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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: richamathur5872


Role of the HLC Partner and Area /Site Coordinator Each HLC partner organization and Area/site must designate a coordinator to bethe primary contact person for the HLC Total Quality Management (TQM ) Group .The partner coordinator is based near a college, university, or other partnerOrganization that supports one or more Area or other program sites and may alsoOffer its own HLCprogram at its campus or other facility. The partnerCoordinator can be a faculty member, administrator, or outreach specialist at thePartner institution. The Area/site coordinator is based at aArea or other program site. TheArea/site coordinator can be an administrator, teacher, or counsellor. One or moreArea/site coordinators are usually affiliated with a partner coordinator.The partner and Area/site coordinators fulfil a number of responsibilities that are Crucial to the success of the program. The coordinator role calls for an experienced educator with the ability to communicate well with students, parents, business and university partners, and other educators and Area officials. Sharing of some Responsibilities may be negotiated by the partner and program/coordinators. This Document lists responsibilities generally assumed by partner coordinators and Area/site coordinators. For the purposes of this document, responsibilities that are Primarily at the Area/site level are identified as belonging to the Area/site coordinator; However, where a partner organization runs its own HLC program, the partner coordinator will also have these responsibilities. Partner Coordinator College/University Other Organization Area / Program Coordinator Program Site Area / Program Coordinator Program Site HLCTQM Group Role of HLCCoordinator • 2 © 2006 HLC Fund. 1. Plans HLCprogram implementation Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Identifies a package of courses or modules for implementation and develops an overall implementation plan and timeline, in consultation with representatives of the partner organization, the HLC TQM Group, and Area/site faculty, staff, andadministration. X Meets with Area principal, counselors, and teachers eachsemester to solicit their input and assure their buy-in andparticipation in the implementation plan. X Work with HLCTA to align HLCwith state standards, ifnecessary. X 2. Promotes the HLC program in the Area Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Provides faculty and staff with information about the benefits andrequirements of the HLCprogram. X Develops and disseminates materials for marketing HLC toAreas, the Area district, and parents. XX Hosts an informational meeting for students about the HLCprogram, informing prospective HLC students about thebenefits and educational requirements of the program.

X Provides families of prospective HLC students with generalinformation about the HLC program, the requirements of theprogram, and the benefits of the program (including scholarshipopportunities). X Reviews HLC Web site regularly for HLC opportunities(e.g., scholarships, study abroad, internships) and disseminatesinformation to students and teachers. XX 3. Advocates for the HLC program in the community Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Coordinates meeting with all Area/site coordinators and teachersonce a semester. X Recruits Business/Education Advisory Council (BEAC) membersand maintains a local BEAC. (The coordinator may serve as chair orco-chair for BEAC meetings.) There may be one regional BEAC forseveral Area/sites affiliated with the same partner, one regionalBEAC plus individual BEACs for each program/site, or an individual BEAC for each program/site. A regional BEAC allows for greatestleverage of resources, while local BEACs may encourage closerconnections between BEAC members and individual teachers andstudents. XX Keeps Area staff, families of HLC students, and the BEACinformed about HLC program activities, events, and milestones. XX Identifies funding opportunities (both local—e.g., BEAC member andother community resources—and state and national-level initiatives, which may be coordinated with the HLCTQM Group and otherHLC partners. XX 4. Ensures access to HLC learning tools Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Purchases the printed curriculum materials through the onlinecatalog or downloads the materials from the HLC Web site;also obtains other curriculum resources. XX Initiates a HLC Web account for the partner organization. X Role of HLC Coordinator • 3© 2006 HLC Fund. Initiates a HLC Web account for the Area/site and gains HLC Web site access for teachers and students. X Approves teacher accounts on the HLC Web site and ensuresthat teachers register students in a timely way. Also ensures thatstudent registration information is up-to-date on the HLC Website. X Ensures that HLC classrooms have adequate and reliableaccess to computer technology, the Internet, and software requiredfor HLC courses (in consultation with the Area IT coordinator,the partner organization, and/or the BEAC). XX 5. Ensures teacher preparedness Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Assesses teachers levels of preparation and identifiesTraining/professional development needs of teachers. XX Identifies partner organization resources to assist in providingProfessional development and ongoing support for HLCTeachers, and coordinates with HLCTQM Group in planningTeacher training/professional development. X Arranges for teachers to attend regional HLC teacher institutes,or arranges for a trainer to provide on-site professional development. XX Ensures that teachers are proficient in the use of Microsoft Office,including PowerPoint and Excel (as required by the selectedmodules). X Informs teachers about HLC on-line discussions and Conference events and encourages them to participate.

