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Published on May 20, 2009

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In 1923, A young nurse called Kathleen Hall left her home in New Zealand to bring help to the poor of China. Little did she know then that she was later to lead one of the most dangerous humanitarian war missions imaginable.

HUMANITARIAN Having the interests of mankind at heart. Kathleen Hall was a very Humanitarian person and risked her life to get war and medical supplies for the people of China.

A hero is someone who sometime in their life did a heroic or good act and should be remembered even after they are dead however some heroes mentioned in my powerpoint weren’t .

What is Qing Ming Day? Qing Ming Day is a time for tending graves and remembering dead. It is a traditional Chinese holiday. Qing Ming Day is also called the bright clear festival and Tomb Sweeping Day. Usually happening in the beginning of April. Sometimes firecrackers are set off to scare away the evil spirits.

Kathleen Hall had trained at Auckland Hospital to offer herself for service as a missionary nurse. She arrived in China in 1922 and began working in remote villages of North China, becoming fluent in the language. She believed it was important to help those in need and it didn't matter whether they were Christian or Communist. When the Japanese invaded China, she carried medical supplies to the Chinese army Kathleen Hall was a New Zealand missionary nurse in China who was swept up in the war against Japan. She nursed the sick and wounded, but time and time again she smuggled medical supplies through the Japanese lines to Dr. Norman Bethune, the Canadian surgeon who was in charge of medical services for the Chinese 8th Route Army.

Kathleen hall was known as the Barefoot doctor because she would walk through neighboring villages to visit the sick. She was able to travel freely because she was not a Chinese citizen. But one day Doctor Bethune asked her to use her freedom to travel through the Japanese territory for more than a hundred miles to get medical supplies in other words risk her life. The Japanese found out what she was doing eventually though and she was sent back to New Zealand I think they saw her carrying medical supplies into the Chinese

BANDIT by Courtney from Gainesville My hero is a dog named Bandit. I consider her my hero because she saved my life. One summer day when I was out in the garden looking for frogs, I bent down to look at what looked like a frog, but it was a curled up SNAKE! Now, I was face to face with a real live copper head snake. The next thing I know, I’m running to the house. Bandit was whining. Once I reached the porch, I realized Bandit had jumped in front of me and had taken the snakebite for me. I will do anything for her, because she saved my life, and to me, that’s a true hero. Human or not!!!

SCHOOLYARD HERO In 1999 a 5-year-old rottweiler police dog named Caesar leapt into the path of a bullet, when he tried to disarm a man threatening a schoolyard full of children. Caesar later died of his wounds, but not before his partner Constable Randy Goss and other officers captured the man. Caesar was awarded the Ralston Purina Service Dog of the Year award.

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