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Published on June 15, 2019

Author: frankbaker


slide 1: HASWELL GREENS IS ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS WITH VEGAN OPTIONS Are you looking for a spectacular restaurant that offers vegan options Look no further than Haswell greens watering hole. Haswell greens is the new restaurant in Times Square that offers delicious cuisines for every vegetarian they offer everything that ranges from popular vegan choices to some of the most sought-after dishes in midtown you can grab the delicious vegan inspired dish for a special Broadway brunch the menu also provides you with some of the tastiest craft cocktail options so in case you are looking to grab a tasty craft cocktail alongside your meal you can always discover some of the best craft cocktail options on the menu. slide 2: You can start a delicious brunch with something tantalizing on the menu they offer you delicious cuisines such as the chicken skewers egg chips Ceviche and other mouth watering delicacies . For the craft cocktail menu Haswell greens offers you some of the most sought after signature cocktails such as the curtain call and others. If you prefer the craft beer then you will discover some of the most sought-after craft pints in midtown. One thing that makes Haswell greens bar one of the best bars on Broadway NYC is entertaining live music specials Haswell greens brings you the best live music performances from some of the most celebrated music artiste in Times Square. You can dance to some of favorite songs while you get to explore the food menu for some of the tastiest dishes as well as craft beer. slide 3: Haswell greens bar also provides the perfect setting for your favorite events. If you are in search of a conducive Bi-Level events space then Haswell greens is the perfect destination for you. They offer a lively setting and a conducive atmosphere where you can host any type of event whether it is a small event or an elaborate occasion You will always find this place to be the perfect destination. Haswell greens bar is located in midtown west on 240 west and they offer delicious delicacy grab some of your favorite dishes like the gluten free pizza tasty Mac and cheese and other delicious cuisines in midtown. The Haswell greens bar opens on Mondays to Tuesdays by 11 am to 4 am and also on Wednesdays to Sundays. In case you are looking to enjoy the best delicacies and craft cocktails you can head over to this restaurant and have a delicious brunch in midtown.

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