Fractions: Parts of a Whole

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Information about Fractions: Parts of a Whole

Published on November 16, 2008

Author: tiffanyallemand


Fractions: Parts of a Whole : Fractions: Parts of a Whole Standard: 4.1.1 (d) Model fractions as part of a set, as locations on number lines, and as division of whole numbers 4.1.1 (h): Use various models to represent, order, and compare whole numbers and commonly used fractions and mixed numbers What is THIS? : a fraction What is THIS? 1 4 What about THIS? : What about THIS? a fraction a pie chart Fractions : Fractions Describe parts of a whole Appear a lot in everyday life 1 4 Fractions : Fractions Have 2 parts 1 4 1 4 numerator denominator Fractions : Fractions Denominator Number on the bottom Tells us how many equal parts the whole is divided into Numerator Number on the top Tells us how many parts we have 1 4 Charts and Graphs : Charts and Graphs A way to represent data Answer a question 1 4

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