foolish idleness

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Information about foolish idleness

Published on February 11, 2009



JUST TRYIN SUMN’ : JUST TRYIN SUMN’ Don’t laugh lol! trying : trying Ok so this will be my attempt to typing : typing Do a video typing : typing Upload a video typing : typing To see how it will all look An turn out Still typing : Still typing This would be me not having any thing to do U get the jist : U get the jist Omg! I think I have this movie thing on my laptop That not how u spell gist : That not how u spell gist O wait let me go check. brb lol : lol I have something now to figure out how to use it would be nice Ok then : Ok then Well for now this is it for the rambling imma go play with the movie thing When ur idle : When ur idle Lets see if I can up load this

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