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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: ondoyantes


Ordering Fractions and Decimals March 2014

Children working in pairs to order fractions and decimals using skills of finding equivalent fractions and decimals. The children worked in pairs and were given free reign to decide how to tackle the task. Some children cut out the fractions and decimals so that they could ‘move’ them around. Others used jottings.

Anjum and Harry drew a place value chart to recognise the most significant figure when comparing twonumbers.

Hamza and Sohail cut out the fractions and decimals so that they could rearrange them physically.

Umar and Murtaza finding all the equivalences before recording on the record sheet.

Hailan and Saliha ordering fractions separately to decimals.

Syed and friend making alterations to their original list.

Aya taking the hands on approach.


Detailed recording.

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