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Published on September 24, 2008

Author: melinamenny


Slide 1: Online MP3 pool Slide 2: Franchise Record Pool is a fast growing music service that provides you with a one stop source for new and pre-released music. Franchise Record Pool is designed to deliver fast and efficiently the music you want, replacing conventional formats like CD's, with today's fastest delivery technology, The Internet. Slide 3: We are dedicated to providing music to DJs on a timely basis that will allow them to be one step ahead of the competition. At the same time providing record labels with the promotions and feedback of their music from the professionals that matters the most. The DJs. Franchise Record Pool has working relationships with numerous labels that provide exclusive music for your review. Be heard and make the difference on today's market and give the label back your professional opinion on the music helping them create a better quality product, and ensuring you get the sounds you're after. Slide 4: MEMBER BENEFITS ■ Over 10,000 tracks currently available for pickup in your bin. ■ Receive new music (UP TO OVER 800 TRACKS PER MONTH ) weeks sometimes months in advance from the Major and Indie labels ■ Get access to THE LAB where you will find a huge selection of Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae/Reggaeton/Dance INSTRUMENTALS and ACAPELLAS from the 80s to the 2ks. ■ Access to DJ TOOLS such as SCRATCH/SOUND EFX Samples you can use for your Tricks/Remixes. ■ New and Old MUSIC VIDEOS for all you VJs out there. Slide 5: MEMBER BENEFITS ■ Friendly INTROS and OUTROS on the most popular tracks. Plus an additional edited Intro track we call Snip Hitz where the track is edited down to an Intro beat, the verse, a chorus and then an outro beat. This will allow you to quick mix or create your own live megamix. ■ The most comprehensive OLD SCHOOL catalog out there. We are talking old school Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and even House. ■ Get access to PROMO ALBUMS before they are released in our exclusive room. ■ We have the LARGEST SELECTION of reggae, more than any other record pools out there. We are talking reggae riddims direct from the caribbean that you only get in the stores Slide 6: MEMBER BENEFITS ■ We offer a HUGE selection of Dance music. We are talking anywhere from 50 to 70 tracks per week. ■ All tracks are SERATO READY. This means they are fully tagged, bpm'd and all overviews are built. (Because this is a new feature older tracks will not contain these feature). ■ Receive EXCLUSIVE remixes and party mixes from top remixers around the world. ■ Receive Franchise's Exclusive BREAKERZ. A series of continuous 7-10 mins mix in multiple genres. Use these mixes to take a break to get a drink, go to the bathroom or talk to that person you noticed in the crowd. You can even pop these in your iPod to listen when you are on the go. Slide 7: MEMBER BENEFITS ■ Access to our MUSIC RELOADED room where you will find reposted mastered tracks sent to us by the labels on CDs after they have been released. You may even find some instrumentals, acapellas or even all new tracks that were not posted previously. This room can be use to enhance the quality of your music collection. ■ Download Franchise's Exclusive MEGA KUTZ. A series of extremely edited tracks thats geared towards the DJs who are looking to step their game up to the next level. Mega Kutz consist of an 8 bar intro, 8 bar vocal and a 16 bar outro that would allow you to create live megamixes in your sets. These tracks are very addictive. Slide 8: MEMBER BENEFITS ■ The only record pool to offer TECH SUPPORT of its kind. Our tech support can connect to your pc to directly diagnosed and rectify the problem without having you install any files on your computer. ■ HOST your own MIXSHOW on one of the hottest radio stations on the web. As a member you have the unique opportunity to become an On Air professional and you can do it from the comfort of your own studio. No other record pool is offering this to their members. Click here for more details. ■ We are proud to say that we DO NOT modify the original MP3s encoded bit rate to deceive anyone. We guarantee you that the MP3s given to you are the exact same way we get it from the labels. Slide 9: Contact Us Franchise Record Pool Connecticut Office/Web Services 69 Clinton Ave Suit 2H Stamford, CT 06901 Office : (347) 449-5129 Fax : (866) 430-0649 General Info/Inquiry :  Pool Director :   Submitting Music: Slide 10: Thank you

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