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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: shaunconnolly10



Forensic Entomology- science of using bugs to solve a murder case.

By: Ashley Straniero & Shaun Connolly

From the Beginning…  First discovered by Francesco Redi (17th Century)  Exposed vs. Unexposed Meat  Spontaneous Generation Theory

Insects at the Crime Scene  Flies vs. Beetles  Blow Flies and Flesh Flies are first to inhabit a body (Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae) (Sexton beetle)

Weather and Observations of Body  Sun vs. Shade  Position of Body  Inside vs. Outside  Maggot Mass Temperature  Air Temperature  Soil Temperature

Collection of Bugs  First appeared bugs are captured first (very fast retrievers)  Ethyl Acetate to immobilize bugs (75%)  Properly label bugs (graphite only)

Estimating Time of Death  PMI (Post Mortem Interval)  Identifying types of species of insects – Rate of development  Tampering with the results: season, temperature, sun exposure, etc.

Sequence of Insect Arrival  1st Responders=Blow Flies which are attracted to the foul odor (several hours after death)  2nd Responders=Flesh Flies appear directly after or at the same time as Blow Flies  Under certain weather conditions, the Flesh Fly will appear first since they can fly during rainfall.

-”Flyspecks” -Insect Tracks - Regurgitation

Diversity of Forensic Entomology -Child Abuse -Elderly Abuse -Animal Abuse -Car Accidents

-Urban -Stored- Product -Medico- Legal Vide o


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