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Information about Formality of Shoes

Published on February 5, 2014

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Shoes have a formality. And here is a descriptive detail on what you need to keep in mind

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Men’s Shoes They say a gentleman is known by the shoes he wears. It adds class and style to the man’s personality and appearance. There are several styles of dress shoes for men. It is important to understand various types of shoes and know what shoe type can be worn when. Here is a rundown on all kinds of shoes for men to upgrade your knowledge and to keep your style quotient intact. Picture Courtesy:

OXFORDS (AKA BALMORAL) Oxfords are good all-around dress shoes that are appropriate for several occasions. It features round toes usually with a cap and comes with closed lacing. They are the best formal option for business wear. A pair of classic oxfords is a must-have for a man who owns a suit. Picture Courtesy:

BLUCHERS There is another style called blucher style which is open laced in comparison to oxford style that is closed laced. It has its origin during the time of Napoleonic wars. Bluchers have their lacing sewn outside of shoe unlike Bal oxfords. They can be worn with a suit but can also be casually styled. It is called as Blucher in US and Derby plain toe in UK. Picture Courtesy:

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LOAFERS Loafers are either dressy or worn as a dressy sport shoe. There are no laces and buckles. They are usually less formal than other lace up shoes. They have high wearability and practicality quotient in terms of convenience and comfort. Available mostly in suede, we dig the leather variants a lot more. Picture Courtesy:

CAP TOE (AKA BROGUES) Cap toes are essentially decorated oxfords. They have an additional layer or band of leather over the toe. They can be worn for special occasions. Picture Courtesy:

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MONK STRAP Monk strap has straps instead of laces so that the quarters remain pulled closed over the tongue. They are essentially slip-ons and not to be worn with formals. When it comes to pairing the monk straps the clasp of the shoe should match with the wrist watch, belt buckle and cuff links if possible. Picture Courtesy:

DRESS BOOTS Dress boots are ankle length boots with a slight heel that fit the foot and leg quite snugly. They come with the ruggedness to the footwear. These boots look classy with dressy and casual clothes such as a pair of dress trousers, casual suit or a pair of dark colored designer jeans. Dress boots are a great option for the winters and when it comes to protecting the ankles from mud, water and cold. Picture Courtesy:

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