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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: paulettecooper3


Food Combining Made Simple: Food Combining Made Simple Fruits: Fruits There are a great variety of fruits world wide. If you traveled the world and ate a different piece of fruit a day, there will be so great a variety, that you can actually have a different piece of fruit for each day of the year, The best results will be to eat the fruit that is in season where you are living. This is best nourishing to the system. But with the advantage of travel we have a greater variety available than in the distant pass. Eat heartily of the Fruits, not mixing them with the vegetables of any sort, this causes fermentation in the stomach and hinders digestion. Fruits: Fruits All melons should be eaten alone. Sometimes for breakfast, I will cut a melon in half and then cut it in half again and then cut all the red meat inside and put this in a bowl, and it is a hardy breakfast that I enjoy. Most times I find the melons in stores combined with many other fruits, this is harmful to digestion. Remember to eat them alone. Fruits: Fruits Many like to go further and classify fruits into acid, sub acid and sweet fruits and the like, I am learning the art of organization these days. And to have an orderly stomach where it not just anything goes is a better policy to me. If these guidelines are rigorously followed by some, it could only result in benefit to the recipient. However we do no go into the scope of classifying the fruits, for they should not be eaten with vegetables or any food that will take a much longer time to digest. For example fruits digest quickly—potatoes do not. Eating the two together could cause fermentation. Careful and Caution. Study much upon this subject with great care. Do not let this be your final studying stop. Fruits: Fruits Many make the mistake to think that because it is a good food and good for you, they can indulge and eat until they almost burst, Temperance must be exercised to gain the benefits from eating healthy. No more than 2 to 4 simple items should be eaten at a meal. Complex combinations of food preparation and too great a variety at one meal causes fermentation, and often ends in death to the recipient. You can not receive the health benefits of fruit 1) If it is indulged 2) If eat too great a variety at one meal, and 3)Too many complex combinations at one meal 4) If sugary deserts are eaten after a meal, these sugars hinder digestion and cause fermentation in the system. Fermentation: Fermentation When we say fermentation, we are saying it is just as if you have gone out and purchased a bottle of wine and drank it. Fermentation causes the blood to become impure. Now since the blood is impure, it can not cleanse the organs and now that this “dirty” blood is circulating the system day after day, it produces disease of all sorts and varieties, depending on your habits. We will not mention the non-exercise and fresh air and sunshine and the other 8 laws of health that are being violated. Fermentation in the system is an accident waiting to happen in the form of disease of various sorts. Fermentation: Fermentation There are foods that the minute you eat them causes fermentation, Cheese, Alcohol, fermented soy sauce, and large of amounts of milk and sugar—as in the case of many cereals for children are the culprit to this, Also to sleep on your food after eating it, hinders digestion and fermentation, And the violation of the laws of health causes the fermentation in the system. Vegetables: Vegetables There are a great variety of vegetables as well. The rule is, if it has any type seed in it, it can no longer be classified as a vegetable, it is a fruit. Thus fruits and vegetables should not be eaten at the same meal, for this will cause fermentation. Pineapple and others may be hard to classify Some may be able to get by mixing pineapples with vegetables, It is still best to exercise caution with this, especially those who already have compromised their digestive abilities through wrong practices. If I were made to choose whether it is best as a fruit or vegetable, for pineapple, I would have to lean more towards a fruit, because of its acid content. A book that is helpful in counseling on diets and foods and shows how it affects one’s moral and religious interest . Download the book here Vegetables: Vegetables The simpler the food preparation for vegetables the better, and it is best served with a little sauce on the top. All the fancy recipes and complex combinations are unhealthful. For juicing purposes, it is good, but even with this, it should not be used as a part of daily life—that is juicing, it should be reserved strictly for medicinal purposes. To juice and partake of these with your meal puts a heavy burden on your kidneys, which must work overtime to care for such a burden of liquids. It is best to drink 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal to spare the kidneys the extra burden. Also if you drink with a meal, you destroy the digestive juices that are there to break down your meal. Vegetables: