" is searched for 20,000 a month to month as "graphic"                              is searched 5,000 times a month, so if you ​open a niche blog that will speak only of graphics,                                      video cards, you will have less competition, you will become authoritative on that topic and it will                                  be easier to reach the top positions on Google.    How did I ever tell you how often it looks for a word ??    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  4   

5.       I used a simple online tool called Google: ​Keyword planning tool.    To use this convenient tool you need to create an account in Google Adwords​, which                              generally serves to advertise online by Web Marketer    Registration is very simple, just fill out the required fields and skip the integration of payment                                methods and invoicing, much to us we just need to find the words most sought keys. After                                  registration you can access the Keyword Planner tool by clicking on "Tools" and "looking for new                                keywords using a phrase, a website or a category" sets the Targeting in Italy. This way you will                                    easily find the topic of your personal blog (starting from a general word).    Why a free tool requires payment information?    To advertise online with Adwords (eg. Banner) you have to add money to the account, but simply                                  consulting the planning tool is free, so you can join without fear, and search for your personal                                  blog.    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  5   

6.   This Google tool can be of great help to expand your ideas and also to understand what the search                                      volume of your topic.  Choose the name for your blog    You have you decided how you will call your blog? Now is the time to do it.    The name or brand is a very important business card, remain for users, for this, it better be as                                      short as possible so you can easily remember and should be attractive to your target.    Now you have two ways to choose both valid: you can create using the name of a word at random                                        but that reflects your personality and manages to make it clear who you are and to arouse interest                                    in people, or you can enter the name of the topic you treat in your blog name.    In short, a clear name but with a personality.    2 step choose the best hosting for your                blog    Why choose the Best WordPress Hosting?    WordPress is the best platform for creating and managing                  a successful blog, it is used by many famous blogs such as                        Katy Perry's blog​, ​The Rolling Stones website and there are                    many others that I'm not here to mention .. If they use                        WordPress there is a reason no ?? It is very simple to use                          and with the right plugins we can do everything.    What is WordPress to work great ??    The first thing to look at is that the server is based on Linux and is installed as Apache web server                                          and the PHP language is supported, as WordPress is structured precisely in PHP script.    One other thing to check is that you have a MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress uses it to                                    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  6   

7.   store all your data, including your post.    Free WordPress Hosting? ... I do not even think about it!    The choice you make will determine the success or failure of your blog, do not get any ideas in                                      your head thinking to save money by choosing a free hosting ... not how it works ..  A free hosting WordPress does not allow you never ever to do all the optimal configuration for                                  getting your blog to success and you'll never acceptable performance both in terms of speed and                                in terms of quality, often your blog will be off­line , the time of page load will be biblical and                                        visitors for too much waiting abandon your blog .. and you do not want to happen this true ??? ..    On the Internet there are several hosting with different offers that are designed according to                              tiptologia of site you have to accommodate. Let me explain two things to make you a bit of clarity                                      and help you select the profiles that suits you best for your blog.    What characteristics should the Best WordPress            Hosting ??    First of all we have to think about how much space we need ?? Initially your blog will surely little                                        20/30 Mb space, but then as you develop will always occupy more space because you upload                                photos, documents, maybe even media files, so I recommend a profile with at least 2GB of space.      Traffic data or bandwidth: when our users visit blogs because they consume bandwidth to                            display the images published and also the text (this is almost irrelevant) they must be downloaded                                from the browser to be seen, it also puts files or documents or simply of the guides that you put at                                          the disposal of your users, leaving them free to download, this also consumes bandwidth that your                                server will make available. As a result we need at least 10 GB of data traffic available to be able to                                          stay calm.      Finally, a very important thing: the controlled ​automatic daily backups that are included in                            the plan you choose, because if not, if some wrong operation or that for some reason is canceled                                    or compromise the database, unless you have a backup copy, you lost your blog forever.  Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  7   

