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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Nevada


African Slavery and Forms of Resistance:  African Slavery and Forms of Resistance 1. Ideological Basis of Slavery - racing the “Other” 2. Slavery in the Americas—Distinctions 3. Defining Resistance 4. Overt Forms of Resistance - slave revolts - maroon communities - the underground railroad 5. Covert Forms of Resistance 6. Alternative Lifestyle Racial Stereotypes:  Racial Stereotypes Men Sambo/Quashie Buck Coon Women Mammy Jezebel Sapphire Slavery in the Americas: Some Distinctions:  Slavery in the Americas: Some Distinctions Size of slave production Relationship to Africa Ratio of whites to blacks Resistance:  Resistance In the Americas, slave resistance was the sum of all the tools and strategies used to openly challenge and defy the system of slavery, as well as the more subtle responses of survival that characterized the daily lives of slaves and helped keep their spirits alive. Some Major Slave Revolts:  Some Major Slave Revolts Tacky Revolt, Jamaica, Easter-October 1760 Saint-Domingue (Haiti) 1791-1804 Denmark Vessey, Charleston, S. Carolina,1822 Nat Turner,Virginia, August 1831 Sam Sharpe, Jamaica, Christmas 1831 Factors in the Success of the Haitian Revolution:  Factors in the Success of the Haitian Revolution Size and make-up of slave population; Class tensions among whites (petits and grands blancs); Large and relatively wealthy free non-white group; French Revolution and questions of citizenship. Maroon Communities:  Maroon Communities Maroon communities were made up primarily of escaped slaves and were organized attempts to establish free, autonomous black communities socially and politically independent of plantation slave society. Underground Railroad:  Underground Railroad The underground railroad was a loosely organized network of aid and assistance to fugitive slaves. Between 1815-1860, approximately 80,000 slaves escaped via the UGR and about 50,000 came to Canada. Underground Railroad:  Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman:  Harriet Tubman Abolition of Slavery:  Abolition of Slavery 1793: Canada passed bill to prevent further importation of slaves; first British territory to enact anti-slavery legislation. 1807: Abolition of slave trade in British Caribbean. 1834: British colonies abolished slavery but introduced period of Apprenticeship that lasted until 1838; 1865: Abolition of slavery in US South; 1886: Cuba abolished slavery, ending slavery in the Americas; 1888: Brazil is the last colony to abolish slavery in the Americas.

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