Vegetables Drinking continually with your meal will cause an extension of the stomach, where undigested food remains trapped and unable to move properly in the system, If one has and extended stomach, this could be the fruitful causes. Some look as though they about to give birth, men and women, when it is just a wrong practice of drinking with meals primarily, and feces and food become trapped in the colon. If not remedied, it will result in the explosion of disease that is fatal. Vegetables can be eaten with whole grains safely and with legumes. Starch foods and vegetables are safe to eat together as well, but caution still, only a few combinations at one meal, especially if your work habits are sedentary. A strong blue collar working man may require much more food that that of one that works at a sedentary position. But still not to indulge and not to have to great a variety at one meal. Eat largely of vegetables, not too great a variety at one meal, not in complex combinations, and do not over eat of them. Lightly steamed at heat 200 or under is best, served with a little sauce. Whole Grains: Whole Grains Whole grains are full of good nutrition. The white flours and grains have been depleted of their nutritive value, therefore it is best to leave them alone. But the whole grain as it is grown is the best. Whole grains can be safely combined with fruits or vegetables. There are a great variety of whole grains as well. Seek to include a variety in your overall diet—not at the same meal. This will give you nutritive values that your body may be missing. Organic is best, but if you can just start with the whole grains for now and gradually add organic as you are able this will bring about the best results. Actually to have a little garden in your backyard is a great starting point to having organic that is affordable and convenient. Whole Grains: Whole Grains Whole grains provide the needed fiber that is essential for health building purposes, along with the fruits and vegetables as well. Many are finding that a raw food diet for 30 days are more is helping them to overcome many diseases. However, some foods will not impart their full nutritive value if they are not cooked, One extreme is to cook it to you kill it, where the other extreme is to not cook anything anytime and eat it all raw. This does seem to work for some who adopt this as a lifestyle, but they are missing nutritive values that some foods will not impart if they are not cooked.. Nuts: Nuts Nuts can be safely combined with nuts and grains, and this could be used as a substitute for meat. There are many recipes out there that will give the look and feel of meat. Although caution still must be exercised in the partaking of these food. There are many complex combinations we do not recommend. A simple combination where the stomach can easily digest it. There is a craze out there now about gluten. Many would avoid it like a plague, yet these same Nuts: Nuts will indulge, violate the laws of health and partake of meat and then want to point to gluten as the cause of their problems. It is true that some can not eat certain foods for it does not sit well with the system, but to make this an iron clad rule that gluten is bad for everyone and can not be digested by no one is a mistake. If gluten is bad for you , please do not partake of it, but there are others who can safely partake of it, if eaten with temperance. We have seen that when gluten meats are made, that to indulge in them and eat to your hearts content is not the way to health. Gluten should be eaten sparingly. I find that when I make it, I eat and eat until….so I have decided not to make it because I could not seem to limit the eating of it. You may be stronger and can control this, but when there is a food addiction in any area, somehow it needs to be dealt with right away or this will lead into other problems . Nuts: Nuts will indulge, violate the laws of health and partake of meat and then want to point to gluten as the cause of their problems. It is true that some can not eat certain foods for it does not sit well with the system, but to make this an iron clad rule that gluten is bad for everyone and can not be digested by no one is a mistake. If gluten is bad for you , please do not partake of it, but there are others who can safely partake of it, if eaten with temperance. We have seen that when gluten meats are made, that to indulge in them and eat to your hearts content is not the way to health. Gluten should be eaten sparingly. I find that when I make it, I eat and eat until….so I have decided not to make it because I could not seem to limit the eating of it. You may be stronger and can control this, but when there is a food addiction in any area, somehow it needs to be dealt with right away or this will lead into other problems . Nuts And Seeds: Nuts And Seeds Nuts are best when combined with whole grains, fruits rather than eaten alone. They can be difficult to digest when eaten alone, especially when indulged. This places a great tax on the system. I used to read that nuts could take the place of meat, and for years I could not believe it, until I came across a recipe that amazed me to no end. I am almost hesitant to share it, Vege Beef or chicken, because it is so much like the real thing, that I just could not believe. If you would like this recipe, Go to Then click on the Veggie Chicken Cookbook on that same page—then once you get to the next page –you will see underneath the picture “See Sample Copy” then right underneath that you will see the symbols -.