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Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Talya


The definition of a formal ontological framework aimed at semantic interoperability: the case for fisheries domain:  The definition of a formal ontological framework aimed at semantic interoperability: the case for fisheries domain Aldo Gangemi1, Frehiwot Fisseha2, Johannes Keizer2, Marc Taconet4, Ian Pettman3, Domenico M. Pisanelli1 1 Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology, CNR (National Research Council), Rome, Italy {gangemi,pisanelli}, 2 FAO-GILW, Rome, Italy {Frehiwot.Fisseha,Johannes.Keizer}, 3 One Fish, SIFAR, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, UK,, http://www.onefish.org3 4 FIDI, FAO, Rome, Italy,, An example of interoperability:  An example of interoperability Trockenbeerenauslese late collection of grapes & infected by botrytis cinerea Muffato della Sala roquefort cheese compatible with Semantic interoperability of terminology-based systems:  Semantic interoperability of terminology-based systems Different fishery thesauri, taxonomies, topic trees Different conceptualizations (current state) Heterogeneous search results from multiple queries Integrated conceptualizations (info brokering solution) Union of results from one query engine (?homogeneity? depends on amount of analysis performed) Merged fishery ontology Merged conceptualizations (formal ontology solution) Union of more precise (homogeneus) results from one query engine Conceptual navigation, custom user profiles, community knowledge sharing, ontology-based catalogue Resources for the fishery ontology merging project:  Resources for the fishery ontology merging project 10,600 thesarus “descriptors” (Agrovoc, ASFA) 1,800 topic tree “subjects” (OneFish) 200 core “composite concepts” (FIGIS) 30,000 (≈taxonomical) “objects” (FIGIS) Ontology Integration Framework ONIONS merging methodology OntoClean upper-level ontology Ontology Merging Guidelines:  Ontology Merging Guidelines Basic steps in the ONIONS/OntoClean Methodologies Refine Informal Relationships Assign OCT Taxonomical Position & Meta-property Preliminary fisheries ontology library:  Preliminary fisheries ontology library oneFish topic trees (worldviews):  oneFish topic trees (worldviews) Administration Subjects Ecosystem Geography Species Stakeholders What is being done for fast prototyping a FOS-based system (1):  What is being done for fast prototyping a FOS-based system (1) Choosing and installing an ontology server Translating the most conceptually transparent portions of the resources into formal logic-based languages Building a preliminary core-level ontology wrt OCT upper ontology and FIGIS composite concepts Cleaning ontology building data to populate domain ontologies (next slide) Aquaculture in AGROVOC:  Aquaculture in AGROVOC Aquaculture in ASFA:  Aquaculture in ASFA Aquaculture in oneFish:  Aquaculture in oneFish Aquaculture in FIGIS (composites):  Aquaculture in FIGIS (composites) Aquaculture Resource Water Area land strains Species life cycle Farming system management system Production center Spawning technique Breeding technique Hatchery technique Expl. form Regulation Farming technique Environment Institution Health monitoring technique diseases suppliers FOS development (2):  FOS development (2) BT/NT are transformed into taxonomies; e.g.: SUBSUMES(c1,c2), provided that c1 \ c2 according to upper ontology? RT are transformed into axioms; e.g.: PARTICIPANT(i1,i2), provided that the topmost parents of c1(i1) and c2(i2) are related by PARTICIPANT in the core ontology? Topic trees into (preliminary) topic spaces Conceptual templates:  Conceptual templates Conceptual templates are relevant parts of ontologies that describe the core concepts and relations of a domain (core ontologies) Ex. APO, BFQF, etc. They can be often discovered from: database schemata, forms, elicited know-how analysis of systematic polysemy The APO schema:  The APO schema Use of APO:  Use of APO It resulted useful in several domains: clinical guidelines (planning vs. process knowledge) fishery (management vs. intervention knowledge) banking regulations (legal vs. world knowledge) possibly extendable to the general problem of control knowledge In the third lecture some examples from the banking domain will be given Warn the mereotopological constraints when applying it! The APO schema modified for clinical conditions:  The APO schema modified for clinical conditions APO applied to transactions:  APO applied to transactions OCT: the OntoClean Top-level:  OCT: the OntoClean Top-level A core ontology for aquaculture:  A core ontology for aquaculture An excerpt from the ontology:  An excerpt from the ontology The concept fishing technique is formalized in a description logic as follows: (defconcept Fishing-Technique :annotations ((DOCUMENTATION "FIGIS: A fishing technique describes the set of equipment used for the capture of a target species together with any associated fishing practices.")) :is (:and Technique (:some INVOLVES Gear) (:some METHOD-OF Fishery) (:some PART Handling-Mode))) FOS development (3):  FOS development (3) Producing or reusing glosses (informal descriptions) Building and refining library architecture Choosing integration architecture (mediation or merging) Applying integration, building and active cataloguing procedures Building (or reusing) query interface and wrappers to source dbs Fisheries merged information access:  Fisheries merged information access A user query is submitted to an interface connected to the Fishery Ontology Server. Interface and Server communicate with a Topic-Based Fishery Information Browser. The browser can either interrogate the source systems, or perform own searches to document corpora. The Server can directly provide information on fishery conceptual structures, terminology, and scope notes. Web sites:  Web sites CNR site with methodology papers and example ontologies: Agriculture Ontology Service site: Forthcoming fishery ontology site Metadata types in ontology development resources:  Metadata types in ontology development resources

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