Forces and its effects

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Information about Forces and its effects

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: hjkirankumar



all u wanted to know about force and its effects , good material for high school and middle school students


What is a force? • Forces are what makes things move, like a push or a pull. • When you kick a football your foot applies a force to the ball. • The engine of a train uses a pulling force to make the carriages move along the track. • These are mechanical contact forces.

Newton’s Laws • Mechanical forces obey three laws called Newton’s Laws of Motion.

The first law...

…If there are no forces acting on an object which is not moving, it will stay at rest.

or ….. if it was already moving at a steady state in a straight line, it will continue to move in a straight line as before.

So to start something moving ...

…or speed it up, slow it down or stop it ...

…or change its direction...

A force must be applied.

The second law states A force applied to an object will change its speed in the same direction as the force. A change in speed is called acceleration and the amount of acceleration depends on the strength of the force.

A big force will give a bigger acceleration than...

…a small force applied to the same mass.

The third law states... For each force there is another force acting in the opposite direction with the same strength.

• So if you push against the wall, the wall pushes you back with the same force, otherwise the wall would fall over! • This also explains how a rocket works. The force of the gases rushing out of the end of the rocket produces a force in the opposite direction pushing the rocket forward.

Other kinds of Forces

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