- click on this symbol-- it will take you to a copy of the recipe. Otherwise you will have to purchase the book to get the recipe. Do not indulge. Be temperate, Your health depends on it. Nuts And Seeds: Nuts And Seeds What I would suggest for eating gluten recipes is to cut it up in small pieces and eat it sparingly. The eating of soups and mush and porridges or not as palatable as solid food. Breads that are twice baked, called zwieback are great for digestive purposes, but the breads that are mushy and so very soft are not the best. If you have some of these breads, bake them in the oven again or simply toast then to make it easier on digestion. Ultimately making your own breads are best. Try being creative in adding nuts to whole grains that will impart to the system a more nourishing content, rather than just eating them alone in a large quantity. Legumes: Legumes Beans are a great source of hardy nutrition. They can be safely eaten with whole grains. This is a food that will not impart all of its nutritive values if it is not cooked, and so with the carrot and potatoes. Many sprout the beans and partake of these with seemingly no problem. But caution still with those of poor digestive habits in the past, the system may be too week at this point to handle such a coarse digestive product. However, many resort to making soups and mush from the beans that are not as palatable as the solid food. Usually when one partakes of a mush such as in oatmeal or with the garbanzo bean, they do not chew it well, where it mixes with the saliva well. It is barely chewed and then dumped into the system. This causes a great tax in digestion. Beans, when eaten with vegetables and whole grains are best, but when mixed with fruit, it delays digestion and fermentation may be the result. Fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables: Fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables Fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables are all that is needed to properly nourish the system and keep it in good health. Meat, dairy eggs all of these are not needed. It is simple but true. If you want the best of health adopt such a diet even for 10 days and you will become a believer yourself. More info at the end of this presentation. Rich cakes, pies and puddings and desserts: Rich cakes, pies and puddings and desserts These should wholly be discarded from the diet altogether, for best health. Learn the art of simplicity when making desserts, you will do yourself and your family a favor. Sugar clogs the living machinery and hinders the work it must do. It also causes fermentation in the stomach. Using raw or turbinado sugar can lessen the harmful effects. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar use half of it or less. Caffeine: Caffeine Caffeine is an un-natural stimulant. It is most harmful. But because this feeling of wakefulness and energy is felt, some thrive on it. This is exhausting the brain and nerve energy of the recipient. By prolonged use, nervous breakdowns and other health issues of various sorts are the result. It Is like playing rush and roulette with your health, sooner or later, pulling the trigger will be fatal. Even the green tea on the market has caffeine, which many are brought down in health, when lead to believe that are greatly benefited. When the green tea first came out someone called me all excited about it. I went to the book store and purchased a few books on green tea and did my research. This is when I discovered that it had caffeine in it. Caution when others are excited about a new thing. Research and check it out for your self—it may save your life. Caffeine: Caffeine This is particular harmful for kids. What is the favorite candy or dessert out there today? It is chocolate. They are in every way trying to exalt the nutritional benefit of chocolate. But no matter how much they may lift it up, it always will remain the same, a deadly, slow insidious killer. And a double harmful negative is that it is filled with sugars that causes fermentation in the system, It is dangerous, It does not matter if the President of the USA declared it to be safe. It will deplete your health little by little until there is nothing left of you. Put it away today. Your health depends on it. Condiments: Condiments Condiments are just as dangerous and should not be used. Pickles made from vinegar are dangerous. In fact, anything made from vinegar is dangerous. Vinegar when it is processed is just one step away from being alcohol. Apple cider vinegar and the like. No matter how much they preach about how good it is, do not believe it. Vinegar is an irritant to the nerves and sensitive linings of the stomach, and what affects the