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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: Maitane

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FPB report 2006:  FPB report 2006 Editor: Jennifer Henry Production Editor: Amanda Ellery + other players… Editorial Advisory Committee:  Editorial Advisory Committee Chair: Professor Graham Farquhar, RSBS, ANU, Canberra Members: Professor Murray Badger, RSBS, ANU, Canberra Dr Christine Beveridge, University of Queensland, Brisbane Dr Mike Clearwater, HortResearch, Te Puke, New Zealand (NZSPS rep) Dr Martha Ludwig, University of Western Australia, Perth Associate Professor Sharon Robinson, University of Wollongong Dr Linda Tabe, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra Professor Mark Tester, ACPFG, Glen Osmond, South Australia Professor Steve Tyerman, University of Adelaide (ASPS rep) Professor Susanne von Caemmerer, RSBS, ANU, Canberra Dr Peter Waterhouse, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra Associate Professor Ian Woodrow, University of Melbourne Editorial Board:  Editorial Board Dr Enrico Brugnoli, Istituto per l´Agroselvicoltura, Porano, Italy Dr Manuela Chaves, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Técnica de Lisbon, Portugal Professor Maarten Chrispeels, Division of Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego, USA Professor Grant Cramer, Department of Biochemistry, University of Nevada, USA Professor Serge Delrot, CNRS, Université de Poitiers, France Professor Gerald Edwards, School of Biological Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman WA, USA Dr Jaime Flexas, Departamento de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain Professor Christine Foyer, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK (representing the FESPB) Professor Emeritus Tony Glass, University of British Columbia, Canada Professor Howard Griffiths, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK Associate Professor Vaughan Hurry, Umeå University, Sweden Professor Brian Jordan, Lincoln University, New Zealand Professor Susan Lurie, Volcani Institute, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel Professor Jonathan Lynch, Department of Horticulture, Pennsylvania State University, USA Professor Makoto Matsuoka, BioScience Centre, Nagoya University, Japan Professor Helen Nair, Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology, Kedah Darulaman, Malaysia Professor C. Barry Osmond, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Professor John Raven, University of Dundee, UK Professor Uli Schurr, Jülich Research Centre, Germany Research Professor Gustavo Slafer, ICREA , University of Lleida, Spain Professor Andrew Smith, University of Oxford, UK Dr Colin Turnbull, Imperial College London, Wye Campus, UK Associate Professor Yeoh Hock-Hin, National University of Singapore Who reads FPB? 77% overseas subscribers:  Who reads FPB? 77% overseas subscribers ANU Source: www.geographic.org Access from developing countries:  Access from developing countries AGORA = Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture HINARI = Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative FAO/WHO initiatives to provide developing countries with access to literature from 37 publishers and over 3300 journals. Over 60 countries with GNP per capita below $1000 get free access Over 700 institutions in countries with GNP per capita of $1000-$3000 pay reduced subscription fees http://www.aginternetwork.org/en/about.php http://www.who.int/hinari/en/ Countries include::  Countries include: Guyana Afghanistan Albania Sao Tome and Principe Angola Haiti Senegal Armenia Honduras Sierra Leone Azerbaijan Solomon Islands Somalia Kenya Sudan Bangladesh Kiribati Benin Kyrgyzstan Bhutan Tajikistan Burkina Faso East Timor Burundi Laos Togo Lesotho Tokelau Liberia Turkmenistan Cambodia Tuvalu Cameroon Central African Republic Madagascar Chad Malawi Uganda Comoros Mali Ukraine Congo Mauritania Nepal Côte d'Ivoire Mongolia United Republic of Tanzania Uzbekistan Mozambique Myanmar Ethiopia Vietnam Djibouti Guinea-Bissau Rwanda Nicaragua Yemen Eritrea Niger Nigeria Zambia Zimbabwe Gambia Papua New Guinea Georgia Ghana Guinea Republic of Moldova Democratic Republic of the Congo Recent Special Issues::  Recent Special Issues: EcoFizz: May 2006 LGG: August 2006 Future Special Issues::  Future Special Issues: 1) International Symposium in Memory of Vincent R. Franceschi ‘Plant Cell: Structure-Function Relations’ Gerry Edwards, Guest Editor April 2007 2) Carbohydrate metabolism (ISPMB Congress) Alison Smith, Guest Editor June 2007 Best Paper Award:  Best Paper Award 2005: Dr Nick Gould (HortResearch) How the Best Paper is selected::  How the Best Paper is selected: Eligibility: the first author must be: 1. ASPS member 2. PhD candidate or <10 years post-PhD Nominations are judged by the ASPS Executive Prizes: FPB subscription + $250 book voucher + framed reprint Previous winner::  Previous winner: 2004: Dr Megan