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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jazzy31


This is preserving food with the use of salt and brine solution. Fish and meats are commonly preserved by salting.

•Ham •Tuyo •Bagoong •Tapa •Daing •Salted Eggs

Sodium chloride, known as salt, is a good agent for removing water from food. With diminished water content, the salted food will be less susceptible to microbial growth.

Salt concentration will prevent the growth of most bacteria by 15% in a saturated salt solution of 26.5 %. At a given temperature of 21.1 ° C, bacteria, mold, and yeast will not grow.

Steps in Binch Salting: 1. Apply the salt to fish/ meat arranged on a rack or containers such as jar, pot, barrel, or tank to drain away the liquid from the fish. 2. Rearrange the fish and apply salt again to ensure proper preservation.

Steps in Brine Salting: 1. Arrange fish/ meat in layers in a barrel. 2. Just like in dry salting, the fish are soaked in saturated brine. 3. Stir the brine from time to time to make an even solution. 4. Add more salt until concentration of 25% is achieved.

How to Make Salted Eggs

Ingredients 1 Dozen duck (or chicken) eggs 4 cups water 3 cups salt

Procedure 1. Wash eggs and place in clean jar. 2. Mix salt and water to from salt solution by boiling. 3. Allow to cool. 4. Pour salt solution into jar and soak eggs for atleast two weeks.

It is the anaerobic oxidation of carbohydrates by microbial enzymes, resulting to the production of alcohol or several kinds of acids.

In Salt Fermentation , brine solution is used like bagoong, burong isda, burong mangga.

In sugar Fermentation , yeast is needed. Examples are wine beer, and vinegar.

This is cooking food in sugar to attain a concentration of 40-65% or saturated sugar level. When fruits are cooked in syrup, the water content of fruits as well as the microbial cells are drained out. This may stop the growth of organisms that may initiate spoilage.

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