Focusing Development on Communities of Concern: Smart Growth and its Impact on Gentrification and Displacement in the Bay Area

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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: urban_habitat



This panel is part of the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute's (BCLI) Current Issues Series of Urban Habitat.

Plan Bay Area, approved in July 2013, moves the region's growth towards communities in the urban core within so called Priority Development Areas. These PDAs are typically developed communities throughout the Bay Area's 101 jurisdictions with existing and/or planned transportation and service infrastructure, but they are also existing communities where low-income people and communities of color are currently living.

As Plan Bay Area shifts 70% of future growth into these existing PDA areas, significant resources will be poured into historically dis-invested areas such as East San Jose, most of San Francisco and Oakland, and various other urban core communities throughout the Bay Area.
Who benefits from these investments? Will these resources support existing residents or displace them? Will regional planning create neighborhoods that disproportionately benefit newer, more affluent residents who will be lured by transit-rich, thriving urban communities?

Includes slides from featured speakers:
Vu-Bang Nguyen, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Jennifer Martinez, Peninsula Interfaith Action
Dawn Phillips, Causa Justa::Just Cause

”Focusing  Development  on  Communities  of   Concern:  Smart  Growth  and  its  Impact  on   Gentrification  and  Displacement  in  the  Bay  Area”   February  19,  2014  

Our  Approach   •  Policy  Advocacy   •  Mobilizing  and  Educating  Community   Coalitions  around  Policy   •  Training  Advocates  to  become  Decision-­‐ Makers  

UH  News   Welcome  to  our  new  Executive  Director:   Ellen  Wu!   Land  Use  Associate  Director  Hired:     Tony  Roshan  Samara   Hiring:  Transportation  Justice  Coordinator   Shared  office  for  rent  @  Urban  Habitat  

The  BCLI  Model   1   Recruit   2   Train   4   3   Place   Connect  

The  Fellowship   KNOWLEDGE   Deep  and  integrated  equity  knowledge     SKILLS   Political  skills   Power  structures  and  influences   Commission  procedures  and  best   practices   NETWORK  

Current  Issues  Series   •  Network   •  Critically  question  and  engage   •  Share  your  perspective  with  our  speakers   •  Inform  your  communities  and  your  work  

Vu-­‐Bang  Nguyen  

Jennifer  Martinez  

Dawn  Phillips  

Urbanization   San  Francisco   Sacramento   Oakland   San  Jose  


ABAG   Priority     Development   Areas  

Definition  of  Gentrification   Gentrifica+on  is  a  profit  driven  race  and  class  remake  of   urban,  working  class  communi8es  of  color  that  have   suffered  from  a  history  of  disinvestment  and  abandonment.   This  process  is  driven  by  private  developers,  landlords,   businesses  and  corpora8ons  and  supported  by  the  state,   through  both  policies  that  facilitate  the  process  and  funding   in  the  form  of  public  subsidies.  Gentrifica8on  happens  in   areas  where  commercial  and  residen8al  land  is  cheap,   rela8ve  to  other  areas  in  the  city  and  region,  and  where  the   poten8al  to  turn  a  profit,  either  through  re-­‐purposing   exis8ng  structures  or  building  new  ones  is  great.     Provided  by  Causa  Justa  ::  Just  Cause  

Jennifer  Mar8nez   Co-­‐Director,   Peninsula  Interfaith  Ac8on  Network    

    Community  Needs   &  Values   State   Policies   Economic   Interests  

  Community  Needs     &  Values   State   Policies   Economic   Interests  

Equity  Residential  (EQR)   Properties  

Facebook  to  Equity  Residential   (EQR)  Properties  

Organizing  in  East  Palo  Alto  

Focusing  Development  on  Communi+es  of  Concern:  Smart   Growth  and  its  Impact  on  Gentrifica+on  and  Displacement  in   the  Bay  Area  


  EQUITABLE  DEVELOPMENT  REQUIRES   COMMUNITY  ORGANIZATIONS  &   IMPACTED  RESIDENTS      1.  Local  and  regional  planning  have  historically  contributed  to   increasing  race  and  class  inequi8es  (not  resolving  them)      2.    Achieving  equity  for  the  future  requires  a  new  approach  to   community  and  regional  development  that  addresses  the   historical  challenges  and  puts  those  most  impacted  by   development  at  the  center  of  that  work  moving  forward        3.  Community  organiza8ons  play  a  cri8cal  role  in  being  able  to   support  residents  in  visioning  and  planning  for  their   neighborhoods      



DEVELOPMENT  OF  DOWNTOWN   VERSUS  NEIGHBORHOODS     In  Oakland  between  2000  –  2010     Downtown     West  Oakland   1.5  Billion   78.5  Million   North   Oakland   East  Oakland     2.4  Million   14.8  Million  



The  Mission    &  San  Francisco       Anti-­‐Displacement  Coalition  Planning   Principles         • We  are  commiSed  to  a  community  driven   planning  process  done  in  an  inclusive  manner— through  community  organizing,  leadership   training,  focus  groups  and  popular  educa8on  -­‐-­‐ that  ensures  the  par8cipa8on  of  those  members   of  our  community  who  are  disenfranchised,   marginalized,  and  not  usually  heard     •     Our  planning  process  will  address  the   economic,  racial,  and  social  inequali8es  of  the   status  quo  

  • Our  planning  process  will  strive  to  advance  the   capacity  of  the  community  to  address  planning  and   development  issues  far  into  the  future     •     We  strive  for  transparency  in  the  planning  and   rezoning  process  and  to  ensure  city  and  regional   accountability     •     We  will  struggle  to  improve  democracy  in  San   Francisco  by  increasing  the  par8cipa8on  of  Mission   District  residents  in  the  decision-­‐making  bodies  

  •   We  believe  that  all  tenants  have  a  right  to  safe,   secure,  and  affordable  places  to  live.  We  support   strong  public  policies  that  protect  those  rights.     •     We  believe  that  real  estate  specula8on   destabilizes  neighborhoods,  communi8es  and   economies.  We  support  regula8on  and  controls  on   such  specula8on.  

•   We  believe  that  the  future  of  San  Francisco  as  a   culturally  vibrant  and  crea8ve  city  depends  on  its   capacity  to  protect  tenants  from  displacement  and   neighborhoods  from  gentrifica8on         • We  are  commiSed  to  building  a  democra8c,   inclusive,  and  nonviolent  movement  for  social   change  to  advance  these  values,  beliefs,  and   policies  

”Focusing  Development  on  Communities  of   Concern:  Smart  Growth  and  its  Impact  on   Gentrification  and  Displacement  in  the  Bay  Area”   February  19,  2014  

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