Fran West products for dementia and recreation Autumn 2014 catalogue

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Information about Fran West products for dementia and recreation Autumn 2014 catalogue

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: AdventurerFran



Fran West products for dementia and recreation Autumn 2014 catalogue.

Fran West Dementia Products for Reminiscence and Recreation Autumn 2014 Catalogue Award-winning adventurer/photographer Fran West creates products, like DVD movie presentations of photos with background music, CDs with Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles, Photo Downloads, a Quiz and Activity CD, Kindle Books, Picture Bingo, Picture Dominoes and Picture Noughts & Crosses as resources for dementia and aged care. They can be used as the basis for other activities as well as reminiscing. Words of Wisdom: an activities magazine for the aged care community is now being published on a quarterly basis with Wisdom Activities. All the DVDs have over 260 images (without captions or narration), an easy listening soundtrack, last approximately 26 minutes and are $25.00 each (P&P $4.00 within Australia, $8.00 overseas). A day at the Show - $25.00 The images depict what you can see and do during a visit to a royal agricultural and horticultural show. There’s a bit of everything from the farm animals, wood chopping and show jumping, to the rides, displays and different activities. The background music is accompanied by occasional animal and bird sounds. Experience the colour and excitement of the Royal Adelaide Show! A day at the Zoo: Adelaide/Monarto - $25.00 The images depict what you can see and do during a visit to the beautiful garden setting of Adelaide Zoo with its wide variety of animals and birds, and the open plains setting of Monarto Zoological Park with its mostly African and Asian animals. The background music, setting the mood of this presentation with drums, jungle and African rhythms, is accompanied by occasional animal and bird sounds. Australia’s Coast from the Air - $25.00 These aren't the usual tourist photos, although there are some familiar places. The images (with captions), capture more of the essence of Australia from beautiful sandy beaches and rugged shorelines to remote stretches of untamed coast and hidden treasures. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania are all represented with at least 26 or more images and the photos follow Fran's anticlockwise path around the Australian mainland and Tasmania. There's also an added bonus of images of inland detours, ground shots and airstrips on which Fran landed. 1

Awesome Aviation - $25.00 The images highlight commercial, civil and military aircraft both big and small. Taken with a backdrop of Edinburgh RAAF Base, Adelaide, and the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, King Island, Bass Strait, and Alaska, USA. Beautiful Blooms - $25.00 There are loads of gorgeous roses, orchids, camellias, daisies and other familiar flowers and trees from the home garden. Desert flora from Utah and Arizona is included along with flowers from Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Florida. Unique Australian wildflowers also make an appearance, from delicate native orchids to the bold colours of kangaroo paws and wattles. Full of colour and interest, it can also be used to calm and soothe with its soundtrack of beautiful piano music. Ideal for use with high care, palliative care and Sundowner's Syndrome patients. Getting Around - $25.00 Different kinds of transport for getting around - trains, boats, planes, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, buses, caravans, trams, animals and so on from Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria), the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), the USA (Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Utah and Washington), and South America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile). The background music is bright, happy and upbeat. This DVD is not only great for armchair travel, and reminiscing about holidays enjoyed in the past, but it’s also ideal to combine with the Terrific Transport CD. Maritime Mix - $25.00 The images highlight a mix of river and ocean craft and activities, ranging from commercial fishing boats and ferries to houseboats, yachts, kayaks and water skiers. Taken with a backdrop of South Australian rivers and shores, Victorian towns, Tasmania and Sydney Harbour, New South Wales. Marvellous Machinery - $25.00 The images highlight new and old farm machinery, steam engines and various other machines. Taken with a backdrop of Adelaide, Power of the Past at Mount Barker, and the Agricultural Field Days at Paskeville, South Australia, Avalon RAAF Base, Victoria, and Arizona, Colorado and Utah, USA. 2

