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Published on May 17, 2013

Author: NicoleHudson1


Beyond the Hype:Strategies for MaximizingFacebook

PanelistsJon CarlstonVice President,Social DevelopmentRyan VaspraVice President,Media ServicesNicole HudsonMarketing Consultant,Inbound Lead Generation& Social Strategy

AgendaOptimized for Success: Create, Promote, Measure, & ConvertCreate:· The FoundationPromote:· Get Found: The Facebook icon is a part of your brand· Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads· Open GraphMeasure:· KPI’s to focus onConversion: Beyond the Likes, Comments & Shares· Actionable call to actions· Optimized landing pages· Marketing automation established for conversion to happen?

• Social value is a shift in thinking and approach to brand socialmedia• The primary tenet of this shift is one of considering the needs anddesires of your customer first, and the return for your businesssecond• This principle is based on the very nature of social media and itsorigins• “Return” should come as a result of doing social media the “rightway”• The objective should be to enhance your brand and satisfy yourcustomerThe Foundation – Social Value

The Foundation – Social ValueSocial Media can be manythings, the key is to find thevalue you are able to offeryour community and targetaudience.Then focus on delivering itthe best way possible.

The Foundation – Social Value• The best content on Facebook is content that encourages userengagement• This includes: questions or a fill in the blank statement• The key is making that engagement as simple and compelling aspossible, this is how you can “serve” your customersMake the user “want” to participate becauseit is easy & fun and takes very little timePhoto Day of the Week (Monday’s)Trivia TuesdayProduct Spotlight WednesdaysCustomer Thursdays (Testimonials)Fun Fact Friday’sTip of the DayQuestions and Polls

The Foundation – Social Value• Communication portal with your target audience• Platform for listening to your customers• A way to demonstrate value to your customers• A tool to develop deeper relationships with your audience• Creates long term connections and communication• Social Media is a long term play, not a short term medium

The FoundationParent / Child – now called National / Local•Create pages for all locations in your system with consistent branding•Gain admin access to all existing pages and update info/branding

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation – Content, Content, Content

• Social media is only as good as the community a brand can build• Messaging is wasted if a community doesn’t exist to receive it• Even the biggest and best brands must “invest” in their community• Greater impact from social media efforts and exponentiallyenhanced total reachThe Foundation – Paid Community Value

The Foundation – Paid Community Value• A common misconception is that Social Media is Free• The true costs of Social Media are Time, Money & Commitment• Time is the first cost listed , because it is the most important• Time is required to deliver the true value of Social Media• But time is wasted if you do not “invest” to ensure that your message isheard

The Foundation – Paid Community ValueMany strategies exist to help grow your community, but know that“organic” growth is difficult, especially at first.Unpaid strategies:Participate in other conversations using #HashtagsPost on other Facebook Pages with similar audiencesSpread the word offline to your existing customersYou may need to commit to some paid strategies early on toreally jumpstart your social community, this is your “investment”Paid strategies include:Facebook and Twitter adsSocial promotions and giveawaysSponsored stories and promoted posts

The Foundation-

The Foundation – Corporate vs Local• Social Media Optimization is required to ensure that the social “face”of your brand is properly created and conveyed• Social Media at the Local and National level is an ongoing debate• With shifts happening in the space it is no longer a debate of “or” but“and”• Both must exist and more importantly both must work togetherstrategically

The Foundation – Corporate vs Local• A symbiotic relationship must exist between a corporatesocial presence and the local presence ecosystem• By working together, these two platforms can deliverexponential benefit and build a strong overall brandpresence

The Foundation – Corporate vs Local

Promote – Sponsored Posts and Facebook AdsSocial Media does not operate under the “if you build it theywill come” structure Facebook AdsThe primary driver of exposure on theFacebook platformCustom Audience Facebook AdsCustomers make the best fans on FacebookSponsored StoriesDigital peer referrals of your top contentSponsored PostsPaying for EdgeRank to optimize yourmessage and content to your fans

Promote – Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads• Facebook Ads are a must when it comes to building your community• Facebook Ads are relatively easy to learn and use, they areextremely difficult to master• Facebook Ads are much different than other ad types like GoogleAdWords• Rely much more heavily on instinct and understanding of not onlythe platform but the audience you are targeting

Promote – Sponsored Posts and Facebook AdsThere are several Facebook Ad campaign types that each require theirown strategies and execution methods• National Fan Growth• Local Fan Growth• National Promotion• Local Promotion• National Direct Response• Local Direct ResponseThere is no “template” strategy that will effectively deliver efficientperformance across all campaign types. This is where patience,experience and expertise become a requirement

Promote – Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Promote – Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads• EdgeRank underwent a major retooling in August 2012• A core component to delivering your most powerful messages issponsored stories• Content on average will reach only about 15% of your audience,meaning 85% will be left out• Utilizing paid methodologies is a critical element when delivering yourmessage

National BlastWindow Cling

Franchisee FB PageCorporate FB Page

Campaign MeasurementApp Views (Desktop) – 13,791App Views (Mobile) – 2,346Total App Views – 16,137Total entries – 12,545 (78% conversion)Entries on mobile - 1781 (14% of total)Corporate New Fans – 11,299Opt-in for email – 5186

Promote – EdgeRank Deep Dive

Promote – EdgeRank Deep Dive

Promote – EdgeRank Deep Dive

Graph Search

Graph Search

Graph Search

Graph Search

Special Kudos to Park Tavern

Graph Search•Make sure your clients LIKE your page•Incentives to “check-in” at your locations•Post photos of their experiences•Make it easy to become a customer – menu, services, request form,coupons, and special promotions

