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Published on April 15, 2008

Author: hwakelam



Getting involved in elearning - an unconventional networked approach to the web, e learning, web2.0 educational technology and social networks

The future….


The world is changing

The world has changed



The world is going to change a whole lot more




2008: 3 billion mobile phones

Half of humanity connected within the next 10 years

Kids ARE connected

It’s not about what’s right It’s about what’s going on…..

None of it was predicted None of it was expected

It’s not about sites or places….

It’s about connections ...about networks

I want to take you on a journey into the future……

Communities and cities are wirelessly connected It will happen It is happening……

Lifelong learning is a fact

Information is Sourced Evaulated Compared Edited Reused Shared

Don’t forget what’s going on! There are no experts There are networks

There’s no way I can do this by myself

The Read Write Web

A create, mix rip and burn culture….

Infocracy Bureaucracy not

The world has changed Mark Pesce, Web Directions South, Sydney 2007 The world will continue to change The world is changing

But what about MEEEEEEEEEE

It’s about beginning It’s about learning It’s about sharing It’s about networks


Rip Mix Burn

Use the technology to teach not teach to use the technology.

“ The street finds it’s own use for things, uses manufacturers never intended…” William Gibson

“… So many people find it so hard to learn…. That we should do everything we can to help them, using whatever we can”. Teacher, Handheld learning

The big bad security monster

Al Upton and the Mini Legends

Gilmore’s law The net regards censorship as a failure and routes around it John Gilmore (co founder SUN Microsystems)

Whingeing does not work Teach individual responsibility for security The world is not a safe place – but it is a fun place

“ It has been repeatedly proved that information blocking is like walking into a dead end.” Wang Guoquing: Vice Minister for Information, China

What can we do? Engage Network Contribute Learn

You’re a learner All learners need success “ From little things………(you know the rest!)

The first step is starting The second is playing

It doesn’t matter if you play or not…. It’s going on

Do you want to……. PLAY?

Standing still is not an option

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