Outback Adventure - $25.00 SA's Outback, Gammon Ranges and Flinders Ranges are featured in over 270 images. Wildlife, windmills and wildflowers all make an appearance. Mini adventures like the Pichi Richi Railway journey and the Ridge Top Tour at Arkaroola are there too. Visits to Alligator Gorge, the Ochre Pits and Leigh Creek Coal Field are also included. Signs, buildings, vehicles, planes and people make an appearance alongside trees, creeks and beautiful scenery. The soundtrack provides a fitting accompaniment to this snapshot of the Australian Bush seen in a year of rain and floods. Tasmania’s Overland Track - $25.00 The images highlight the magnificent mountain terrain of the six day eighty kilometre walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in Tasmania’s World Heritage wilderness. Discover the many moods of the track as it passes through forest and moorland, alongside peaks and waterfalls, and reveals delicate wildflowers and secluded creeks. The background music provides a relaxing and peaceful accompaniment to one of the world’s great walks. Ideal for use with high care, palliative care and Sundowner's Syndrome patients. Wonderful Wheels - $25.00 Guaranteed to bring back memories, this DVD is a feast of cars, trucks and motorbikes from the fabulous 50s, 60s and 70s, plus a few vintage and classic cars thrown in for good measure. There are familiar makes like Ford, Holden, Buick, Dodge, Chevrolet and Chrysler and others like Morris Cowley, Willys Knight, Edsel and Borgwald. Not forgetting BMW, Ariel, Indian, Harley Davidson, Hudson, Austin, Hillman, MG, Morris, Vauxhall, VW and hot rods. Photographed at the Power of the Past at Mount Barker, and the Rock 'N' Roll Rendezvous at Birdwood, South Australia. The 50s style background music encourages toe tapping and hand clapping. A great idea for exercising in the chair or even dancing for the more mobile. Preview DVDs before purchasing on: Products are continually being developed so suggestions and feedback are welcomed. Contact or phone (08) 8270 6623 to place an order. An invoice, including postage and packaging, will be emailed back and once payment has been received, your order will be sent to you. 3

On the CDs with Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles (not MAC compatible and not for use on a Kindle, ipad or tablet) there are 5 different photos per CD which have been converted to jigsaws of 12, 24, 40, 104 and 260 pieces each, making a total of 25 jigsaw puzzles. View a video of how to do a jigsaw puzzle by clicking here. Great for stimulating the mind, promoting hand and eye coordination, reminiscing, armchair travelling and using the hands. All the CDs are $25.00 each (P&P $4.00 within Australia, $8.00 overseas). This range of puzzles can be used by people with different skill levels and can be enjoyed by both people with dementia and their carers - something for everyone. Jigsaw puzzles are easy to do with the click of a mouse button and a little bit of training from carers. Puzzles are not printable, they're designed to be used on a computer or laptop or even on a large screen via a data projector, and internet access isn’t required. $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 4

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 5

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 6

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 7

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 8

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 9

Photo Downloads, on PDF for reminiscence and recreation, are multipurpose. Containing 20 different photos, they can be printed in black & white, and colour, or left as a file to be viewed on the computer or projected onto a big screen. They can also be viewed on a kindle reader, ipad or tablet. Each PDF is $7.50 and it is emailed after payment. Using the same 20 photos there are: 20 photos with words on them 20 photos without words on them 20 slides with only the matching words on them 20 photos to be used as 6-piece jigsaws The words on the photos can be changed from English into other languages if requested. Photo Downloads can be printed (and laminated) in A3, A4, A5 and smaller and used for Picture dominoes Picture bingo Collage Wrapping paper for small gifts Greeting cards & place cards Welcome cards for new residents Posters, coasters & placemats “Snap” card game using pictures Matching words to photos activity Individual reminiscence folders Pictures on the doors of residents’ rooms Mobiles 6-piece jigsaws (cut more times to make more difficult if required) 10