Measure – KPI’s To Focus On• Brand Affinity and Awareness are the key tenets of social media• Traditional KPI’s are a “Result” rather than the “Objective” of doingsocial media in the first place• Similar to Customer Service in that you do customer service becauseyou must, not for ROI• Social Search Engine Optimization (Ranking Signals)

Measure – KPI’s To Focus OnSince KPI’s should be a result of social media, what are themeasurements that can be evaluated to determine if a social campaign isin fact producing “results”?Qualitative KPIsFan GrowthLikes, Shares, Comments, ClicksReachPeople Talking AboutViralityBrand SentimentGoogle TrendsQuantitative KPIsCost Per Fran*Social Referral TrafficSocial Assisted ConversionsSocial LeadsSocial Cost Per LeadSearch Ranking Signals

Measure – KPI’s To Focus OnEngagement CommunityGrowthSocial AssistedConversion• Increased pageengagements up to4,000% in the first3 months• Added more fansin 3 months thanprevious 2 years• Added over 17,000new fans in lessthan a week• Averaged a newfan every 10seconds• Increasedaudience reach toover 1 million• Driven over 13,000 in2012. Visits via SocialReferral (15% of total)• Driven over 250 SocialAssisted Conversions

• Lenny’s Sub Shop is a gourmet subway sandwich shop specializing inPhiladelphia style sandwiches and other various sandwich treats.• Lenny’s challenge was to compete in a series of crowded markets with largeplayers like Subway, Jimmy John’s, and others.• The competition for Social Media Exposure was intense. Lenny’s decided to pushfor new fans by launching a large scale Facebook Ad campaign surrounding theValentine’s Day holiday.Key Points:•Delivered over 17,000 new fans in 7 days•Expanded their message reach on Facebook to over 1million•Enhanced the interaction on their page by more than1000%Measure – KPI’s To Focus On

Social Search OptimizationSocialLinksContentTechnicalSite StructureSitemapsMobileRobots AccessSite SpeedSite ConfigurationGoogle WebmasterGoogle AnalyticsPixel CapabilitySplit TestingServer Responses200 Codes404 Errors301 Redirects302 RedirectsContent OptimizationUnique ContentUseful ContentFresh ContentOver OptimizedPage OptimizationTitle TagsMeta DescriptionsAlt TagsKeyword UsageContent DiversityTextVideoImageListsContent SemanticsKnowledge GraphReviewsAuthorshipPlaces, etc…Directory SubmissionBBB & COCGeneral SearchVertical NicheIYPs and ILSsConversationalBlog OutreachBlog CommentingQ&A WebsitesRating SitesEditorialArticle SitesPress ReleasesPartner OutreachPublic RelationsLink AttractionEgobaitStoriesTutorials & How To’sOPNSocial SignalsConnection PluginsSharing PluginsComment PluginsBookmarking PluginsOff-Site EngagementTiny URLsVideo Link PostsImage Link PostsConversationsReputation ManagementSocial ProfilesBusiness ProfilesCustomer Reviews CaptureComplaints CapturePromotionsSweepstakesContestsUGCGamificationMeasure – KPI’s To Focus On

Measure – KPI’s To Focus On

Measure – KPI’s To Focus On• Develop deeper connections with your customers• Deliver value to your customers• Enhance your brand• Develop trust by listening

Measure – KPI’s To Focus On• If you can measure an increased level of activity and meaningful interaction onyour social pages then this can be considered a success• Try to make your customers happy first and serve their needs, only by doing thiswill you reap the rewards of social media in their fullest• Pay attention and be prepared to pivot and be flexible enough to deviate tobest serve your customers

Conversion – Beyond the Likes, Comments & SharesGet More Leads With Calls to Action• What is a CTA?• A social media call to action is an integral and often overlooked element of an effective social media strategy. Socialmedia gets prospects, customers and the public primed to want to find out more about your offering or to engagewith you further, but you must lead them to the next step in your sales or other conversion process.• Facebook posts will receive better success rates if they contain calls to action, compared to ones withoutthem. So, all the more reason to use them!

Conversion – Beyond the Likes, Comments & SharesGrab a Readers Attention with CTAs• Examples of calls to action include: click here, sign up today, getyour ticket, join us at, RSVP here, buy now, enroll here, check thisout, click, and comment.

Conversion – Beyond the Likes, Comments & Shares• Optimize your landing pages to secure email addresses forfurther lead nurturing opportunities.• SEO optimize your text, images and list full domains.

Conversion – Beyond the Likes, Comments & SharesMarketing Automation and Email Lead Nurturing

Why do businesses fail at Social Media?Small businesses arenot prepared to tackleSocial Media despitethe significantopportunity it presents.With the right guidanceand help, Social Mediacan be a big Win!

Conclusion• Your consumers use Social Media• Their time is spent there whether you are or not• Make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity to be in front ofthem• Your customers expect you to be there, so don’t JUST be there, bethere in a meaningful and valuable capacity• Social media is the tide that raises all boats, if done right it canpositively impact all of your marketing efforts

Connect With Us – Via Twitter#FranCamp or LinkedInJon Carlston@joncarlson@processpeakRyan Vaspra@ryanvaspraNicole Hudson@getinboundleads@FranDevMaven

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