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Information about Fraud Risk Insurance
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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: KimRManchester



There are three Fraud Risk series, one each for the retail banking, health/life insurance and investment dealer sectors. The first release of the Fraud Risk series is geared towards the global insurance industry. Releases to the banking and investment dealer sectors will soon follow.

The Fraud Risk video training series is sold by ManchesterCF as a subscription-based service to regulated financial institutions around the globe. New interviews and re-enactments will be distributed to ManchesterCF clients on an annual basis.

The Fraud Risk series is filmed in high definition video format and is available as either a physical DVD set or in streaming video format. Originally filmed in English, versions will be created in French, Spanish and German.

Every year, life and health insurance companies write off millions of dollars to fraud. Bogus investment schemes fleece customers. Criminal activity manipulates customers and employees, leaving the insurance company to pay the bill. To combat fraud and reduce the magnitude of fraud-related expenses, an insurance company must educate its staff. Past frauds should be examined for indicators of fraudulent activity. The training must be timely and relevant to the insurance marketplace. With employees and sales agents dispersed across multiple time zones and many countries, video training is often the most effective anti-fraud training solution available. The Fraud Risk - Insurance training program from ManchesterCF places critical learning tools into the hands of insurance agents, customer service representatives and investment advisors who engage customers on the front lines of the business. If an employee or agent can recognise the early patterns of fraud, red flags can be raised promptly within the insurance company, reducing costs, saving customer relationships and protecting the firm’s reputation. A prudent financial crime risk management training strategy should incorporate anti-fraud training for financial advisors and sales agents. Shot in high definition video format, the Fraud Risk - Insurance training program re-enacts actual frauds and provides interviews with victims, industry professionals, law enforcement and regulators. The training program can be offered on an annual subscription basis or on a per participant basis, hosted on the ManchesterCF website. User tracking and quiz completion provide implementation data. All video content can be adjusted to the insurance company’s brand. Visit the ManchesterCF website to view sample video clips. For further information, contact your ManchesterCF representative. FRAUD RISK - INSURANCE ManchesterCF provides financial crime risk management training programs, advisory services and project management to financial institutions, financial intelligence units and public-sector agencies around the globe. ManchesterCF Suite 501 125-720 King Street West Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 3S5 +1.416.388.6051 @ManchesterCF Chapters 1. Investment fraud 2. Pump and dump schemes 3. Advance-fee fraud 4. Mortgage fraud 5. Charity fraud 6. Identity theft 7. Pyramid schemes 8. Lottery fraud 9. Affinity fraud 10. Romeo fraud 11. Healthcare fraud

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