Frameworks for Design: Past, Present & Futures

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Information about Frameworks for Design: Past, Present & Futures

Published on November 17, 2012

Author: yourmindfire



Where do the design frameworks we use and promote in permaculture come from? Permaculture is a magpie discipline taking useful material from many places and often forgetting where it took it from along the way – what can we collectively re-member? What are the histories of SADIMET, OBRDIMET and others – and might knowing those histories inform our use of them now?


Design FrameworksAKA Design ProcessesAKA DesignSequencesAKA DesignProceduresAKA Design MacrosAKA Design SpacesAKA Design Spirals… Permaculture Design Processes By Hannah Thorogood

Design ToolsAKA Design Methods Permaculture Design Tools By Hannah Thorogood

S SurveyA Assess/AnalyseD Design/DecisionsI ImplementM Maintain/ManageE EvaluateT Tweak

From Hedvig Murray’s website

O ObserveB BoundariesR ResourcesE EvaluateD Design/DecisionsI ImplementationM Maintain/ManageET (r)Evaluate Tweak

Anonymous, from

C Collect site informationE Evaluate this information Apply permacultureA Principles to this information & to generate a designP Plan a schedule of implementation, Maintenance & tweaking

Patrick WhitefieldFrom Earth Care Manual

Australian Design Process? “IIEPCIORR” from AranyaPermaculture Design

Ross Mars Design Process From The Basics of Permaculture Design (1996)Information Phase Analysis Phase Design Phase Management Phas Observing & Reflecting, Determining Implementing, Collecting Data Examining & Strategies Monitoring & Collating data. managing Recognizing patterns

Action Learning Cycle

PastPermaculture Elder



David A Kolb (b.1939)

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford’s Reworking of Kolb’s Learning CycPeter Honey (b.1940)

Japanese P-D-C-A cycle, 1951

W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993 )Deming Wheel (1951)

Statistical method from the viewpo quality control (1939)Dr Walter A. Shewhart (1891-1967)

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Novum Organum Scientiarum(1620)

Chris Argyris Donald(b.1923) Schön (1930-1997) The Reflective Practitioner: How professionals think in Action (1984)

O’BREDIMET From Industrial Engineering?

Russell Mackenzie Currie (1902 - 1967) Work Study (1960)


1970s – uses SREDIM in production engineerin context. 1980s – teaching permaculture, recognizing lack design frameworks adapts SREDIM as BREDIM B Boundaries and resources R Recording of the site E Examination and analysis of data D Design strategies chosen I Implementation Strategy M Maintenance requirement of proposed systeAndy Langford (b.1949)

Development of BREDIMTo OBREDIM – Addition of O for Observation From Welsh permaculture group early 1990s?To OBREDIMET – Addition of ET for Evaluation and Tweaking From within permaculture community late 1990s?

SADIMET From Landscape Architecture?

The modernist Survey-Analysis-Design procedure, as used in the 1970sFrom City as Landscape: A Post Post-modern View of Design and Planning(1995)by Tom Turner

Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1922) SURVEY – ASSESS - PLAN“Survey before plan” “Diagnostic Survey” “Conservative Surgery”

Geddes - Valley Section

Andy Langford Design Cycle Manual (Gaia University International)

FutureBill Mollison & David Holmgren

Design Web Developed by Looby

James Chapman’s Designing Tree Design ProcessThree Phases:1 – Ground Work (Roots)2 – Evaluation and The Elements(Trunk)3 – The Design Tools (Branches),Principles (Leaves) and Ideas (Blossom)

E-G-A-D-I-M-E Design Process by Deano Martin

Goals ArticulationSite Analysis & AssessmentDesign Concept Development Design David Jacke Implementation David Jacke with Eric ToensmeirEdible Forest Ga Maintenance Volume Two: Design & Practice (2005)

Design process developed byEthan Roland and colleagues atAppleseed Permaculture.

GaSADIM Addition of “Goals Articulation” To SADIM Design ProcessGaSADIEGSADIM

Permaculture Design Process Wheel By Charles A. Laurel (Inspired by Dave Jacke, Jon Young, and Mark Morey)

8 Shields Model via Jon Young

Ken Wilber’s “AQAL”Model used withinIntegrative Ecosocial DesignAt Gaia University

Wider DesignThinking

A double diamond diagram was developed through in-house research at the Design Councilin 2005 as a simple graphical way of describing the design process.

Tom Markus and Tom Maver’s map of the architectural design process (1969/70)

RIBA’s outline“Plan of Work”Original (1960s) and 2013 revision


RESOURCESBooksHugh DubberlyHow do you Design: A Compendium ofModelsHanks, Belliston Edwards Design YourselfJ. Christopher Jones Design MethodsBryan Lawson How Designers Think; The Design ProcessDemystifiedWebsitesDesign Council - - Christopher Jones - Network -

Will there be permaculture design in the new Design Museum? Why Not?

James Piers Taylor @LondonPrmcultr Langford for Thanks to Aranya, Graham Bell, Jon Boshier, Mark Fisher and Andy providing information.

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