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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: zbzb22



Forum Discussion on Distinguishing the Line between Technology Use in Sport and Cheating.

Discussion: Distinguishing The Line SES 280 Forum 3

Introduction In our last forum discussion, we investigated using technology for analyzing and assessing athletes and where the limit was for that. In Forum 3, we now shift our focus to the world of technology and sport performance enhancement. Sport performance enhancement can include the use of new equipment, a new injury prevention technique, a training technique, or technology to increase player performance. The following figure from ESPN The Magazine shows sport-related technological breakthroughs that could potentially impact the athlete in the near future.

Zoom in to read ESPN The Magazine MAY-13-13 p. 65

Merger Can any lines be drawn between sport medicine and sport performance enhancement? When does the treatment and prevention of injuries become a part of sport performance enhancement? If a player is never hurt, or never sore, can that improve their performance? If the treatment for an injury brings the player back stronger than ever, is that treatment of injury or sport performance enhancement? Can it both? For the sake of this course, what happens when technology is involved with both injury prevention/treatment AND sport performance enhancement? What line needs to be crossed in order for technology in sport to be considered cheating?

Read the MLB’s PED Policy: • Page 7: What is considered cheating? Can technology use be considered cheating? If HGH, which can be used to prevent injuries and help with recovery, is considered cheating, should certain technology be illegal too? Let’s say a new surgical procedure similar to Tommy John Surgery brings pitchers back from injury pitching 10% faster. Should that be illegal? Legal? Further Reading: What about LASIK eye surgery? I’ve personally had the procedure done and it was amazing. MLB players (see below) are getting LASIK done at greater than 20/20 vision. I have 20/20 in my left and 20/10 in my right. If you can see better, you can play better; especially in baseball. Should this be considered cheating? Is it enhancing performance? • • • eam_in_your_eye.html

When is it an uneven playing field? Can the prosthetics Pistorius used be improved? What happens when prosthetics are developed to make him go faster? Do we need standards or limits to technology?

Again, where do we set the limit? Where’s the line? How can we determine was is cheating and what isn’t when it relates to technology use in sport? Does it depend on the sport? On the athlete? On the technology? On the end result? On the advantage it gives? Let’s hear your opinion!

Discussion 3 • For discussion 3, please post an initial post by Sunday March 16th at Midnight. Your initial post must be 200 words in length. • You are required, for full points, to comment on two additional posts. All responses must be completed by Sunday, March 23rd at Midnight. RUBRIC: (45 TOTAL POINTS) Quality of Opinion (initial post): 25 Quality of Discussion (additional posts): 15 Grammar: 5

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