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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: AhadAmmar



Food for Healthy Skin: Intake of good food is the first and foremost treatment for healthy skin. Healthy skin needs lots of essential nutritional food and this is the only way through which one can get beautiful and healthy skin. The secret of flawless, fresh and shiny skin is the intake of good diet. Skin can be nourished by different varieties of food which are as follows:  Cabbage for the freshness of healthy skin: In cabbage, many different minerals are present. For the freshness and growing healthy skin, take some quantity of water and place cabbage in the water then keep it in stove for boiling. After it gets boiled, cool it completely and use it in washing your face. It is a natural astringent for getting the healthy skin. You can also add cabbage in your daily dieting routine.  Strawberry makes your skin looks young and healthy: Eating strawberry is one of the most important things to eat. It is also known as the natural cleanser for the skin. Strawberry took away the constant dull complexion of your skin and patches that often develops on the skin because strawberry contains vitamin C which is the carrier of acidity that's why it makes your skin young and comfort. Strawberry pieces can be used as a mask for the face. By this way, your skin will look flawless and young naturally.  Papaya is essential for every skin type: In papaya, those enzymes are present which soften the dead cells of skin and detached it from the body. It shrinks the body and teases the pores of skin. The pulp of papaya can be used as face mask. This mask is good for every skin type. Papaya makes your skin healthier, nourishing so it is highly recommended to take papaya in daily food patterns.  The effect of drinks on the skin: Avoid to take those types of drinks in which alcohol is present in a large amount. The use of those drinks affects the human skin and alcohol doesn't let work the vitamins present in the body that is very essential to make skin healthy. Alcohol actually makes dry the natural moisturizer present in the body so take those drinks which are totally alcohol free and which can be proved as a good food for healthy skin.  Collect the better food for healthy skin: For the healthy skin, egg not only makes the pores to get hard, infect it also collects the better food for the skin. The egg white is over flowing with protein content and it is a natural cleanser to make skin healthy. After getting tired of whole day work for the reduction of tiredness, beat the egg and apply on the face and neck then lay on a bed for about 20 minutes. After that, wash face with water. This will definitely make your skin healthy forever. Source URL -

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