Lindsay Peter Goldacre Award:  Peter Goldacre Award 2006: Dr Peter Dodds , CSIRO Plant Industry ‘Recognition of haustorially expressed rust AVR proteins in flax’ Prizes: a $2000 cheque, ASPS medal and a certificate Associated paper published in FPB, and PDF available free on FPB website Eligibility: see ASPS website Nominations judged by the ASPS Executive Previous winners::  Previous winners: 1965: Joe Giovanelli 1968: Bob Smillie 1970: Roger Slack 1972: Barry Osmond 1974: Andrew Smith 1976: John Andrews 1977: Ray Rose 1978: T. J. Higgins 1979: Brian Loveys 1980: Graham Farquhar 1981: Margaret Sedgley 1982: Murray Badger 1984: Simon Robinson and Joe Wolfe 1986: Jim Burnell 1987: Steve Tyerman 1988: Adrienne Hardham 1989: Ian Dry 1990: G. I. McFadden 1991: John Evans 1992: Bob Furbank 1994: Mark Thomas 1995: Jon Lloyd 1997: Peter Ryan 1998: Jim Whelan / Adrian Clarke 1999: Daniel Schachtman 2000: Barry Pogson 2001: Christine Beveridge 2002: Spencer Whitney 2003: Harvey Millar 2004: Steve Swain 2005: Yong-Ling Ruan New web feature: ‘Cited by’:  New web feature: ‘Cited by’ A locus for sodium exclusion (Nax1), a trait for salt tolerance, mapped in durum wheat Megan P. Lindsay, Evans S. Lagudah, Ray A. Hare and Rana Munns Functional Plant Biology 31(11) 1105 - 1114 Articles citing this paper: 4 articles found in CrossRef: Nitrate reductase in durum wheat seedlings as affected by nitrate nutrition and salinity Carillo Petronia, Mastrolonardo Gabriella, Nacca Francesco, Fuggi Amodio Functional Plant Biology. 2005 32(3). p.209 [CrossRef] Improving salt tolerance of wheat and barley: future prospects Colmer T. D., Munns R., Flowers T. J. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 2005 45(11). p.1425 [CrossRef] Seawater stress applied at germination affects mitochondrial function in durum wheat () early seedlings Flagella Zina, Trono Daniela, Pompa Marianna, Di Fonzo Natale, Pastore Donato Functional Plant Biology. 2006 33(4). p.357 [CrossRef] Genes and salt tolerance: bringing them together Munns Rana New Phytologist. 2005 167(3). p.645 [CrossRef] ‘Cited by’ vs Web of Science:  ‘Cited by’ vs Web of Science 5 additional articles found in Web of Science: Munns R, James RA, Lauchli A Approaches to increasing the salt tolerance of wheat and other cereals  JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 57 (5): 1025-1043 MAR 2006   Cuartero J, Bolarin MC, Asins MJ, et al. Increasing salt tolerance in the tomato  JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 57 (5): 1045-1058 MAR 2006   Colmer TD, Flowers TJ, Munns R Use of wild relatives to improve salt tolerance in wheat  JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 57 (5): 1059-1078 MAR 2006   Yamaguchi T, Blumwald E Developing salt-tolerant crop plants: challenges and opportunities  TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE 10 (12): 615-620 DEC 2005 Davenport R, James RA, Zakrisson-Plogander A, et al. Control of sodium transport in durum wheat  PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 137 (3): 807-818 MAR 2005 Total of 9 citations ‘Most Read papers’ page::  ‘Most Read papers’ page: *based on the number of downloads from our website for the past 12 months (updated daily). Rapid Communications::  Rapid Communications: Criteria: Please include a paragraph in your covering letter stating why you believe special consideration is warranted (hot topic, controversial, citable, wide public appeal etc.)   Procedure: 1-week turnaround for reviewing, can accept in as little as 3 weeks Production Editor alerts authors to any figure revisions required Upon acceptance, fast-tracked through production into next issue going to print   Some Recent Rapid Communications::  Some Recent Rapid Communications: A comment on the quantitative significance of aerobic methane release by plants Miko U. F. Kirschbaum, Dan Bruhn, David M. Etheridge, John R. Evans, Graham D. Farquhar, Roger M. Gifford, Keryn I. Paul and Anthony J. Winters FPB 33: 521-530   Received 8 March , Accepted 28 March, Published 1 June A comment on scaling methane emissions from vegetation and grazing ruminants in New Zealand Francis M. Kelliher, Harry Clark, Zheng Li, Paul C. D. Newton, Anthony J. Parsons and Gerald Rys FPB 33: 613-615 Received 13 April , Accepted 16 May, Published 3 July NEW: NZSPP Outstanding Physiologist Award:  NEW: NZSPP Outstanding Physiologist Award 2006: Dr Margaret Barbour, Landcare Research, Lincoln ‘Stable oxygen isotope composition of plant tissue: a review’ Turnaround times::  Turnaround times: 4 weeks from submission to first decision 10 weeks from acceptance to publication (currently accepting papers for Vol. 33, number 11, November 2006) Another popular feature: Colour figures on web, B&W in print Our impact factor is up AGAIN!:  Our impact factor is up AGAIN! 2.496 Name change Recent promotions::  Recent promotions: FESPB meeting: Lyon, July 2006 Slide23:  Thank you for your support of FPB

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