Fossil Fuel Power Plant

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Information about Fossil Fuel Power Plant

Published on December 23, 2009

Author: jesudass


COIMBATORE INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGYAN AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTION AFFILATED WITH ANNA UNIVERSITY,COIMBATOREFOSSILFUEL POWER PLANT AND ITS CONTENTSSUBMITTED BY SAKTHIVEL.S(09ME49) : COIMBATORE INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGYAN AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTION AFFILATED WITH ANNA UNIVERSITY,COIMBATOREFOSSILFUEL POWER PLANT AND ITS CONTENTSSUBMITTED BY SAKTHIVEL.S(09ME49) Slide 2: CONTENTS Introduction Basic concepts Fuel processing Feed water Boiler operation Model power plant Turbines used Conclusion-Alternatives FOSSIL FUEL POWER PLANT INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Produce electricity by burning coals, natural gas, oil. convert heat energy into mechanical energy and then electrical generator Major emitter of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) BASIC CONCEPTS : BASIC CONCEPTS Fossil fuel power plant is highly complex design Convert chemical energy into heat energy Convert fraction of heat into mechanical energy Rest of energy called waste gas FUEL TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY : FUEL TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY Near by plants are delivered by conveyers Unit train may use, contain 10,000 tons of coals Nanticoke ontario (large thermal power plant) require several millons of coal in winter FEED WATER AND DEAERATION : FEED WATER AND DEAERATION Used to transfer heat into mechanical energy Feed water are condensate water and make up water Water free from pH, ions, dissolved air. BOILER OPERATION : BOILER OPERATION Steam boilers contain series of steam turbines Contain high pressure, low pressures, intermediate pressures turbines So heavy ,rotate at 3rpm Fall in pressure to 600psi,600 F STEAM CONDENSING : STEAM CONDENSING Made up of Shell and tube heat exchanger Cooling occur at temperature of 35`C Condensor tubes made up of brass or stainless steel Another form is air-cooled condenser Slide 9:  STACK GAS PATH : STACK GAS PATH Flue gas contain nitrogen,CO2,SO2. It should be removed by bag filters or electrostatic precipitation Flue gas stack at GRES-1 power station in Elibastusz,kazakhstan GAS TURBINES : GAS TURBINES Used in conjunction with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) Fueled by either with natural gas or fuel gas 480 megawatt GEH series power generation gas turbines ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS : ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS World Power demand expected to 60% by 2030 Gases from coal combustion causes acid rain, air pollution Difficult to remove impurities from coal CARBON DIOXIDE : CARBON DIOXIDE Large fraction of CO2 emission. Carbon Capture and storage (CCS) control CO2 emission from fossil fuel. PARTICULATE MATTER : PARTICULATE MATTER Emission of particulars have serious impact on health Methods to remove A baghouse An electrostatic precipator Cyclone collector CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION Alternative to fossil fuel power plant nuclear fuel Solar power Other renewable energies

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