8.           Hosting slow affect the ranking ??    Se your hosting will be "overloaded" according to                its real management skills will start to make you                  slow down your great site causing similar              consequences in the SERP to those that occur in                  case you're the victim of a slight penalty in ranking                    on Google. Solving the problems of the server                automatically retrieved also the traffic that you              have lost due to the slowdown of the hosting service    Choose a hosting service that guarantees you at                least 100,000 visitors per month so you will not                  have problems related to the speed of your blog    If you are interested in not only the speed but also its safety consider the idea of ​​using a VPS or                                          dedicated server is an expensive solution, and as the early surely will not need but over time,                                  Security your blog must come before everything.    The "low cost" solutions, or more generally accepted, are an excellent choice for those who made                                his first blog on the condition that you can do to upgrade to a more suitable profile to your site                                        that has grown and needs a hosting with different characteristics.    Google prefers sites fast and penalizes those lenses    Google prefers sites fast and penalizes those lentiLa speed of the server where we host our website                                  should be as fast as possible. The pages of your blog will load in a snap (or almost). Believe me                                        friends is right: Google puts greater emphasis on the sites that reside on hosting that provide page                                  load speed to above average    Our best friend Google puts at the top of the search of the most authoritative sites pages that                                    reside on faster servers, because their main purpose is to offer its users links to resources, which                                  must be quickly accessible.    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  8   

9.   Other considerations on how to choose the best hosting WordPress    Shared hosting is a web space on a large server that hosts many other websites. The Shared                                  hosting is generally used by those who created his first blog or website, as they are quite cheap                                    and are good until you reach 2/3000 unique visitors per day, then it is better to focus on other                                      types, because the resources made provisions become scarce, either because your site or blog has                              grown and take up much space, or having so many visitors a lot of bandwidth consumption and                                  you'll start to notice some delays in loading the pages of your blog, these are the first signs that                                      you are at the limit resource and it is now time to change the type of hosting    Dedicated server: as the name implies is a server that is dedicated only and exclusively to your                                  site and you can configure it to your liking by adding or decreasing the RAM, then choose the                                    processor, etc .. and is particularly suitable for sites or blogs with one mole of traffic and visitors                                    not indifferent. The sad thing is that you have to set it up and manage it you, and if you have any                                            special technical skills, it is best that you rely to a managed dedicated server or the provider will                                    handle all the administrative aspects of the server    VPS hosting: is like a shared hosting but with the advantage that you can configure as the                                  dedicated server with an exlusive use of resources. A VPS hosting has an inferred cost of a                                  dedicated server is recommended for sites with average traffic blog or the developer. here even if                                you have the technical expertise is recommended to rely on a Managed who will carry out the                                  various updates and all the maintenance you need.    Cloud Server is very similar to shared hosting, in this way you can optimize the real­time VPS                                  Hosting and only pay for the resources used thanks to hourly billing.  The Cloud Server technology indulges in real time the demands of each individual project in the                                most effective ..    Best WordPress Hosting: fast and more:    Speed ​​is not everything, it is very important but it is not the only thing that you must look for                                        when choosing a Hosting    Unlimited email access with pop, imap and webmail. Some providers allow only 5 or 10 email                                boxes in the hosting plan and get unlimited email asking for an annual premium!    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  9   

10.   Automatic installation of wordpress and other CMS to the latest stable version. If you have                              no idea how to install WordPress, or you are afraid to do damage with a simple wizard you will be                                        immediately online.    cPanel control panel. And 'the most simple and intuitive control panel for wordpress hosting                            service. It used by many providers and is now one of efficiency and safety standards.    Unlimited MySQL database MySQL. To improve database performance, staff ServerPlan uses                      SSD in this way you will have a very fast and powerful database.    SSH access to access your site's files through an encrypted terminal directly to the hosting                              filesystem.    Automatic daily or monthly backup​ recovery process from web interface    Choose the Best WordPress Hosting: the extraordinary              side effects    Guys try to identify the best solution among all the various hosting services that the market offers                                  big­blog or super­sites Italians, anything that has to do with English language sites that generate                              millions of visitors. The solution we choose will be suitable for both small blog is a site with                                    100,000 visitors per month.    How much should we spend: 70 € per year is the maximum expense that we will be willing to                                      undertake.    Trust me, 70 € are very few for the excellent quality standards that I'm about to offer than many                                      other worst choices offered by the market for the same price.      Best WordPress Hosting is: Sitegruond    Thanks to them, your blog will have the best hosting and will be at the top, will enjoy an                                      incredible rate, will be above the average, the pages will open in a flash thanks to the SSD                                    database that ensure an extraordinary response time. And what do you think of the safety ?? With                                  them your blog will be safe, they have the best firewall and perform a daily malware scan and                                    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  10   