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 11

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 12

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 13

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 14

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 15

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 16

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 17

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 18

Photo Downloads $7.50 each 19

Kindle Books are a great tool for reminiscence and recreation. These are marketed on for children to discover the world and language but they are also great for use in aged care and are ideal for those who relate to photos on a kindle reader, ipad or tablet. The first sequence is for looking and enjoying. The second sequence is for looking and learning. This time the photos have a word (or words) on them. The Kindle Books are based on the same photos used in the Photo Downloads but they don’t have the extras of the words on separate slides or the 6-piece jigsaw puzzles to be printed out. They are purely a screen-based product. Kindle Books may be purchased direct from or by contacting or (08) 8270 6623. By clicking on the address or image below, you’ll be taken to Fran West’s page on There will be a full list of books and also a short video to watch. Most Kindle Books are $1.99 from with 3 Kindle Books combined selling for $2.99. 20

Kindle Books $1.99 each 21

Kindle Books $1.99 each 22

Kindle Books $1.99 each 23

Kindle Books $1.99 each 24

Kindle Books $1.99 each 25

Kindle Books $1.99 each 26

Kindle Books $1.99 each 27

Kindle Books $1.99 each 28

Kindle Books $1.99 each 29

Kindle Books $1.99 each Kindle Books may be purchased direct from or by contacting or (08) 8270 6623. By clicking on the address below, you’ll be taken to Fran West’s page on There will be a full list of books and also a short video to watch. 30

On the Terrific puzzles. Transport CD there are quizzes, activities, photos & interactive jigsaw It deals with transport generally and has sections for cars and bikes, aviation, trains and water based transport with a few extras thrown in as well. The CD is $60.00 (P&P $4.00 within Australia, $8.00 overseas). What's on the CD? 9 interactive Jigsaw Puzzles These can be played on a personal computer or laptop (not MAC compatible) pieces vary from 12 to 24 and 40. The Jigsaw Puzzles are not printable. 9 different Photo Downloads Getting around the UK, Getting around the USA, Getting around Australia, Trains, Tractors, Old cars & motorcycles, and photos from Awesome Aviation, Outback Adventure and Maritime Mix. Each of these contains 20 photos with a word on them, 20 photos without a word on them, the 20 words on their own and 20 photos which can be printed out and cut up into 6-piece jigsaw puzzles (for the 9 Photo Downloads you will then have 180 jigsaw puzzles of 6 pieces each). 6 PowerPoint Presentations These can be used on the screen or printed out. 6 different Word Searches These each contain 20 different transport words to find plus extra words. 10 different transport sounds to identify Great for people to listen to and bring back memories. 6 different sets of Transport Trivia These each contain 20 multiple choice questions. And there's even more on this CD worth over $120.00! Contact or phone (08) 8270 6623 to place an order. An invoice, including postage and packaging, will be emailed back and once payment has been received, your order will be sent to you. 31

Picture Bingo Original, Picture Noughts & Crosses and Picture Dominoes have been developed as physical products (instead of digital products) in collaboration with Wisdom Activities. Picture Bingo Original — $140.00 Bingo and matching game. For up to 20 players. TWO different games are included. 120 brilliant quality colour images in the set. ANIMAL KINGDOM BINGO: Players use their own inhouse markers to cover images as the caller calls the numbers. FLOWERS BINGO: Players start with black & white images of flowers on a card, then as the caller calls the number or flower, the players cover their cards with dynamic colour images bringing the game to life. Instructions included. View Wisdom Activities’ video here. Picture Noughts & Crosses — $110.00 Includes 20 different sets of picture cards for 20 players. Images include steam train, lion, flowers, pelican, kangaroo, motorcycle, boats, hot air balloon, ocean liner, koala, kitten, clogs, dog, tulips and more ! The game is played the same way as the traditional noughts & crosses where the players try to prevent their opponent from matching three of the same cards in a row on the grid. Instructions included. Picture Dominoes — $120.00 A new variation on the original domino game. This pack includes THREE different domino games - At The Beach, Animals, and Flowers. All quality images which are great conversation starters whilst playing the domino game. Instructions included. View Wisdom Activities’ video here. 32

Words of Wisdom is a new quarterly activities magazine for the aged care community. It is published in collaboration with Wisdom Activities. Click here to download an abridged sample copy of the magazine and order forms. The first issue is available now from Wisdom Activities (see the order forms) and the next issues will be published in mid June, mid September and mid December. Available in print (black & white inside), PDF (full colour) and package of print and PDF. 33

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