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Published on August 7, 2011

Author: msykes87


MONEY IS IN THE $$FOLLOW UP$$: MONEY IS IN THE $$FOLLOW UP$$ BY MARVIN SYKES PowerPoint Presentation:  The key to building your network marketing business is in the FOLLOW UP PROCESS .. Following up with a prospect will determine if you have a partner or a customer. Most network marking businesses fail because this is a missing key step. PowerPoint Presentation:  I am going to share with you the some ways to follow up with potential business partners after they have seen your business presentation. PowerPoint Presentation: The Follow Up Process Your main goal for the follow up is to determine the level of interests of your prospect. A follow up is to get you partners and customers in your business A follow up in most cases should occur within 48hrs of the person reviewing the information. This time frame is important because the information is still fresh in prospects mind. PowerPoint Presentation: Once you have made contact with the prospect, you want to ask them a few questions. After taking a look at the information are you interested in trying one or more of the products ? Are you open to generating extra income for you and your family? KEY : Once you asked the questions be QUIET. People will tell you what they want to do. You MUST LISTEN PowerPoint Presentation: If the prospect tells you they want to become a customer, then you ask them which product or service they would like to HELP WITH . Then you get them to the information..order form, web site…etc. If the prospect wants to get started in business then you immediately congratulate them on a great choice and you schedule a time to sit down with them to get them launched in THEIR BUSINESS . KEY when you schedule the launch, you give them the times. Example..Let’s plan a time to talk to avoid us missing one another. Is 1pm or 6mp better for you? This eliminates procrastination when you schedule this way. PowerPoint Presentation: The approaches here have worked for thousands of other network marketers and they can work for you. From a follow up you will have three possibilities: 1 They are not interested 2 They haven’t reviewed the information yet 3 They are interested and want to learn more about your business or products. PowerPoint Presentation: These are just a few things you should not do to a prospect who does not want to join your business or try a product/service: Don’t become upset and stop talking to the person. Don’t call the person harassing them Don’t remind them of all the things you have done for them over the years. Remember it was your time to join the business. It may not be the prospects time to get started in business. Don’t burn the bridges because it may come a time when the prospect is ready.

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