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Published on April 20, 2009

Author: postoilcities



Workshop Post Oil Cities: Cross Postings - Exercice Week 02 - Tutor: Jan van Schaik RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

Green Facade green facade that located outside the building. it spoken the nature language in modernity. improve the environment quality. sustainable

Underground agricultural the lack of land in city centre is the main is- sue for argricultural. in most city they occupied the land but not under the land. the underground argricultural will be the so- lution for this situation.

House the tree live on tree not only make having a high quality green living but also play its part as column to hold the building. fresh oxigen will be provide by tree itself

Inside out inside out building will provide interior sapce that gives the feeling that we have while we are in the middle of forest. planting, artificial waterfall and animal that live together with human being most city centre in melbourne lack of green space.

Skyscrapper waterlife a new water tube with life beyond the sea inside. whole city expirience life from underwater. underwater come above land. can be seen from all perspective. pedestrian, tram, train and even from plane.

Skyscrapper wildlife bring wildlife into skyscrapper. expirience wildlife from a deferent perspective. each level of building will have a different habitat

Nature living life in a place that allow us to merge into one with nature. with the sorrounding environment are wild tree. it will give us an expirience of natural world but in a more confortable area. wooden den - sou fujimoto

Prefab housing prefab housing that build off site will save money. flexible. reuseable. can be easily construct. prefab house - AMA

Flexible building Flexible houseing make everything easy. it is easy to assemble. easily can the style to owner preference. not only residential but also any other program.

Temp pavilion people use temporary pavilion for special ocation. as a form it could be a sculpture and as a fountion it could be anything we want it to be, but it is only temporary on the site and changing time to time.

Group community community that easily grouping people in their own group. kids group in a place such as playground each group might have a sub group depend in the similarity.

Helipad in the intersection of tram and train lines, the other transportation that is possible to complete the site as a maen transportation centre in air transporta- tion. helipad combine with tram and train will complete the site as transportation headquarter.

Stack train lines normal train line in melb are next to each other and pararrel. that old train line are waste of spaces. if we build train line above another that will save more space and we will have tower train station.

Vertical farming this is the new solution for farming in modern world. the lack of space are no longer matter. it can be any types of farming.

Giant wheel city giant wheel that become city circle. each units can represent a house or even retail. together in become one city that could provide its own.

Moving automatic provide escalator everywhere. people no longer need to walk. transportation become faster and faster. all high places are accessable

Solar panel this could be building with solar panel facade or building that have solar panel either way it is to generate power from this panel

New extreme activies new place can be easily create by assign a new ac- tivities in a residential area, people can do pakour by jumping from one to another. or even body jumping from a skyscrapper.

Roof connection new activies can be assign by connecting rooftop of buildings. this would link the building from roof rather than land.

Recycle recycle will make the environment sustainable. the product of recycle centre and attract people to come in if recycle product market located close to this area.

Wind power use wind power to generate the new power that is almost unlimited. can use in home, farm and business.

Green roof all rooftop in srrounding area have its own garden. from bird eye it make the city become greenest place that ever seen.

Plaza plaza in city centre create new activities. like bourke st mall that have its own free entertain- ment. people resting and chatting. plaza can become city centre landmark.

Abandon city build abandon city from what left over from build- ing construction. creating a gloomy evironment. but it rich of materials.

Recycle wall wall for recycle rainwater. green space. watering the green area automatically

Figure figure from nature apply directly to building will make people realise how important are nature.

Stacko building inspired by UNO stacko each unit support another units and can easily move address wihout moving their whole furniture.

Step grouping people from social aspect. cheapest units are on the bottom floor. the very top will be for the very rich one.

Sand city we can build a building from sand and even live in there. this will give a middle east look in melbourne.

Hidden hidden city in a meteor hole but still below the tram and train line. tram and train lines look like it is floating from be- low the city

Crowd an empty people have to migrated from crowd areas into empty area. from city centre moved into suburb that linking by tram or train

Container one of the major use in building constraction is steel container. if we assemble this carefully, paint it, it will make the container livable. and it is recycle

Travel house travelling while living in it. most train station have its own parking spaces. with the size of a car people can live in there and travel around the world.

Roller coaster roller coaster are same with train as they move on rail. make use of the train rail by sharing its rail with roller coaster.

Public toilet most city centre provide with tram and train. but it always hard to find a public toilet while we are in city centre.

Go green!!! go absolutly green from colour and performance are green. even car and everything are green.

Power plant power plant producing new energy to replace oil.

Stairway to heaven connecting public and private spaces by stairway. also making journey to the level of skycrapper with stair

Bullet train high speed train to maximize the use of public transport. travel with public transport are no longer limited by time and area.

Private public spaces give the public more privacy by providing public spaces that is private such as toilet.

Liminal surface building that form with minimal surface have to transition in between vertical line and horizontal line and barely have any straight lines

Hybrid creating new spaces in the city by connect new and old building with bridges. the bridges could be in transition between new and old or depend on the building

Optical illusion a building in one way look different from the other perspective. from one perspection it is a shape that familiar with our eye but in other perspective it is different.

Zero waste all the waste of the building should be recycle as well the material to build the building. zero waste mean no waste that harm to environ- ment

Frame / Flexible frame building as the skeleton of flexible building. depend on ocasion, building shape can be vary. frame is also flexible, move left or right, up and down.

Float on water using the concept of flower that flow and float on water. building that located on water and flow by wave

Above everything skyscraper that connect directly to the station. life above everything and seeing the city as one scenary at night

Water power use water to generate new power. allow public to see the process as a new power- full waterfall

Capsule for homeless provide small capsule in the same size with one human in train station. homeless dont need to sleep in station benches anymore. they will have their own capsule to live in

Rotate facade people quickly bored with old building. this facade rotate in facade based every week, month or year. or even have a solar panel that rotate based on the sun light to get solar power

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