XX 6. Provides ongoing teacher support Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Becomes familiar with the philosophy and goals of the HLCprogram and ensures that teachers have a clear understandingabout the HLC pedagogical approach. XX Learns about modules and courses being taught at the program site, and becomes familiar with the curriculum materials. Addressesquestions teachers have about the curriculum. XX Provides assistance or feedback on teacher’s adaptations of Modules, in consultation with the HLC TQM Group. X Fosters a community of educators by coordinating one follow-upevent per semester for teachers to continue learning about HLC and share challenges, successes, and experiences with oneanother. X Regularly observes teachers and students in classrooms and meetswith each HLCteacher during a planning/prep period or a Areawide meeting once per semester to keep informed aboutprogram-related activities and issues around teaching and learning. X Arranges site visits for HLCTQM Group. Coordinates classroomvisits with teachers and meetings with partners or Area administrators. X 7. Oversees Coordinated Learning Experiences (CLEs) for HLCstudents Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Works with teachers to identify appropriate CLEs as suggested foreach HLC module. These include classroom visits byrepresentatives of local businesses, higher education, and thecommunity; visits by HLCstudents to work sites and universitydepartments and laboratories; job shadowing, mentoring, andinternships. (See the HLCWeb site for suggested CLEs.) XX Works with the partner organization and/or BEAC to arrange X Role of HLCCoordinator • 4© 2006 HLC Fund.Appropriate CLEs for HLCstudents. Coordinates CLE opportunities for all Area/sites. Utilizes CLEresources provided by HLC Fund. X 8. Participates in a broader learning community and keeps up to date with HLCdevelopments RolePartnerCoordinatorArea/SiteCoordinator Attends the HLCannual conference, including the coordinatorssessions. XX Plans/participates in networking and planning meetings hosted bythe partner organization. X Participates in relevant on-line HLCactivities and discussionboards. XX Participates in national or regional coordinator training offered by apartner institution or the HLCTQM Group. XX Participates in conference calls with other partner coordinators. X X 9. Provides ongoing updates about the status of program implementation and participates in program documentation and evaluation Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Gathers Area/site data and completes the Site Survey on the Web site twice per Area year. X Communicates periodically regularly with the TQM Group aboutprogram-related questions or issues. XX Ensures that teachers collect student work samples and submitsthese to the HLCTQM Group.

XX Ensures that teachers and students complete and returnpermissions forms to the HLCTQM Group. XX Ensures that teachers and students participate in electronic surveys. X Participates in two follow-up conference calls per semester with HLC and the TQM Group. X Gathers program data and completes reporting requirements formid-year and final reports. X Cooperates with the HLCevaluator to document the way inwhich modules are being integrated into the Area curriculum andthe impact of the HLCprogram on the site and participatingstudents. XX Coordinates with the HLCevaluator, HLCTQM Group, andteachers to ensure that Area and classroom visits go smoothly. XX 10. Contributes to capacity building and sustainability of program Role Partner Coordinator Area/Site Coordinator Consults with Areas/sites and coordinates teacher training,professional development, and ongoing support. X Consults with HLCTQM Group to identify and support teacherleaders/trainers. XX Works with Area administrators, local and state educationagencies, and the BEAC to identify and secure funding to supportongoing HLCprogramming. X Periodically meets with Area and/or district administrators toprovide program updates, discuss needs, and communicate aboutstatus of program implementation. X

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