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Published on November 8, 2008

Author: Indigenousredd


Following Nature’s Constitution : Following Nature’s Constitution IPACC Traditional Practices of Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability among the Ogiek of Kenya Who are the Ogiek? : Who are the Ogiek? A former hunter-gatherer community found in Mau forest, Kenya. They number around 20 000 people and currently practise subsistence farming. Main diet formerly consisted of Honey, wild fruits, roots and game meat Ogiek adaptation practices : Ogiek adaptation practices Were vertical nomads who migrated up and down the Mau ranges as nature dictated, following seasonal weather changes, flowering plants to get honey, wildlife migratory patterns for meat etc Each clan had its own territory divided by ridges therein which they practiced vertical nomadism The Ogiek had no administrative structures that dictated the rules but taboos where placed against interfering with the environment Slide 4: “The Ogiek live by adapting their life to the natural and social conditions around them. This differentiates them with other tribes which alter either or both their natural and social environment to suit their preconceived needs” Destruction of a system : Destruction of a system Laws and policies that criminalized a way of life. Laws and policies that treat as equal people in unequal circumstances Active government policy of assimilation and integration into mainstream cultures. Cont.. : Cont.. Creation of protected areas and militarizing them Extensive support agriculture Opening up forest areas for agricultural communities Result..... : Result..... The two communities can no longer practice their traditional methods of adaption to climate change and climate variability. Result... : Result... More deforestation in Mau Slide 9: Increased conflict between communities Water Scarcity is threatening communal health : Water Scarcity is threatening communal health Household energy needs is a now a critical problem : Household energy needs is a now a critical problem Women have to walk long distances for firewood : Women have to walk long distances for firewood Urgent needs : Urgent needs 1. Addressing the underlying causes the drivers of policies that do not protect indigenous peoples – the thinking Constitutional issues Tackling the spiralling population growth Provision of workable alternative energy Slide 14: 2. Recognizing traditional ecological knowledge Mainstreaming TEK in NAPA’s. Cont… : Cont… 3. Creating strategic partnerships between IP’s & conservation NGO’s to influence the thinking of African Governments Cont.. : Cont.. 4. Emphasis on the use of technology :  ASANTE SANA

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