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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: brownm7


A vehicle for school improvement?

 Prof. John West- Burnham sets tone  Adult learning model : - negotiation of content  Action Learning : - as a learning tool  Involves Principal and Deputy Principal together for CPD/ALN team of 4.  Huge experience and a variety of needs in the room  Over 50% of schools have participated to date

    Audience –there by choice Often restricted by their in-depth knowledge of their own school-all sectors represented. Have formulated very definite ideas of the “job” of Principal and Deputy Principal A variety of starting points

Participants in the survey identified 10 ways in which participation in the Forbairt programme had impacted on their schools.

1. The ALN was very beneficial. 2. Purposeful Networking 3. Confidence Building 5 Exposure to Best Practice Leadership 6 How to Plan Change 4.Opportunity to Think/Reflect 5. A Measured approach to 7. Focus on T&L 9. Got started on ‘Performance Conversations’ 10.Gave Reassurance re. school Leadership direction

Describing the issue / topic Reflecting on the process THE ALN PROCESS Reporting back to the group on the results of the action Receiving contributions from the group in the form of questions, suggestions and feedback Reflecting on the discussion and deciding on a course of action

     Motivating the Leaving Certs. Onwards and upwards-a mentoring programme for 2nd Years Challenging the gifted and more able student in the classroom. Raising J.C. uptake levels Developing effective strategies to deal with punctuality Student -focused      The Effectiveness of Homework on Teaching and Learning Review of curriculum and structure of school week Assessment Policy Moving forward in a digital age A whole school approach to improving Literacy School wide

Why the process works?  Engagement of the P & DP-impetus for project  School specific-based on needs/desire to do better!  Builds a culture of camaraderie and trust  Develops a community focus on T&L  Time bound  There is an ‘end product’-booklet important  Mod 5-worthwhile celebration.  Benefits from external support, mentoring and monitoring (PDST support).

 ‘Amongst the most prominent of the project’s early findings was the unsurprising one that the extent of its influence in the schools was directly linked to the quality and amount of the energies put into its various initiatives by the school leaderships’. Hogan, P. (2007) Learning Anew, Final Report of the Research and Development Project, Teaching And Learning for the 21st Century.

 Increased Sharing/Subject Dept. ‘Energy’  Use of ICT-new tool/new dimension  T &L on Staff Meeting Agenda  TT accommodates NEW methodologies  School-based/Flexible  Inspections

     Localised CPD-focused on improvement of practice in the classroom. Model of CPD moves from focused workshops to specific tasks- to be tried and tested back at school in the classroom Use of a VLE-an instrument for sharing of good practice and information Publication/celebration Monitoring and support of NUIM

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