11.   prevent brute force attacks    Free Transfer You have your WordPress blog installed on another provider and you are                            concerned about the transfer? With ServerPlan and VHosting not avraii nothing to fear: their                            migration system will be able to import it in a simple, free and automatic. The tool will transfer to                                      your new hosting your email, files, and the hosting of the old database, without risk to your                                  information.    3 Step How to define the structure of your                  website    Ok guys now passes to the technical part. To create a blog you need to give form to that which has                                          hitherto been an idea.    Now that you clear the topic well, you have to think about its real structure and then we have to                                        create a navigation menu that is intuitive, functional, complete and giving prominence to your                            articles.    Begins to wonder what pages or articles are most useful to your site (and which not) and insert                                    them in your navigation menu as I did. You must keep in mind that every blog needs a home, a                                        presentation (about us), a page with contacts, the page where the articles are published (it can                                also be the same home), and, if you have them, a page dedicated to the services you offer.    4 step: Writing an article seo friendly    The first rule, the most important one, is to write quality content​, designed to satisfy the                                reader. Thorough as possible the subject of your post, documentatevi doing research and get ideas                              for creating your article. Always remember: you write well developed quality content and                          grammatically correct.    Use heading tags properly! you're probably wondering: what I mean ?? Simple the heading                            tags are used for rounding the article, we see how to use them.  Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  11   

12.     <H1> title of the article </ h1>    H1 is the most important tag and you have to use it only once in the page header as the title of our                                              post.    H2 Use it as the title of the sections of your post, it is important to split the post into sections                                          when used many words, make the most fluent reading    The other tags (h3 h4 h5 h6) now have become useless.    How to write a title effect.    Depending on how we write the title of our post will get more or less clicks on it, then access to                                          our blog are related to the drafting of a good title!    To create a title to Doc we have to try to figure out how many times will be searched in the search                                            engines. To understand just use the ​Google Tool: Keyword Planner tool. To understand how to                              use it you can read the mini guide which is embedded in the post: how to create a successful blog                                        in 5 steps    Conductor has tried different types of headlines to see what could be more attractive to the                                reader. E 'was analyzed a large sample of securities, on websites and social, to determine the ways                                  in which these titles are written. They emerged five types of headline:    • Normal (The ways to make more pleasant to drink tea)  • Question (What are the ways to make more pleasant to drink tea?)  • How do (How to do to make it more enjoyable to drink tea)  • Number (30 ways to make it more enjoyable to drink tea)  • Addressed to the reader (The ways that will allow you to make more pleasant to drink tea)    Titles created in the manner I have described will entice readers to click on it because I'm curious                                    to read the del'post content.    If you use WordPress, install the Yoast SEO plugin (I will explain how to use it in another post) so                                        you can insert in the meta description is a brief summary of the article to entice readers to                                    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  12   