stomach affects the brain. Do no tallow your brain power to be sapped. Apple Cider vinegar, when it sits for a day or two, it becomes sharp in taste signifying that it has fermented. Pickles have to sit and a sharp taste develops which some people crave, but this brings ruin to the body. Mayonnaise , ketchup, dressings for salads all contain vinegar, which again is an irritant to the nerves. When dressing with oil and vinegar are put on a salad, the stomach can not digest this, this ferments even though you are eating a healthy salad. If a little time is taken, you can make your own safely without the vinegar. It is rare to find these products free from vinegar, even the so called healthy ones are filled with this health destroying item. Pickles can be safely made from lemon juice, if one just had to have pickles. In fact lemon juice can take the place of vinegar when you make it yourself. Spices: Spices Black pepper is another irritant to the nerves and the sensitive lining of the stomach. Almost every cooking demonstration on the internet and on the tube, have their little twister to add black pepper to their dishes. It is harmful. Try preparing your foods without it. This will save you many a trouble. Nutmeg and cinnamon, are of the same class, It does no matter how popular they are in taste and use, it is costing you in health. Cardeman and Coriander is a safe substitute you can find in most health food stores. Cayenne pepper is good only for medicinal purposes. To partake of it internally and on a regular basis is harmful. Try to wean yourself off of it little by little , if you are caught up in its use. Easy on the use of seasoning, for using too much is stimulating and will give the recipient a craving for something more stimulating, which cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes will gladly satisfy this craving. So the caution is comes down of your use of seasonings. Remember the simpler, the better. Regularity: Regularity Having a specific time to eat and drink each day is a worthy goal to attain to. Most have a specific time to eat, but not a specific time to drink. Plan to drink 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours afterwards. It takes at least 5 to 6 hours for a meal to fully and properly digest. To put something in the stomach before this time hinders digestion and causes fermentation. There should be no snacking. Most medical care places give a snack to their patients or clients. This immediately interferes with digestion and causes fermentation. So instead the patient is not helped. Have you ever met a diabetic? They will always tell you they have to eat at a specific time each day. They really have to be strict with this to live. But if this had been practiced all along, they could have prevented diabetes and the many others diseases that result from fermentation and irregularity. Lets seek to work on the preventive side of things, Baking Soda: Baking Soda . What is Baking Soda? Well according to the Ministry of Healing, it is harmful to the entire system. But when one looks at a dozen or more cookies that are made from baking soda how harmful could these delicious things be? Some studies have revealed that it is the aluminum in the Baking Soda that causes Alzheimer's disease. Thus a baking Soda and powder is sold on the market aluminum free. Some feel that this is the perfect alternative solution rather than discard its use altogether. If you read the labels on most cookies and cakes that are bought Baking soda and powder is in the details. Also most Moms add it to the details of their baking spree. Truth be told it is easy and convenient to use baking soda—very few will take the time and use yeast and use it correctly—by waiting 24 hours before eating a yeast raised food item. Learning to cook without the harmful baking soda and using an alternative at least , or train oneself to simply use yeast instead is a worthy goal to attain to. To study more..: To study more.. We have a book called the Ministry Of Healing that will help you to understand better this subject of health. Click the link below to download it free.   the go to My Health—then click on online Cooking School –then click on class #6--then underneath the email address on that page there is a number 987…. Click on that number and it will take you to a free download of the Ministry Of Healing—otherwise you will have to purchase it from our online store. We are also offering online cooking classes so that you can see first hand, how to prepare raw dishes as well as those that are cooked. Visit us on the web below. We have classes now that are permanently on the site so that anyone can view them anytime. We have soup as our very first dish—this is not the best as good solid food is concerned—but since so many go in this direction, I decided to share a healthier way to do it—if it is done anyway. Meeting people where they are and then from there seek to take them higher. Our classes are free of charge. Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before trying any of these things . Copyright 2014

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