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Published on September 23, 2015

Author: seanzill69

Source: slideshare.net


2. The music gets you going. You want to be ready for something like taking revenge on someone you hate. Someone has taken something from you that’s important and you want it back. It’s not going to be easy. We see this as being a perfect combination for our planned music video

3. We start with a bunch of drug dealers feeling lost, broken, hopeless, that they’ve got nothing left. They don’t know what to do next. Sitting in corners of different rooms around the house. The atmosphere of that place is damaged, unhealthy, destroyed just like their emotions and feelings

4. The dealers eventually open up to a more pre- emptive mind. Thinking about taking out the enemy for what they’ve done or in other words seeking for revenge. Redeeming their status and taking back of what was actually theirs. They suit up (doesn’t have to be formal wear) and get armed, ready to attack. The dealers head towards the suspect’s location by car and bike.

5. The first chorus ends, the dealers arrive at one of the client’s house. Seeking for money and vengeance, they barge in, finding two of the boss’s men. Both were shocked and clueless and were pinned down. While being interrogated, they fail to offer the dealers information on the boss’s location, so they get shot at point blank range. They were unable to obtain information, but one of the client’s phone had intel of the boss. They now head towards the location of the boss, their destiny and the final chapter of the story.

6. We now come back to the pre-chorus and the chorus. This is when the boss gets notified that two of his men were killed and that the dealers were coming for him. The boss then tells his security to get armed and ready. The boss then quickly packs up, getting ready to leave the area. The instant he comes out of his room, the security were dead on the ground. Managing to find a way out, he runs for his life. This was perfect because, it fits well with the outro of the song . While the song slowly ends, the boss finds himself trapped between 4. Right after the song ends, he gets shot and falls into the ground. This is were we have an aerial shot of him dead.

7. The end.

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