13.   cliccargli above.    Try to enter the keyword (phrase with which you want to be found by Google and other search                                    engines) within the post and ​repeat it in a natural way according to the length of the                                  post ​with a density between 0.5 and 0.6% . For example if you have written 600 words try to                                      repeat it by a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 times.    When you insert an image, the first to be optimized, ie riducetene weight using any photo editing                                  program, this will make more fluid loading the page. Place the keywords in the ALT tags that you                                    want to place    <Img src = "url image" alt = "keyword to position =" />    Remember the first rule always: write quality content, not snaturateli forcing the                        insertion of keywords, always think about who will read this post!    5 Step Make seo friendly WordPress    Hello guys, today with this guide I will explain how to ​optimize in a way thanks to Yoast Seo                                      WordPress plugin. You're probably wondering cola means seo ..? SEO is short for SEARCH                            ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or optimizing a website, blog or even just a page to make it appear in                                  the first few results of a search made on Google or other engines.    The first thing to set is the ​permalink structure that will appear as the URL of our blog. Go to                                        settings / permalink​, you will notice that there are 5 possible options plus one that you can                                  customize. Discarded once the first option because having permalink type:                    http://s­m­ is not good, ​the url of our post must contain the title to                            give it relevance in the search engines.    Let's see the options we have available and find out what they are:    Date and name and Month ​and name: create a permalink by first inserting the date (year,                                month, day, or only the year and month) and then the title of the post. This option can be very                                        useful if we in the news site to bring out the most fresh news.    Numeric: create a permalink by entering the id of our post, creating a url like:                              Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  13   

14.   http://s­m­    Article name: it is the best option to be selected, creates a url with the title of the post, it is what                                            we need to emphasize our articles.    Because I have not entered the category name in the url? mainly for 2 reasons, one to                                  have a shorter permalink possible, easy to remember. 2 to avoid the risk of having duplicate                                content, if you publish a post in 2 categories we risk having two permalink with the same content                                    and not go well at all ..    Yoast plugin: how to make WordPress seo friendly    This is the best seo plugin for WordPress, installing it you can optimize your blog. First, thanks to                                    this great plugin you can edit both the title tag and meta description tag that are crucial to                                    increase visits to your blog. An apt title and a good description make the difference because entice                                  users to click on your site instead of to another during a search on Google or other engines.  Yoast WordPress SEO: instructions for use    General settings: your data: you can change the name of your blog, make it clear to Google if                                    you are a person or a company and put your name that will appear in Google's Knowledge Graph    Webmaster tools:​ you can enter the verification codes of the various tools made available    Safety: disables advanced part of Yoast, making sure that authors and publishers can not                            redirect the articles, make them non­indexed, etc ...    Section Titles & Metadata: Yoast Seo      Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  14   

15.   General:​ You can set the title separator eg article name ­ site name    Homepage: on this section you can change the title and description of your home is very                                important because it represents the identity of your blog.    Article types:​ articles, pages, media: allows you to change the title template,                 %% title %%  Enters the title of your article or page.  %% sitename %%  Inserts the title of your blog.  %% sep %%  Inserts the separator. It is used between %%                title %% and %% sitename %%.  %% excerpt %%  Inserts an extract of your article or page. It is                      used for the meta description tag.        This way it will create a title like: item name ­ name blogs. You can always edit both the title and                                          description snippet of Yoast when you write a post, it is always better to create the hand­making                                  description accurately, making it unique and arouse interest among users.    Metadata Robot serves as not to index the articles and pages    Taxonomies: categories, tags and archives. you can customize the structure of the title as for the                                articles but you must use instead of %% title %% %% %% term_title, in the section on the meta                                      description we have two alternatives: %% %% category_description that will fit the description                          you used when you have created the category (recommended), or you can use %% excerpt %%                                that will insert an extract    Archives: Archives by author, by date. Also here you can edit the template of the title of authors                                    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  15   

16.   where %% name %% will insert the name of the post. If only you who published the articles you                                      should disable them or tick the option noindex, follow because the archive will be equal to your                                  home by creating a duplicate content.        Social section: Yoast Seo WordPress        The Social section serves to properly integrate your site with social networks, and it is important                                to set meta tags because they are used to properly display thumbnails when your content is shared                                  on social networks ..    You have to enter the url of the company you use and your Twitter user name.    Facebook section: you can select whether or not the Open Graph meta data, advice of course                                include them because they say to the various social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin,                            Google+, etc what information they need to know the current page (which usually contains                            buttons sharing such as Likes or the +1 button).    In fact, you can upload an image, enter the title and description of the home page that will be used                                        Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  16   

