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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: ftofani



Fotostrasse is a medium to show that there is more to see than the beaten path. We explore the city where we live in search of cool things to do and, sometimes, we go beyond our subway lines and see the world.


Fotostrasse is a medium to show that there is more to see than the beaten path. We explore the city where we live in search of cool things to do and, sometimes, we go beyond our subway lines and see the world.

We started Fotostrasse back in january 2013. We started doing what we like to call “photo safari”, where we took our cameras to see different parts of Berlin. Some people joined us and things got bigger and better. Our blog is our new baby. It started in the end of january 2014 in a way to celebrate our first year of Fotostrasse. We needed more ways of showing the world what we were seeing and this felt like the best way to do it.

Fotostrasse started as a way of exploring the city we decided to call home. Our goal was to see and show that there is life in Berlin outside the Ring Bahn. Our blog was born from the need to tell the world about all the places we were going. This way we could expand our discoveries to whoever was planning to visit Berlin and the others cities we have been and will be.

On our blog, in February 2014, we had a little more than 5500 unique visitors. With an average of 2,15 pages by visit, accounting with more than 12000 pageviews. Those users spent almost one minute reading our stories.

Foursquare is out big bet right now because we see it as one of the best tools to use while travelling. There we are posting tips from the places we love in Berlin and on our trips. Facebook is our main social network tool to gather people around what we do and we use it to schedule and keep track of our events. We have almost 700 active fans and our interaction with them is way above the average.

We have been using Twitter for a few weeks and, we love how people interact with us. We mainly use the website as a way of expanding the audience from our posts on facebook and instagram. Instagram is a tool that we have been using for a few months to show the world the pictures that we take on our trips and our “photo safaris”.

In january 2014, we were invited to Sweden to cover the opening ceremony of Umeå as the European Capital of Culture. This was the starting point of a new phase to Fotostrasse outside Berlin.

But, who is behind Fotostrasse? vvMarcela Faé is a fashion and beauty photographer that grew up in Brazil and decided to call Berlin home in the beggining of 2012 with her husband and three cats. Felipe Tofani is an art director and visual designer who likes to explore Berlin by foot and see what is happening in the city he decided to call home.

Get in touch with us by e-mail on: fotostrasse

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