Follow These Simple Tricks to Grow Audience on LinkedIn

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Information about Follow These Simple Tricks to Grow Audience on LinkedIn

Published on August 16, 2017

Author: connectworldwide


slide 1: Follow These Simple Tricks to Grow Audience on LinkedIn Like everything else business also requires nourishment. We have innovated a thousand ways of making money online and yet there is always a room for more. Social media has created celebrities overnight. Channels like Facebook Instagram and Snapchat are massive hits with people and also businesses as they give a great exposure to businesses promoting their brand and services online. Social-media started as a fun activity it was a virtual space for people to engage and interact but soon these channels turned into money making machines. Whereas all the other channels were informal platforms for people to share content and express opinion one channel had its inception with the sole purpose of giving professionals a formal space to engage and exchange business and that channel is LinkedIn. According to a survey 77 of people rely on LinkedIn when they are seeking professional content. While LinkedIn has successfully established itself as the leading platform for professionals it is painfully hard to grow connections on LinkedIn. However there are always tactics that one can learn to grow audience on LinkedIn. Let’s explore some of them. slide 2: 1. Post regularly on your page You need to be extra active on LinkedIn to grow your network. The key is to post content regularly and ensuring that the content is relevant and significant. Your regular posts keep you in feeds. Once you are constant on the feeds of your connections your chances of being liked and shared increase. Basically visibility is the key and your regular feeds will keep you in the eyes of your connections. This sharing of content will give you a window to appear on the feeds of the connections of your connections which subsequently leads to the growth of one’s network. 2. Keep the creativity intact Would you read a piece of content that is stale and mundane Most certainly not. The key is to ensure that your content is creative interesting and compelling. Attempt to share content that has the factor of exclusivity aligned to it share something your audience will struggle to find anywhere else. People like to visit pages that add value to their experience. Your creativity can increase the number of connections on your page. slide 3: 3. Brand Consistency Be consistent with your brand image. Your company’s logo and branding must be the same on every idea you promote through your updates. Do not ignore promoting your LinkedIn page on other social media channels you are active on. Just remain in the notice of people. 4. Join Conversations and Groups Keep searching for groups that are relevant and become a part of those groups. Make it a point to interact and engage in those groups regularly. Remember it is a give and take world we live in. Like some to get some ‘Likes’ on your content. Once you are active in your groups you will build trust and reliability in your work which prompts more people to associate with you. 5. Timing is Crucial It is imperative to be mindful of the time or the day when you post something. Post something on a Monday and you will never get a great response on that. People come back to work after a break of two days thus they always have a great amount of work to tick off their list. According to many successful entrepreneurs best is to post stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In fact Thursday is the sweet spot you can use as you are likely to get the best mileage on your updates on Thursdays. slide 4: 6. Don’t be ignorant Since LinkedIn is a professional forum people tend to ignore the nuances of socializing. LinkedIn is a social forum for professionals to interact. Congratulate people when they achieve something and wish them good on their big or important days. These small gestures bring you to the notice of people and such behavior reflects well on your part which only attracts more like minded people to your page. This is the perfect way of forming your own chain of quality connections. 7. Do Not Ignore Search Engines Social media garners exposure for you and your business and search engine optimization is the best policy to get exposure. Optimizing content on your page will bring traffic that can be turned into connections. Do a complete SEO research while making your page and keep updating it from time to time to keep the audience coming back to your page. 8. Attach social media profiles to your emails The idea is to have more visitors on your page and getting traffic is not a child’s play. Start attaching links to your social-media profiles and especially LinkedIn on the emails that you exchange with customers vendors and business partners so that they get access to your page. These people could be one of the first ones to connect with you on LinkedIn. slide 5: 9. Make use of LinkedIn’s publishing platform Publishing platform is an accessory that every business can benefit from. Post your well defined post on the publishing platform in the most professional format possible. This platform is the place where people share smart content which subsequently increases the traffic on your page. Anything posted on this platform is visible to the whole LinkedIn community. Getting noticed on this platform is sure to bring new connections for you. 10. Talk about the trending Express your perspective on topics that are trending. Talk about topical subjects as they are hot topics and they garner immense engagement. Once you participate in such conversations you get in the notice of a wider audience and those who like your perspective on such topics tend to connect with you. Although it has been established that growing network on LinkedIn is not rocket science however it does require focused efforts to achieve your goal step by step. One thing is mandatory and that is to have a call of action on all the posts you update. Be religiously regular and ensure value addition to the experience of the reader and your network will grow exponentially.

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