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Published on June 26, 2007

Author: Clown


Titanic Food and Menus:  Titanic Food and Menus Slide2:  First Class Food:  First Class Food Breakfast Baked apples, Steamed Prunes, Quaker Oats, Broiled Hominy, Puffed Rice, Fresh Herring Lunch Grilled Mutton Chops Mashed, Corned Beef, Vegetables, Dumplings, Fried Potatoes, Baked Potatoes Dinner First Course - Hors d'Oeuvre Second Course – Soups Third Course - Fish Fourth Course - Entrees Fifth Course - Removes Sixth Course - Punch or Sorbet Seventh Course - Roast Eighth Course - Salad Ninth Course - Cold Dish Tenth Course - Sweets Eleventh Course - Dessert These are only a few foods off the First Class Menu. First Class Dining/Food Pics:  First Class Dining/Food Pics Dumplings Herring First Class Dining Saloon Second Class Food:  Second Class Food Breakfast Oatmeal Porridge, Irish Stew, Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Broiled Sausage and Bacon, Tea, Coffee,and Cocoa Lunch Tripe with Calf's Feet, Roast Ribs Beef, Baked Potatoes, Jacket Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes Dinner Lamb's Head Broth, Fresh Fish, Ragout of Veal, Roast Pork and Apple Sauce, Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes, Sago Pudding, Jam Tart, Small Pastry, Dessert, Tea, Coffee These are only a few foods off the Second Class Menu. Second Class Dining/Food Pics:  Second Class Dining/Food Pics Irish Stew Oatmeal Porridge Coffee Roast Rib Beef Second Class Dining Saloon Third Class Food:  Third Class Food Breakfast Quaker Oats and Milk, Smoked Herrings, Beefsteak and Onions, Jacket Potatoes, Fresh Bread and Butter, Marmalade, Swedish Bread, Tea, Coffee Lunch Brawn, Cheese and Pickles, Fresh Bread and Butter, Rhubarb Jam, Currant Buns, Tea Dinner Rice Soup, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes, Cabin Biscuits, Fresh Bread, Peaches and Rice These are all the foods on the Third Class Menus. Third Class Dining/Food Pics:  Third Class Dining/Food Pics Third Class Dining Saloon Rice Soup Bread The Amount of Items on the Titanic:  The Amount of Items on the Titanic Food and Beverage Provisions Bacon and ham: 7 500 pounds Cereals: 10 000 pounds Coffee: 2 200 pounds Condensed milk: 600 gallons Flour: 200 barrels Fresh asparagus: 800 bundles Fresh butter: 6 000 pounds Fresh cream: 1 200 quarts Fresh eggs: 40 000 Fresh fish: 11 000 pounds Fresh green peas: 2 250 pounds Fresh meat: 75 000 pounds Fresh milk: 1 500 gallons Grapefruit: 50 boxes Grapes: 1 000 pounds Ice Cream: 1 750 quarts Jam : 1 120 pounds Lemons: 50 boxes (16 000) Lettuce: 7 000 heads Onions: 3 500 pounds Oranges: 180 boxes (36 000) Rice,dried beans, etc: 1 000 pounds Potatoes: 40 tons Salt and dried fish: 4000 pounds Sausages: 2 500 pounds Sugar: 10 000 pounds Sweetbreads: 1 000 Tea: 800 pounds Tomatoes: 2.75 tons Beer and stout: 20 000 bottles Mineral waters: 15 000 bottles Spirits: 850 bottles Wines: 1 500 bottles Chefs and Bakers on the Titanic:  Chefs and Bakers on the Titanic . Bakers *Joughin, Charles, Chief Baker Giles, J., Second Baker Davies, J., Extra Second Baker Hine, W., Third Baker *Burgess, Charles, Extra Third Baker Belford, Walter, Chief Night Baker Barker, A., Assistant Baker Barnes, W., Assistant Baker Chitty, G., Assistant Baker *Neale, H., Assistant Baker Smith, J., Assistant Baker Wake, S., Assistant Baker Chefs Bochetez, J., Assistant Chef *Mauge, Paul , Chef's Assistant Proctor, Chester, Chef Rousseau, P., Chef Mr Pierre Rousseau was a chef on the Titanic. The names with stars beside them means that they are survivors. Slide11:  Thank you for listening to our speech, and we hope you learned a lot about the Titanic’s Food and Menus. Bibliography:  Bibliography Cottage/2595/crew.html

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