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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: LPHR



StartUp organizations eventually reach a plateau where it is necessary infuse leadership initiatives throughout management + "up-and-coming" leadership teams. Let LPHR help your organization break through this tipping point + enable your business to leap into its next levels.

This Team Building Kit Includes:
• PowerPoint Presentation Template: Customize it to fit your team's needs.
• Welcome Exercise Cards: Kick off this presentation with a light team building game designed to get people actively engaged + building relationships across groups in your organization.
• Handout: Leadership Toolkit filled with best practices for leading your teams.
• Role Play Exercises: Your team will work together to apply the practices in your Leadership Toolkit to effectively resolve various communication scenarios.

The goal is to collectively understand the importance of leadership, when/how to put your Leadership Toolkit to practice + leave equipped with the understanding of how everything we do, as leaders, steers the big picture - and enables us to drive the business in the right direction.

Download LPHR's Team Building Kit now + take your business to new heights through the power of the people who are leading it.



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Established in 2010 Founded in 2010 by Independent HR Consultants and grown into an organization that's passionate about providing people and groups with resources and tools that help them progress, exceed their goals and partner with great people throughout the process.

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Welcome Exercise  What word best describes your partner?  What does your partner enjoy about their career?  What is one of your partner’s favorite hobbies?  List something the group does not know about your partner.  What does Leadership mean to your partner?

Leadership Leadership Tool Kit  Policies  Harassment  Conflict Resolution  Workplace Conduct  Positive Work Environment  Effects on positive performance  Contributes to the bottom line

Building for the Future As with any business, profits are an absolute necessity for maintaining jobs and building for the future. Rather than look at generating sales and revenue as an "undesirable task", we look at it as a "must" situation. How do we continue to generate profits to ensure a secure future and continued opportunities for all employees? With teamwork. Together we must meet the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Building for the Future In general, we have mentioned benefits, responsibilities and operations. We have saved the most crucial component of this business for last -- You. At all times, you represent the company, and it is up to each one of you to take this responsibility seriously. Our company exists with your joint efforts. Don’t underestimate your contribution to it. A great many people outside the business who invest their time, money and faith in us are part of that equation. They are our members who will determine how fast we grow, how many people we will employ, how much service we render and the profit we make. In order to retain these members, we want to ensure that our good service continues by always giving our members the best possible value and quality.

Building for the Future Working together + working well = provides us with a bright future + with the most important commodity = a good reputation.

Employee Relations We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees. Our practice is to treat each employee as an individual. We seek to develop a spirit of teamwork; individuals working together to attain a common goal. In order to maintain an atmosphere where these goals can be accomplished, we provide a comfortable and progressive workplace.

Employee Relations Most importantly, we have a workplace where communication is open and problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful atmosphere.

Employee Relations We take into account individual circumstances and the individual employee. We firmly believe that with direct communication, we can continue to resolve any difficulties that may arise and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

CQI  CQI = Continuous Quality Improvement  “We do not accept mediocrity… We develop our people and change our processes to better serve our customer and our team.”  Problem vs. Solution  Finger pointing vs. Initiative oriented

Conflict Resolution  Guidelines  Seek out conflicts, rather than allow them to simmer  Cross-Functional Conflicts  Treat conflict as an opportunity  Approach with humility and the intent to understand/resolve together  Pledge to resolve conflicts by following a series of agreed-upon steps, and seek help if unsuccessful.

CQI  What areas do we have to improve as a team?  Are we on track to build for the future?  What suggestions do you have?  What steps have you personally taken towards improving our organization?

Relationships  “Relationship focus as a way of  doing business not only can drive  growth + profitability… … it can sustain them through crises  and through ups/downs of the  business cycle.”

Relationships  Our ability to relate with others  The key to success or failure  Driver to strategically achieve goals  Impact on experience in the workplace  Impact on our ability to work together and get the right results  Contributes to making Monticello Motor Club the very best it can be!

Success Roadblocks  Inappropriate relationships  Lack of communication  Lack of honesty/integrity  Lack of commitment  Lack of knowledge/understanding  Lack of satisfaction  Lack of respect  Lack of leadership

Leadership Leadership is… “Articulating visions, embodying values + creating the environment in which things can be accomplished.”  What are some areas that we currently struggle with as Leaders?  What have we done?

Law of the Lid  Example:  If your leadership rates an 8, then your effectiveness can never be greater than a 7  If your leadership rates only a 4, then your effectiveness will be no higher than a 3 Your leadership determines your effectiveness!

Situational Communication  Communication styles  Use of in speaking to your audience or sending the right message  How do we determine the best method of communication?  Why is it important?

Situational Communication  Active listening  People want to feel valued + appreciated  Engagement  Direct impact on productivity  Practical application  Apply daily in various situations

Role Play Scenarios  Listen, Empathize, Reassure  Manager to Manager Conflict  Employee to Manager Conflict  Role Play Scenarios  Employee coaching (performance/conduct)  Employee dating a manager  Conflict in the workplace

Walk the Talk At 211 degrees, water is hot… At 212 degrees, it boils…. And with boiling water, comes steam… And with steam, you can power a train… …One degree.


VIDEO 212°/ The Extra Degree

Review  What did we learn?  Questions & Answers  Commitment Lead Well. Make a Difference. Have Fun Doing It! THANK YOU.


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