17.   in the Open Graph tags when your users will share the post on the social network, you can also                                      load another image that will be used if the post that is shared is free images    Twitter Section: You can decide whether to activate the metadata. you can set the card to be                                  used to get a preview of your article in the tweet. You have to go on the Card Validator Twitter and                                          enter an address of your site and request approval.    Section Pinterest:​ just enter the verification code    Section Google+:​ enter your publisher's page that you use on Google+    Sitemaps section: Yoast Seo WordPress        As the title allows you to create your sitemap, or an xml file which contains a link to every page of                                          your blog, this is very useful for you to be indexed by search engines.    A very interesting thing about this plugin is that it is configured automatically based on the                                noindex settings and disabling you have decided in Titles and Metadata section                        /sitemap_index.xml generating a file that is accessible from the root and contains all the                            individual Sitemaps than this section you can check through Webmaster Tools possible indexing                          problems restricted to a few areas.    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  17   

18.   Advanced section: breadcrumbs, permalinks and RSS  Breadcrumbs are simply internal links that indicate the path (breadcrumbs) showing users                        where they are within our blog. We must enable them to be able to insert and place this <? Php if                                          code (function_exists ( 'yoast_breadcrumb'))  {Yoast_breadcrumb ( '<p id = "breadcrumbs">', '</ p>');}?> I, for example, I plugged in                            header.php    Permalink: WordPress SEO by canonical check your URL definition to be considered canon, but                            in some cases it may be useful to force this behavior if there were internal or external factors that                                      lead to unintended consequences and difficult to control through the use of the canonical.    You can do the following:    ● Remove stop words from the URL.  ● Apply / force the trailing slash on tags and categories.  ● To redirect URLs of the annexes to the main post because they often can cause internal                                duplication problems.  ● Remove variables? Replytocom that often the search engine indexes unnecessarily.  ● Redirect crude URL permalink clean. It can serve to consolidate a resource with respect to                              possible errors arising from the sharing of our pages by third parties.  ● Forcing canonicalisation over HTTP or HTTPS.  ● Prevent any parameters of using Google Site Search.  ● Prevent the cleaning of tracking parameters Analytics and Adwords campaigns when                      Selecting the redirection of raw URL.  ● The possibility of avoiding the redirect custom variables (ie we use privately or other                            tracking software).  ● RSS is used to add a feed within the HTML code that can contain a link to our blog and you                                          can use these variables.      %%AUTHORLINK%%  A link to the archive of the author of the article, with the author's                            name as anchor text.  %%POSTLINK%%  A link to the article, with the title as anchor text.  %%BLOGLINK%%  A link to your site, with the site name as anchor text.  Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  18   

19.   %%BLOGDESCLINK%%  A link to your site, with the name and description of your site as                            anchor text.      Yoast SEO WordPress comes with some very powerful tools:    ● Mass Editor This tool allows you to quickly change the titles and descriptions of your                              posts and pages without having to go to the editor for each of them.  ● Import and Export Import settings from other plugins for SEO and export them for                            re­use on another blog.  ● File change This tool allows you to quickly edit important files for SEO, as your robots.txt                                and, if you have one, the .htaccess file.  ● Recalculates SEO Scores Recalculates the SEO scores for all content pieces using a                          focal keywords.          Bonus: Link Earning, build your link            popularity    Share and Promote your quality content on social networks : Facebook, Google+, Twitter    Create and share infographics in the major websites :,,            ,  Mashable,, Etc    Write controversial topics    Create and Share E­Book in,, Etc, Etc..    Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  19   

20.   Ok guys this is all over, if you liked this e­book share in the main Social  Network        Indice​                                                          © ​s­m­  20   

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