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Information about Forms of Oral Communication

Published on February 9, 2010

Author: Eaman


Forms of Oral Communication&Merits and Demerits of Oral Communication : Forms of Oral Communication&Merits and Demerits of Oral Communication Aishath Eaman What is Oral Communication? : What is Oral Communication? Oral Communication describes any type of interaction that makes use of spoken words. Forms of Oral Communication : Forms of Oral Communication There are 2 forms of oral communication. Face to face Communication Using mechanical devices for oral communication Face to Face Communication : Face to Face Communication Face to face communication means the exchange of information, thoughts and feelings, when the participants are in the same physical contact. Why face to face communication is still the best! : Why face to face communication is still the best! Because human beings are visual and aural creatures. It is essential for creating connection, trust and loyalty. Slide 6: People can be emotionally engaged. our brains still rely on our instinct to assess danger, trust and honesty. There is also an exchange of palpable physical energy that takes place when people are in the same room with each other. Slide 7: Meetings, Conferences and interviews are good examples of face to face communication. Using Mechanical Devices : Using Mechanical Devices The following mechanical devices are commonly used for oral communication. Signal (Call, Bell, Buzzer, Colored bulbs) Signals are devices used to indicate that a person is wanted. Slide 9: 2. Speaking Tubes A speaking tube or voice pipe is a device based around two cones connected by an air pipe through which speech can be transmitted over an extended distance. 3. Dictating Machines : 3. Dictating Machines Dictating machines may be either mechanical or magnetic and may record the voice on wire or coated tape which can be removed from the machine after dictation and forwarded to the point of transcription. 4. Intercoms : 4. Intercoms Intercoms are an electronic communications system generally composed of fixed microphone/speaker units connected to a central control device 5. Telephones and Cellular Phones : 5. Telephones and Cellular Phones

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