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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Perrin


Wilderness and Adventure:  Wilderness and Adventure Foundations Mapping the Field….:  Mapping the Field…. Mapping the Field:  Mapping the Field Terminology…. Personal Outdoor Recreation Community Outdoor Recreation Commercial Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Recreation Education/ Physical Education Environmental Education Adventure Therapy/Therapeutic Adventure Commercial Wilderness Experiences Organisational Management Development/Corporate Training Outdoor Education Personal Outdoor Recreation:  Personal Outdoor Recreation Engaging in outdoor activities for the purpose of recreation Rise of Outdoor Recreation Industrialisation Mechanisation Urbanisation Mobility Workplace practices Disposable incomes Media Commercialisation Community Outdoor Recreation:  Community Outdoor Recreation Outdoor experiences provided by not for profit organisations to achieve personal development and socially orientated outcomes e.g. Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Brigade Essentially volunteers Structured Rules for engagement Outdoor recreation a component of socialisation Many famous adventurers cite experiences with these groups as foundational Commercial Outdoor Recreation:  Commercial Outdoor Recreation Provision of outdoor recreation services for a fee. Examples? Rise of Commercial Outdoor Recreation: Disposable income Media Working hours- move toward ‘take away’ recreation Entrepeneurial outdoor recreators! Risk perception Outdoor Recreation Education/ Physical Education:  Outdoor Recreation Education/ Physical Education The education of people or groups for responsible (safe, environmentally sensitive) participation in outdoor recreation. Examples? Rise of Outdoor Recreation Education: ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ Accidents e.g. Blue Mountains Canyoners Alternative to sport for well being Alternative to social unrest Courses in Outdoor Recreation Environmental Education:  Environmental Education Education about, with and for the environment Examples? Rise of Environmental Education ‘Natural Sciences’ Rachel Carson, Aldo Leopold, John Muir Earth Day 1970 From Conservation to Sustainability Adventure Therapy/ Therapeutic Adventure:  Adventure Therapy/ Therapeutic Adventure Use of Adventure as a medium for assisting people with social, and/or psychological and/or psychiatric issues. Examples? May be provided in conjunction with other forms of counselling, therapy, behaviour management program. Rise of Adventure Therapy Industrialisation Kurt Hahn, Outward Bound, Gordonstoun school Use of multi-disciplinary approaches Commercial Wilderness Experiences (Ecotourism):  Commercial Wilderness Experiences (Ecotourism) The guiding of individuals into natural environments for payment Examples? The rise of nature based tourism Industrialisation, disposable incomes, etc Recognition of Wilderness for aesthetic, spiritual and well being values Spectator culture Commercial Wilderness Experiences Adventure Tourism:  Commercial Wilderness Experiences Adventure Tourism Paying for adventure Examples? Busy schedules, media, competitiveness, wilderness as adventure playground, limited to professional classes Organisational Management Development/Corporate:  Organisational Management Development/Corporate Use of the outdoors as a medium for development to achieve the outcome of increased productivity. Examples? Rise of OMD Recognition of value for others Recognition of value of team skills Development of a training culture Constant change in organisations Outdoor Education:  Outdoor Education The Politics of Semantics:: Outdoor Recreation vs. Outdoor Education Process: Use of a sequenced and prescriptive program in order to work towards desired process related outcomes. Process is focus not performance. Outcomes: May be personal (self), group (self and others) or socio-cultural (self and the world). Methods: Body of knowledge, philosophical underpinnings, professionalism, educational method considered important. Methods sometimes experimental and experience orientated. Outdoor Education:  Outdoor Education Examples? Examples of possible alternative outcomes: Conservation Sustainability Appreciation Relationship Comfort Comfort Zone Careful Care Functional Group Community Performance Process Behaviour change Critical Thinking Administration:  Administration Hand up expedition sheets Readers on the way – info by email REFERENCE Martin, P 1999, Outdoor recreation and outdoor education: connections and disconnections, Journeys, Vol 4, No 4, pp 9-14

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