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Published on December 18, 2008

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The Four Seasons : The Four Seasons Corinne Jablonski Kindergarten Objectives : Objectives Students will be able to: Learn why the season change Learn about Equinox and Solstice Have an understanding of each season Be able to recognize each season Why does our seasons change? : Why does our seasons change? The reason for these changes has to do with the earth’s yearly trip around the sun. Part of the year the earth’s north pole points away from the sun and part of the time towards it. When the north pole points towards the sun, the sun’s rays hit the northern half of the world more directly and it is summer. But when the north pole is pointed toward the sun, the south pole is pointed away. So the sun’s light hits the earth at a less direct angle, spreading the warmth over a large area, and it is winter. A Interesting Fact : A Interesting Fact Summer is even warmer and winter is colder because of the length of our days and nights. In the summer daylight lasts longer and nighttime is shorter. In the winter days they are shorter and the nights are longer. That means there is more time for the sun to warm us during long summer days. And short winter days have long, cold nights. This is because of the Equinox and the Solstice. What is the Equinox? : What is the Equinox? It is the time when night and day are of equal length in all parts of the Earth. The two seasons that are in the Equinox are spring and fall. What is the Solstice? : What is the Solstice? It is the time of year when the sun reaches the farthest north or farthest south. The two seasons that are in the Solstice are summer and winter. Summer : Summer Summer begins June 21st or 22nd Sun Swimming pool Beach Popsicles and ice cream cones What reminds you of summer? Winter : Winter Winter begins December 21st or 22nd Snow Snow men or snow angels Sledding Coats and sweaters What reminds you of winter? Spring : Spring Spring begins March 20th or 21st Flowers Showers (rain) Birds Butterflies What reminds you of spring? Fall : Fall Fall begins September 22nd or 23rd Colorful leaves Pumpkins Raking Cool weather What reminds you of fall? Short Video on the Four Seasons : Short Video on the Four Seasons The four seasons Summary : Summary What did you learn? Why the seasons change Learn about the Equinox and Solstice Have an understanding of each season Being able to recognize each season Acknowledgement : Acknowledgement News/2001/News-AutumnalEquinox.asp

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