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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: drakelibguy



Presentation by Dean Henshaw and Professors Koch and Gilbert: "Library Collections at the Crossroads," Open forum at Drake University, 18 Feb. 2014.

Cowles Library Liaison Forum Library Collections at the Crossroads: Sustaining Access to Scholarship February 18, 2014 Cowles Library Reading Room 4:00 p.m.

Dean Rod Henshaw Session Goals  WHAT: Upcoming changes in our approach to the print monograph collection and WHY this is happening now.  Consider factors impacting our collection  Understand our data-driven approach  Discuss our collection’s future (integrated, shared)  Understand the faculty’s key role in this process

The WHAT of Print Monographs  Reduce the size of the print collection at Cowles while expanding the size of the collection through the cooperative.  Coordinate retention & future acquisitions through our shared collection.  Continue our significant expansion in the availability of academic monographs in electronic format (growth of digital monographs)

The WHY: Opportunity and Convergence  Ability to be analytical through data  Pivot point in collaboration  Discovery systems enable sharing and access  Effective use of resources to meet staffing, space, technology, and financial challenges

The WHY: Some Guiding Principles  Develop a model that is sustainable  Integrate Drake into the emerging scholarly communication model: one that is Collaborative, Scalable, Global  Build a more flexible and responsive collection  Reaffirm our commitment to scholarly print resources

Objective: Stay Focused Provide a knowledge base that is sustainable and that supports emerging practices in scholarly communication and pedagogy.

Impact: Your New Library Sirsi DSpace SPARC Content Providers IMLS EBSCO ALADN CI-CCI ALA/ACRL IPAL Ithaka OCLC LibQual Lyrasis

Professor Teri Koch Impact: Collections at Cowles Trend Component Current Holdings Print volumes 400,000 Print book available via PDA 12,175 E-Books (Owned, Subscribed) 152,559 Available e-books via PDA 173,000 Print journal subscriptions 927 Online Full-text journal subscriptions 129,966

Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative (CI-CCI)  Drake, Grand View, Central, Simpson, and Grinnell Colleges  An inter-institutional library collaboration  Memorandum of Understanding signed by Library Directors & Provosts (summer 2013)  Hired Sustainable Collections Services (SCS) – data analysis 

CI-CCI Project: 4 Main Goals 1. Responsibly reduce local print collections by reducing duplication within group  OBJECTIVE: library space is freed for other uses. 2. Maintain a distributed, shared collection  OBJECTIVE: Preservation. Circulating copies are retained within the group. “Shared Shelf Space” 3. Coordinate acquisitions to further the shared collection  OBJECTIVE: reduce duplication and leverage acquisition funds. 4. Establish collaboration environment for future projects

CI-CCI Process: Moving toward Shared Collection (Goals 1 & 2) Responsibly reduce local collections to eliminate duplication within CI-CCI group. One copy of each withdrawal candidate will be held within the group!  Data-driven identification of potential withdrawal candidates (more from Rick Lugg)  Each library develops its own review plan & implements at its own pace  An interactive process for faculty review  Begins Fall 2014

CI-CCI Process: Moving toward Shared Collection (Goal 3) Cooperative Collection Development  Beginning in 2014 we will determine if one of the CI-CCI libraries already owns a print copy of a book before ordering a copy, unless specifically requested to be owned locally.  Will allow us to use Acquisitions funds to improve collection depth by purchasing less readily available titles  24 hour (week day) turnaround on items from CI-CCI libraries

Introducing Rick Lugg: Consultant hired by CI-CCI to analyze collective holdings  Collections Experience  YBP – wrote rules-based collection policies for hundreds of libraries including Stanford, Berkeley, Boston U …  R2 Consulting – workflows/organization analysis for 100 libraries including Oxford, Library of Congress, Michigan, California State University System …  SCS (Sustainable Collections Services)  Data-driven evaluations for more than 80 collections & consortiums including John Hopkins, Purdue, McGill …

Professor Bruce Gilbert Summary slide  We have an evolving model  We have a structure to implement the model  Our model and process are data and evidence based (neither wholesale nor arbitrary)  Our process will be interactive with faculty and will coordinate through the liaison structure  Now is the time for faculty to impact the process

Announcements  Tours of the new Archives/Special Collections space are available  New databases: NCCO  Nineteenth Century Collections Online  Primary and Interdisciplinary sources  Also will include Associated Press and Indigenous Peoples Archive

Discussion Questions Comments Reactions

Perspective: Changing use of Library Space Increased demand by students and faculty for space that reflects the changing nature of teaching and learning.  24/7 study area  Group study spaces & technology  Increased use of facility by students  Academic student services  Writing/Speaking Center  Tutoring & Student Success

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