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Information about Fortitude

Published on March 9, 2009

Author: frraul


Slide 1: Ordered Life Concupiscible appetite Irascible appetite Will Reason Order is harmony, beauty, kaleo, kalon: noble Slide 2: Intellect -- Prudence Will --- Justice Concupiscible appetite Irascible appetite Temperance Fortitude Slide 3: POTENTIAL PARTS MAGNANIMITY – (magnus animus, great soul) inclines to UNDERTAKE GREAT DEEDS in every virtue. - Aspire for great honors (moral excellence). - Related to HOPE - Generosity, beneficence, humility. “Humility makes us honor others and esteem them better than ourselves", for we see some of God's gifts in them, gifts that we don't have. (St Thomas A.) HUMAN LIFE IS ABOUT LEARNING TO LOVE Slide 4: Love is channeled through virtue, and virtue is difficult. LOVE is DIFFICULT. Slide 5: Strengthens the will so that it does not give up in its pursuit of a good seen as difficult by natural reason. FORTITUDE Slide 6: ATTACK ENDURE Slide 7: Fortitude binds the will firmly to the good of reason in the face of the greatest evils, and the most fearful of all bodily evils is death. or “Impassibility” or “Temerity” Slide 8: True fortitude attacks evil at that point when not doing so would endanger greater goods. Slide 10: Inclines us to undertake great deeds and aspire for great honors (moral excellence). MAGNANIMITY Magnus animus: Great soul Slide 11: MAGNANIMITY IS COMPATIBLE WITH HUMILITY. Recognition in oneself of something great which comes from God. Recognition of one’s own defects and the weakness of human nature. Slide 12: EXCESSES PRESUMPTION - inclines to undertake works exceeding the capacity of the subject (overconfidence). AMBITION - inordinate longing for honors. VAINGLORY- inordinate desire for personal glory. Begets disobedience, boastfulness, hypocrisy, contention, obstinacy, discord, and interestingly enough, the love of novelties. Slide 13: Pusillanimity Loitering and doing nothing. Certainly not an example of the mind stretching forth to “great things.” DEFECT Slide 14: or “Prodigality:” inclines to unnecessary and unreasonable great expenses . or “Munificence” (munus facere: to make presents): inclines to UNDERTAKE GREAT AND COSTLY WORKS in spite of the effort or expenses required (for God and others). Inclines to niggardly and unreasonably restricting necessary expenses. Magnificent Works : Magnificent Works Not So Magnificent Works : Not So Magnificent Works Slide 17: lack of feeling; unmoved by any difficulty, as if he could not notice it. yielding easily to obstacles, reacting with complaints and anger. (pati = to suffer) It inclines to SUFFER PRESENT EVILS without excessive sorrow. (without complaining, with joy) Slide 18: The virtue by which one persists long in something good until it is accomplished. or STUBBORNESS: inclines not to yield when it would be reasonable to do so. or INCONSTANCY or EFFEMINACY: inclines to easily givie up the practice of virtue as soon as difficulties arise.

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