Four Guiding Principals for Business-2-Business Promotions

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Information about Four Guiding Principals for Business-2-Business Promotions

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: SusanLaBonte



The convergence of traditional and social media in the B2B space is alive and well.

Four Guiding Principles of B2B Promotions Integrating Traditional & Social American Marketing Association Cincinnati Chapter Interactive Special Interest Group (SIG)

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin

With Social Media, Just When You Think or Feel Your Comfort Zone…the Only Constant Is Change!

Social Media Platforms Used by B2B Marketers           LinkedIn Twitter Facebook YouTube Google+ SlideShare Pinterest Instagram Vimeo Flickr 91% 85% 81% 73% 55% 40% 34% 22% 22% 16% Source: North America Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

B2B Social Media Effectiveness Among B2B Users - % Believe (seriously) It’s Effective by Platform           LinkedIn Twitter YouTube SlideShare Vimeo Facebook Pinterest Instagram Vine Google+ 62% 50% 48% 45% 40% 30% 26% 23% 22% 21% Source: North America Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

Other Statistical Tidbits…        Content marketing usage is being used by 93% of B2B marketers (up from 91%) B2B Marketers are using an average of 6 platforms (2013), versus, five (2012) The social media platforms that have experienced the biggest surges in use, year over year, are SlideShare (40% vs 23%), Google+ (55% vs 39% )and Instagram (22% vs 7%) 81% have articles on a company’s website 80% eNewsletters 76% have Blogs 51% use Infographics Source: North America Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

Yeah for 2014! Ready. Set. Go. Two things I know to be true: If you throw enough mud (Frequency) at the wall, eventually some of it will stick! Folks are worn out and frazzled with the constant demands of being content geniuses!

Getting It Right. Get Engaged! Pepsi-Cola is referred to as a partner in profit  They provide their corporate clients with assistance in -marketing -customer service -management development Pepsi-Cola is more than a big red, white & blue truck. Their assistance will translate into greater sales of Pepsi products

#1: Be Creative   Use response based promotional marketing tactics, to create a specific behavior within a very specific target market of businesses (Existing or New)  Specific Content Rich White Papers  E-Books  Surveys & Polls on Social Media The age-old marketing adage goes: It is easier to sell to existing customers rather than search for new ones  Reward repeat customers with incentives, bundled discounts or preferential treatment  Loyalty programs are especially effective in the service industry, where repeat business contributes significantly to profits. In recessionary times, focusing on retaining existing customers rather than spending on marketing to woo new ones makes sense

#1: Be Creative continue…     Ask customers & find shared interests to help them grow their business by tying in with your business Partner with vendors – they may even help with the cost, content & work Brainstorm with employees on possible ideas Look at other businesses outside your industry

#2: Self Promotion Can Serve As A Win-Win  Paid & non-paid PR is effective & has been under utilized  Social Media   does offer HUGH opportunities to share across your own or partner/vendor/customer platforms Word of Mouth – B2B does not have to mean boring. Customers are looking for an experience or a “relationship” Source: HubSpot

#3: Community Involvement  Really Engage with your “community” of customers & give them better, more profitable reasons to buy  Do something for them just because    Keep in touch even when they are not buying Over deliver on promises Help build the bridge between Marketing & Sales

#4: Emphasize Quality, Not Price  Service is less tangible than products but don’t under estimate it’s lingering impact - Become a SERVICE fanatic    then a PRODUCT Old saying: The effects of quality linger long after the thrill of a cheap price is forgotten Ask for your customer’s opinion (very good use of Social Media) Create strategy & content that helps them by focusing on their needs & their business

Susan LaBonte ConnectionPoint Partners Sales & Marketing Advisory Practical Strategies for Gaining & Retaining Customers @bizlifeetc

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